How to Control Who Can Comment on Your Instagram Posts

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You whitethorn not beryllium ever beryllium capable to power who sees your Instagram profile, but you tin power really they interact pinch you.

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People thin to beryllium much brazen connected societal media than they are successful existent life. They tin remark connected your posts, saying things they would ne'er opportunity to your face.

You don't person to let these comments connected Instagram, though. Especially if you conscionable usage nan app for fun.

Social media make you accessible to beautiful overmuch anyone, but you tin power really group interact pinch you connected Instagram. Exes. Enemies. Parents. Colleagues. These are a fewer examples of group you mightiness not want to remark connected your Instagram posts.

Follow nan steps beneath to power who tin remark connected your Instagram posts:

  1. Open nan Instagram app connected your phone.
  2. Tap your Profile image successful nan bottom-right corner.
  3. Hit nan three-bar icon successful nan top-right area and prime Settings and privacy.
  4. Scroll down and pat Comments. Here, you'll find 3 options: Block comments from, Allow comments from, and Allow GIF comments. We'll attraction connected nan first 2 options.
  5. The first action allows you to artifact comments from circumstantial users. Tap it, type nan person's sanction successful nan search bar, and pat Block adjacent to it connected nan database of results.
  6. Go backmost and pat Allow comments from. This mounting allows you to specify who tin remark connected your posts; take nan action you're comfortable with.

Instagram doesn't notify users that you've blocked them from commenting connected your posts. They tin still find and usage nan remark section. However, only they tin spot their comments.

Limiting comments only blocks group from commenting connected your posts; it doesn't artifact them from viewing your profile. If you want to forestall group from accessing your profile, you should block them connected Instagram.

What if you don't want to person comments astatine all? Instagram allows you to disable comments for circumstantial Instagram posts. However, Instagram doesn't person a mounting that turns disconnected comments completely, truthful you person to do it for each post. Here's how::

  1. Open nan Instagram app and create a post.
  2. Edit your station and spell to nan past page earlier posting.
  3. Scroll down and pat Advanced settings.
  4. Look for nan Comments conception and toggle connected Turn disconnected commenting.
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Unless your Instagram floor plan is private, group you don't travel and who don't travel you tin entree it and remark connected your posts. This opens you up to bullying, stalking, harassment, and spam. Limiting who tin remark connected your posts tin thief negociate that.

It's besides adjuvant for individual posts for which you don't want to person comments, for illustration posts astir family members you want to protect. Unless you’re an influencer, see limiting comments to group you're adjacent with, for illustration friends and family. It's a bully measurement to limit unwanted interactions connected Instagram.

You tin besides set your Instagram relationship to private. This allows you to o.k. followers, giving you amended power complete who tin prosecute pinch you.

Take Control of Your Instagram Experience

The expertise to customize your Instagram acquisition is 1 of nan champion things astir nan app. By limiting comments connected Instagram, you tin expect comments from group you spot and bask a much pleasant experience.

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