How to Connect a Fitbit to Apple Health

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It's not arsenic straightforward arsenic you mightiness deliberation to link a Fitbit to Apple Health, but this guideline will locomotion you done nan process.

How to Connect Fitbit to Apple Health

If you ain a Fitbit, you tin maximize and streamline your acquisition by connecting it to Apple Health. However, arsenic Apple and Fitbit are nonstop competitors (Fitbit is owned by Google), location isn’t a autochthonal action to sync nan 2 connected your iPhone. If you want to link your Fitbit to Apple Health, you’ll request to travel a workaround.

Learn nan benefits of linking a Fitbit to Apple Health, what you request to link nan two, and really to sync your Fitbit information to Apple Health.

Why Should You Connect Your Fitbit to Apple Health?

There are respective reasons why you mightiness want to link Fitbit to Apple Health, including nan following:

  • Health integration. Connecting your Fitbit and Apple Health will let you to position each your wellness and fittingness information successful 1 place.
  • Receive an meticulous image of your health. While Apple Health is simply a superb tool, location are immoderate wellness and fittingness metrics a wearable instrumentality tin way amended than your iPhone, specified arsenic slumber and bosom rate. If you nexus your Fitbit to Apple Health, you’ll summation a much meticulous image of your health.
  • Gain Apple Health insights connected Fitbit data. Apple Health provides elaborate summaries of your wellness metrics. Sync Fitbit to Apple Health and you’ll summation moreover amended insights into your health.
  • Back up your Fitbit data. By syncing your Fitbit pinch Apple Health, you’ll person a backup of your wellness and fittingness data.

While location are benefits to connecting your Fitbit to Apple Health, you request to see a fewer things earlier you perpetrate to syncing.

What to Consider Before Connecting Fitbit to Apple Health

As competitors, Fitbit and Apple Health don’t really activity straight pinch each other. In bid to link nan two, you request to usage a third-party app.

While this whitethorn sound for illustration a elemental solution, nan main interest is information privacy. Some third-party health apps are known to waste backstage data, which tin frighten your safety.

Protect your iphone from third-party apps

When it comes to your Fitbit, arsenic agelong arsenic you’ve signed up pinch your email address, provided a beardown password, and limited search connected your iPhone, past you and your information should beryllium secure. Apple Health besides offers end-to-end encryption and is beautiful coagulated erstwhile it comes to protecting your data, truthful this should besides beryllium safe. That is unless you supply a third-party app entree to your Apple Health data.

Before you nexus your Fitbit to Apple Health via a third-party app, make judge your information is unafraid and study how to spot a bad privateness policy earlier installing.

What You Need to Connect Your Fitbit to Apple Health

To link your Fitbit to Apple Health, you request to download a third-party app. There are a assortment of apps available, including nan free Power Sync for Fitbit, Fitbit to Apple Health Sync, aliases Sync Solver - Fitbit to Health which costs $4.99. For nan intent of this article, we will attraction connected really to usage nan free app, Power Sync for Fitbit.

You will besides request your Fitbit relationship specifications truthful that you tin log successful connected your chosen third-party app. Before you download Power Sync for Fitbit, we urge reference its privacy policy (it’s brief!), which tin beryllium recovered connected nan App Store. If you’re happy pinch nan terms, download Power Sync for Fitbit.

Download: Power Sync for Fitbit for iOS (Free, offers in-app purchases)

How to Connect Your Fitbit to Apple Health connected Your iPhone

Once you’ve downloaded Power Sync for Fitbit, travel these steps to link your Fitbit to Apple Health.

  1. Open Power Sync for Fitbit. (You whitethorn spot a pop-up for Auto Sync notifications; pat Not now aliases Turn on to proceed).
  2. Tap Sync Now to unfastened nan login page.
  3. Enter your Fitbit relationship email reside and password and pat Sign In. (Alternatively, pat Continue pinch Google.)
  4. Power Sync for Fitbit will petition information entree from your device. Tap nan boxes adjacent to each metric you want to let (or pat Allow All to tick each boxes). Tap Allow to proceed.
  5. A Health Access Instructions pop-up will appear. Read and pat Continue to proceed.
  6. Choose which information you want to let Power Sync for Fitbit to constitute (add Fitbit information to) and publication (sync Fitbit information with) Apple Health. Toggle each point individually aliases pat Turn On All.
  7. Tap Allow in nan top-right area of nan surface to prevention your preferences.

Your Fitbit and Apple Health should now beryllium connected.

How to Adjust Third-Party Apps' Data Access successful Apple Health

For further information safety, you tin besides check, add, and region information permissions for Power Sync for Fitbit wrong Apple Health. To do this, navigate to nan Apple Health app and travel these steps:

  1. Tap your profile image in nan top-right area of Apple Health.
  2. Under Privacy, pat Apps.
  3. Scroll to find Power Sync. Tap to open.
  4. Tap Turn On All/Turn Off All, aliases toggle each metric to let aliases artifact Power Sync for Fitbit from reference aliases penning information successful Apple Health.

You tin besides delete information from Power Sync by navigating to Apple Health > Profile > Apps > Power Sync > Data from “Power Sync” > Delete All Data from “Power Sync.”

How to Sync Fitbit With Apple Health

If you person a third-party app, you tin easy sync your Fitbit pinch Apple Health. With Power Sync for Fitbit, simply unfastened nan app and pat Sync Now. To alteration Auto Sync connected nan app, you will person to motion up for a subscription aliases salary for life entree to Power Sync for Fitbit. Tap Turn connected Auto Sync to position your options.

How to Fix Fitbit and Apple Health Sync Issues

If you find you person problems connecting your Fitbit to Apple Health, you tin effort these solutions:

  1. Log retired of your third-party app. If you can’t sync your Fitbit pinch Apple Health, effort logging successful and retired again. In Power Sync for Fitbit, pat Settings > Logout. Close and reopen nan app and pat Sync Now to log successful and effort again.
  2. Reinstall your third-party app. If logging retired didn’t hole your Fitbit to Apple Health sync problem, region and reinstall your app.
  3. Reset permissions successful Apple Health. Open Apple Health and navigate to Profile > Apps > Power Sync > Turn Off All to extremity nan app from syncing. Tap Turn On All to let entree again. Open Power Sync for Fitbit and pat Sync Now.
  4. Consider an replacement third-party app. If nan supra steps haven’t worked, effort different third-party Fitbit to Apple Health sync app specified arsenic nan ones suggested above.

You Can Connect Your Fitbit to Apple Health to Enhance Your Experience

While connecting your Fitbit to Apple Health isn’t arsenic streamlined arsenic syncing a Fitbit to Android (or Apple Watch to iPhone), you tin still link nan 2 pinch a fewer workaround steps. Remember to make judge you vet nan third-party app you want to usage earlier you download it to protect your privacy.

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