How to Create an AI Voice That Sounds Like You With ElevenLabs

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Generative AI and deepfakes person collided pinch nan improvement of AI sound tools. The thought is simple: you return a sound and manipulate it to speak nan words you springiness it.

Leading nan battalion successful this area is ElevenLabs’ AI tool, which boasts a free-to-use tier alongside immoderate awesome paid options.

What Is ElevenLabs?

Founded by an ex-Google instrumentality learning technologist and an ex-Palintir deployment strategist, ElevenLabs is simply a sound exertion investigation company. The reside package is simply a cardinal constituent of its strategy, but nan last purpose is to create a instrumentality that “instantly convert[s] spoken audio betwixt languages.”

ElevenLabs Voice AI is simply a text-to-speech exemplary that tin create a realistic-sounding quality voice. Its website states: “Our ngo is to make on-demand multilingual audio support a reality crossed education, streaming, audiobooks, gaming, movies, and moreover real-time conversation.”

Google Translate and its alternatives are 1 thing, but tin you ideate a instrumentality that instantly translates what you’re hearing? Cloning nan sound of nan speaker truthful that you perceive nan reside arsenic they would opportunity it is an important stepping chromatic towards that.

What Is AI Voice Generation?

Described simply, AI sound procreation lets you return a sound and make it opportunity immoderate you want to hear. Simply take a voice, supply dialogue, and nan instrumentality does nan rest.

You mightiness deliberation “well, Microsoft Sam was doing that backmost successful nan 1990s” and you would beryllium rather right. But Microsoft Sam and akin devices sounded for illustration robots. ElevenLabs’ tool, meanwhile, sounds acold person to humans.

ElevenLabs offers 3 reside AI options: its wholly free “premade” voices, an AI sound generator (allowing you to prime sex, age, and accent) and nan subscription-only “cloned” voices that you tin upload.

Here’s an example:

Use of AI for imaginative purposes comes pinch immoderate civilized and ethical responsibilities and creating voices pinch ElevenLabs’ reside AI instrumentality is nary different.

In short, don’t usage someone’s sound without their permission. While it’s not illegal, they mightiness beryllium upset astir it.

Before you proceed, retrieve that astatine nan clip of writing, ElevenLabs’ reside AI instrumentality is successful beta. This intends that it is not nan vanished product.

Generating a Basic AI Dialogue

The simplest measurement to get started is to usage nan ElevenLabs free reside AI tool.

To usage this, spell to and create an relationship (you tin usage your ain email, a Google account, aliases Facebook).


  1. Click Speech Synthesis
  2. Select 1 of nan premade voices successful Settings (male and female voices are available)
  3. Expand Voice Settings to group Stability and Clarity + Similarity Enhancement (high stableness is monotonal, precocious clarity person to nan intended voice) sliders
    Speech Synthesis settings successful ElevenLabs
  4. Select Eleven Monolingual (standard English)
  5. Input nan matter you wish to person to reside
  6. Click Generate
    Generate synthesized AI speech
  7. Once nan process completes, it should autoplay; if not, click Play

You tin besides Download nan generated sample.

How to Make an AI Voice With ElevenLabs

If you for illustration to create a caller voice, you tin usage nan Add Voice fastener to sojourn nan VoiceLab screen. To make a caller sound based connected ElevenLabs’ presets:

  1. Click Add Voice > Voice Design
    Use sound design
  2. Set nan Gender, Age, and Accent fields
  3. Adjust nan Accent Strength slider arsenic required
  4. Input nan matter you wish to person
  5. Click Generate
    Generate a female sound successful ElevenLabs
  6. When it’s done, person a perceive

In testing, I recovered that some nan Female/Young/Australian and nan Male/Old/Australian accents were distinctly “American.” This is an rumor that will astir apt beryllium ironed retired arsenic nan exertion develops.

Creating Your Own Voice successful AI

While nan premade and configurable options are interesting, nan really breathtaking constituent of ElevenLabs’ exertion is nan Instant Voice Cloning tool.

Unlike nan different options Instant Voice Cloning requires a subscription. Several options are available, nan cheapest being $5 a month. At nan clip of writing, this comes pinch an 80% discount for nan first month, making it conscionable $1.

Other options costs $22, $99, and $330 a month, pinch nan anticipation of generating up to 40 hours of audio per month.

To usage ElevenLabs sound cloning tool, you will request some immoderate dialogue, and a sample of your voice. Anything will do, arsenic agelong arsenic it is clear, and successful MP3 format. The longer nan sample, nan better, up to 5 minutes.

From nan VoiceLab screen:

  1. Click Add Voice > Instant Voice Cloning
  2. In nan resulting window, group a sanction
  3. Click aliases resistance a suitable record to upload a sample (up to 25 samples tin beryllium added for improved accuracy)
  4. Click Labels and specify a cardinal + worth (e.g. Accent/British)--do this up to 5 times
    Clone your ain sound pinch ElevenLabs
  5. Input a little explanation of nan sound
  6. Check nan consent confirmation cheque container past Add Voice

With nan sound added, you tin set it successful nan Speech Synthesis surface arsenic above.

What Can You Do With an AI Voice?

AI reside pinch premade and cloned voices has galore possibilities. As noted, ElevenLabs’ last purpose is for unrecorded translation, but they’ve noted various different uses.

Audiobooks are mentioned (perhaps publication by a long-dead movie star) on pinch video games (using AI reside would prevention connected sound actors). But it has uses beyond this, from euphony to satire to self-help, and astir apt beyond.

You tin moreover create a podcast utilizing AI speech, though nan results could sound level and boring.

The preamble to an section of our Really Useful Podcast was produced utilizing ElevenLabs:

While nan results weren’t rather what we’d hoped, it’s bully capable to use, and nan exertion tin only get better.

Meanwhile, ElevenLabs is readying a generated “voice conversation” characteristic to beryllium introduced astatine a later date.

Use Your Voice successful a New Way With ElevenLabs’ Speech AI

Artificial intelligence has brought america immoderate astonishing caller devices complete nan past fewer years. Chat-GPT tin beryllium utilized to create text, reply questions, outline reports, and more. Midjourney is an astonishing instrumentality that generates creation based connected prompts.

Now, nan reside AI instrumentality from ElevenLabs makes it easy to manipulate a voice. It’s for illustration an impersonation, but pinch a clone of nan original voice.

While location are ethical arguments against utilizing voices without consent, this is simply a powerful instrumentality pinch immoderate absorbing possibilities. Best of all, it’s amazingly easy to usage and delivers awesome results.

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