How to Create a Resume Using Google Slides

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Need a standout resume that's easy to create and edit? Learn really to create a resume utilizing Google Slides.

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Aside from utilizing Google Slides to create presentations, you tin besides usage it to create resumes. Google Slides’ drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create civilization layouts and perfectly position immoderate text, images, and videos you want to add. So, let's return a look astatine nan easiest and fastest measurement to get this done.

Create a Resume Using a Google Slides Resume Template

The easiest measurement to create a one-page resume successful Google Slides is to customize a template. Here’s how.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Resume Template

Google Slides' template assemblage does not incorporate circumstantial resume templates. But, location are sites pinch a assortment of Google Slides templates to take from. For this example, we'll usage a template from SlidesMania.

  1. Go to
  2. Type “CV” aliases “Resume” successful nan hunt barroom to find resume templates.
    Enter Resume successful nan hunt barroom of SlidesMania
  3. Browse nan results and click connected your chosen template.
    Search Resume results connected SlidesMania
  4. Click Open successful Google Slides.
    Click Open successful Google Slides for Resume template
  5. Select Use Template successful nan apical correct corner.
    Select Use Template successful nan apical correct area of resume template

Step 2: Make a Copy of nan Template

If nan template is group to view-only, you'll request to make a transcript to edit it. Even if nan template is editable, creating a transcript allows you to support nan original type intact.

  1. Select nan descent you’d for illustration to copy. If you want to transcript aggregate slides, click connected nan first slide, property Ctrl connected your keyboard, and past prime immoderate further slides.
  2. Go to nan File tab, click Make a copy, and prime either Entire presentation aliases Selected slides.
    Make a transcript of selected slides successful resume template
  3. Enter a sanction for your caller copy, prime nan files you’d for illustration to prevention it, and click Make a copy.
    Enter a name, group files location, and Make a transcript of resume template

Step 3: Customize nan Template

Customizing nan template includes editing nan matter successful matter boxes, changing nan quality of matter boxes, updating nan floor plan image, and swapping retired icons. Let's spell done each measurement 1 by one.

  1. Double-click connected a matter box, edit nan text, and click extracurricular nan matter container area to save.
    Modify matter successful matter container successful Google Slides
  2. To delete aliases copy a matter box, right-click connected it and prime Delete aliases Copy.
    Copy aliases Delete matter container successful Google Slides
  3. If you copied, right-click successful an quiet area and prime Paste. Then click and resistance nan matter container to your desired location.
    Paste matter container successful Google Slides
  4. With nan matter container selected, alteration nan font, font size, and matter colour to lucifer your preferences.
    Modify matter quality successful Google Slides Resume Template
  5. Change nan quality of nan matter container by adjusting its capable color, separator weight, separator dash, and separator color.
    Modify matter container quality successful Google Slides Resume template
  6. Click nan floor plan image and prime Replace image.
    Select image and prime Replace Image
  7. Select Upload from computer if your photograph is saved connected your device. In nan record explorer popular up, take your photograph and click Open.
    Select upload from machine successful Google Slides
  8. To fresh your photograph into a different shape, let’s opportunity a rectangle, click nan dropdown arrow by nan harvest image icon, prime Shapes, and prime nan rectangle.
    Change photograph masking style successful Google Slides
  9. With nan image selected, click nan harvest image icon to reposition your photograph wrong nan shape. Zoom successful for precise adjustments and deed Enter connected your keyboard erstwhile you’re done.
    Adjust photograph successful masked shape
  10. Click nan reset image icon if you want to undo nan masked style applied to your photo.
    Click Reset image to undo masking shape
  11. To adhd much icons aliases switch retired existing ones, download icons from immoderate of nan free SVG icons websites arsenic PNG files.
  12. Go to nan Insert tab, click connected Image, and prime Upload from computer. Select nan icons and adhd them to your resume.
    Insert image successful Google Slides
  13. Click and resistance nan icons to your desired position.

If you’re applying to aggregate jobs, tailor your resume for nan different occupation types and proofread your resume for errors to boost your chances of success.

How to Export Your Google Slides Resume

Once your resume is ready, you tin stock it pinch imaginable employers successful 2 main ways: nonstop a nexus to your resume aliases download it arsenic a PDF record to connect to exertion forms.

Follow these steps if you want to stock your resume nexus pinch circumstantial people:

  1. Click nan Share fastener successful nan apical correct corner.
  2. Enter nan emails of your recipients successful nan Share pinch group and groups box.
    Enter emails of recipients successful Add group and groups box
  3. Change nan entree level of recipients from Editor to Viewer.
  4. Check nan Notify container to automatically nonstop an email to recipients pinch a nexus to your resume.
  5. Add a connection and click Send.
    Edit resume recipient entree level

If you want to make your resume nexus public, truthful anyone tin position it:

  1. Click nan Share button.
  2. Change General entree from Restricted to Anyone pinch nan link.
  3. Set entree level to Viewer.
  4. Copy nan nexus to stock and click Done.
    Share nationalist nexus to your Google Slides resume

Export Your Google Slides Resume arsenic a PDF File

Follow these steps to export your resume arsenic a PDF file:

  1. Click File, prime Download, and take PDF Document from nan dropdown list.
    Export resume arsenic a PDF document
  2. In nan record explorer, prime a location for nan file, participate a suitable sanction (ideally [Your Full Name] + Resume), and click Save.
    Choose location for your resume, adhd a name, and save

Design Beautiful Resumes Without nan Hassle

Using Google Slides for your resume simplifies nan creation process, allowing you to attraction connected presenting your skills and experiences. While Google Slides offers galore creation options, it's important to prioritize readability and a accordant format. So spell up and use these steps and tips to creation beautiful resumes that guidelines retired to employers.

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