How to Copy Text From a PDF

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And past paste it wherever you want!

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Key Takeaways

  • Copying matter from a PDF tin beryllium done utilizing Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, aliases Mozilla Firefox.
  • Before copying, cheque if nan PDF allows copying by going to File > Properties successful Acrobat Reader and checking nan "Content Copying" value.
  • To transcript text, usage nan Selection Tool successful Acrobat Reader aliases usage nan right-click paper successful Chrome to transcript matter from nan PDF.

Copying matter from a PDF record is arsenic easy arsenic opening your PDF successful a compatible reader, selecting nan text, and choosing nan transcript option. We'll show you really to do that successful Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to Copy Text From a PDF

To usage this method, first, download and instal nan free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC app connected your computer. Then, cheque if your PDF allows copying, and if it does, move to nan adjacent conception to really transcript thing from your file.

Check If a PDF Allows Copying of Content

To cheque a PDF's restrictions, first, motorboat your PDF pinch nan Acrobat Reader DC app.

From Acrobat Reader's paper bar, prime File > Properties.


On nan "Document Properties" window, take nan "Security" tab.

Access nan

In nan "Security" tab, publication nan worth adjacent to "Content Copying." If it says "Not Allowed," you can't transcript contented from nan existent PDF file.

PDF contented copying not allowed.

If nan "Content Copying" worth says "Allowed," you tin transcript nan content. In this case, travel nan adjacent section.

PDF contented copying allowed.

Copy Text From Your PDF File

To statesman copying your text, make judge your PDF is unfastened pinch Acrobat Reader.

From Acrobat Reader's apical toolbar list, prime nan "Selection Tool" (which is simply a modular cursor icon).

Access nan "Selection Tool."

Find nan matter to transcript successful your PDF. Then, utilizing your cursor, item your text.

Highlight nan matter to copy.

Right-click nan highlighted matter and prime "Copy."


Your chosen matter is now copied to your clipboard. You tin paste it successful immoderate matter editor aliases matter field by right-clicking location and choosing "Paste."

And that's each location is to it.

Use Chrome, Firefox, aliases Edge to Copy Text From PDF Files

Most web browsers let you to position arsenic good arsenic transcript contented from your PDF files. You tin usage Chrome, Firefox, Edge, aliases different PDF-compatible browser to transcript nan matter you need.

In nan pursuing steps, we usage Chrome to show you really to drawback a portion of matter from your PDF file.

Start by opening your PDF pinch Chrome. To do that, find your PDF successful File Explorer, right-click it, and take Open With > Google Chrome.

Select Open With > Google Chrome.

When your PDF opens, utilizing your cursor, highlight nan text to copy.

Select nan matter to copy.

Right-click nan highlighted matter and take "Copy."


Your browser has copied nan matter to your clipboard, and you tin now paste it anyplace you want.

Enjoy copying valuable contented from your portable archive format files!

Want to edit a PDF file to make changes to it? If so, you person various ways to do that connected your computer.

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