How to Create a Rotoscope Animation Using Procreate

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Key Takeaways

  • Rotoscoping is simply a method wherever you trace complete a video framework by framework to create an animated likeness.
  • Use Procreate to import and resize your video, prime animation styles, and tie complete frames to create accordant animations.
  • Add color, highlights, and smear frames for exaggerated activity to heighten nan value of your rotoscope animation.

If you are caller to animating aliases person ever wondered really to create rotoscope animations from your ain videos, past this article will shed immoderate ray connected really to easy execute this animation style utilizing Procreate.

What Is Rotoscoping?

Rotoscope animation is nan method of tracing complete an existing video aliases live-action footage, framework by frame, successful bid to execute an animated likeness of a taxable aliases scene.

A bid of 9 monochrome photographers, pinch added neon yellowish insubstantial increasing successful size pinch each frame.

The rotoscope method is utilized by animation studios to create characteristic sequences that are inspired by unrecorded actors, and besides successful ocular effects, specified arsenic nan lightsaber glowing successful nan original Star Wars films. It tin beryllium achieved some done accepted hand-drawn methods and digitally.

Below is simply a adjuvant guideline showing really you tin besides usage this technique, utilizing nan app Procreate. If you are caller to nan program, past learning nan basics of Procreate is simply a awesome thought earlier jumping into animating.

1. Import Your Video

To begin, place which clip you want to animate. Procreate has a framework limit successful its Animation Assist mode, truthful shorter clips are overmuch easier to activity pinch owed to a smaller record size and video length. You whitethorn request to merge aliases divided your video file first if it is trim excessively short automatically successful nan Procreate app.

A speedy measurement of importing your video record into Procreate is by identifying your clip successful nan files app, tapping nan share icon successful nan apical correct corner, and scrolling done nan app shortcuts database until you find nan Procreate icon.

Two screenshots showing nan record action instrumentality and Procreate import surface connected iPad.

If Procreate isn't instantly visible arsenic a shortcut app, past scroll to nan extremity of nan visible options and pat nan More icon, besides shown arsenic a three-dot button, to take from a wider scope of apps. Once you person tapped connected nan Procreate icon, it will automatically unfastened nan app pinch your video unfastened successful a caller canvas.

2. Crop and Resize

In Procreate, Animation Assist will automatically beryllium activated successful your caller canvas owed to nan imported record being successful video format. You tin double-check that it is connected by selecting nan Spanner icon to unfastened nan Canvas Actions menu, wherever Animation Assist should beryllium toggled connected and highlighted blue.

Two Procreate screenshots, displaying nan canvas actions paper and nan canvas settings pop-up.

Select Crop & Resize successful nan canvas paper and participate your desired dimensions and DPI. Once you are happy pinch nan caller canvas format, pat Done to save.

Next, prime each your layers by swiping near connected each 1 individually. Unfortunately, location is yet to beryllium a shortcut to execute this quickly successful Procreate. Each furniture should beryllium highlighted bluish to show that it has been selected.

Two Procreate app screenshots, showing each layers highlighted and nan Selection menu.

Tap nan arrow (selection tool) successful nan paper connected nan apical near and prime Fit to Canvas successful bid to automatically resize each your frames.

3. Adjust nan Animation Assist Settings

The frames barroom astatine nan bottommost of your canvas surface displays some nan individual frames, nan Play button, the Add Frame button, and nan Settings icon. You tin scroll near and correct done nan bottommost frames successful bid to show that individual framework connected nan canvas.

After selecting Settings connected nan bottommost framework bar, a pop-up will connection 3 different animation styles. Loop will, arsenic expected, loop your full animation endlessly, whilst Ping-Pong will play your animation erstwhile guardant and past instantly erstwhile successful reverse.

A Procreate screenshot, highlighting nan user's selections successful nan animation assistance menu.

Selecting One Shot will guarantee that your series is only played once. While nan prime depends connected your individual goals for nan rotoscope clip, One Shot is an easy prime that allows you to spot nan progression of your activity and spot immoderate imaginable errors.

The much Frames Per Second, nan smoother nan animation will appear. For a simple, effective rotoscope animation, take a framework complaint of 12 fps.

You tin alteration nan Onion Skin frames and opacity by dragging nan sliders. Choosing an opacity anyplace beneath 40%, and a constricted number of bulb tegument frames, will guarantee that you tin reference from your past drawings accurately, without moving connected a confusing existent frame.

4. Begin Drawing Over Your Imported Frames

Delete each different furniture and effort to trim down nan imported frames from your original video. Drawing complete nan imported frames will springiness nan illusion of activity acknowledgment to pen thickness and later added details.

Keep conscionable capable frames truthful that erstwhile you property Play, nan wide clip doesn't look excessively jumpy.

A Procreate screenshot, showing layers being trim down for animation.

Add a furniture connected apical of your first framework and prime Clipping Mask. Choose a brushwood pinch minimal jitter for easy, accordant frames. In our demonstration, nan generic Technical Pen brushwood is selected. Begin drafting complete nan objects you wish to spot animated successful your clipping disguise layer.

Procreate app screenshots displaying nan Technical Pen brushwood instrumentality activated, and an outlined drafting of a man dancing

Repeat this measurement and tie complete each framework earlier moving connected to coloring. This will guarantee you person a much accordant animation style.

5. Color Your Frames

Once you person outlined your entity aliases segment successful each frame, adhd a caller furniture underneath nan statement creation layer. Group together these 2 layers and nan reference framework by selecting each three, and pat Group astatine nan apical correct of nan Layer menu.

A extremity is to sanction your frames successful numerical order, arsenic this will besides make your activity much organized and easy to follow.

Add level colors to each framework by using nan Color Fill tool and pat Play during this shape to double-check that location are nary consistency errors successful your animation.

A Procreate screenshot showing nan lining, colour and group furniture of each framework successful an animation.

Once each framework has a guidelines furniture of level color, you tin adhd highlights aliases shadows to create a much elaborate rotoscope animation. Smooth and effective rotoscoping is simply a consequence of consistently drawn frames that subordinate straight to their predecessor successful some accuracy and artistic style.

6. Add Smear Frames for Exaggerated Movement

A smear framework is utilized to simulate mobility blur successful animation. For immoderate speedy movements successful your work, tie mini lines extending from your object, starring distant from nan guidance of nan movement. This will stylistically visualize accelerated activity and create an illusion of soft motion.

A screenshot showing an illustrated man dancing, pinch smear lines added for nan ocular effect of accelerated movement

Not each framework needs other smear lines, only those pinch particularly accelerated movement. Hit Play to cheque really nan full animation series looks, and deduct aliases adhd smear lines depending connected really accelerated you want nan activity to appear.

7. Export Your Rotoscope Animation

A screenshot successful Procreate showing nan exporting paper for animations.

Once you are happy pinch nan last look of your animation, you tin export it by opening nan Actions menu, selecting Share, and choosing your desired format from nan Share Layers options. Further options will past beryllium provided depending connected nan format, specified arsenic nan framework complaint prime if utilizing nan mp4 format.

Learn and Practice Animation With Rotoscoping

Brush up connected your animation techniques by practicing drafting from realistic videos utilizing nan rotoscoping method successful Procreate. Experiment pinch different brushes and colors, and watch your video toggle shape into an animated masterpiece.

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