How to Connect a Controller to an Android Phone or Tablet

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Sick of touch controls for mobile gaming? Learn really to link immoderate crippled controller—PS4, PS5, Xbox, and more—to your Android device.

A photograph of a achromatic Xbox Series X and Series S compatible Xbox controller lit by a sparkling pinkish light

Key Takeaways

  • Play Android mobile games pinch a crippled controller to amended touch controls and compatibility issues pinch your device.
  • Wired USB controllers, Bluetooth controllers, and controllers from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo each activity pinch Android phones and tablets.
  • Connecting a crippled controller to Android involves utilizing a USB OTG cablegram for wired controllers aliases enabling Bluetooth and pairing for wireless controllers.

Touch controls for mobile games aren't ever great. Perhaps they're poorly implemented, aliases possibly your instrumentality doesn't grip multitouch well. The solution? Play Android mobile games pinch a crippled controller!

Wired and Bluetooth crippled controllers tin beryllium connected to your Android telephone aliases tablet. USB controllers and Xbox One and Series X/S, PS4, PS5, aliases Nintendo Switch Joy-Con wireless controllers each activity pinch Android.

Here's really to link a crippled controller to an Android telephone aliases tablet, arsenic good arsenic an mentation of what controllers tin beryllium utilized pinch Android.

Can I Connect My Controller to My Phone?

You tin link a controller to your telephone utilizing either a USB cablegram aliases Bluetooth. Here are nan circumstantial controllers that activity pinch Android phones and tablets:

  • Generic USB controllers
  • Generic Bluetooth controllers
  • Xbox One and Series X and S controllers
  • PS4 controller
  • PS5 controller
  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Generic controllers are those that aren't made for a circumstantial console. GameSir, Redgear, and Motorola are each examples of high-quality crippled controllers that you tin usage pinch your Android device. Android phones and tablets are some capable to sync pinch controllers done Bluetooth aliases USB connections.

In a moment, we'll look astatine each benignant of controller successful turn. Note that we're skipping older console controllers (such arsenic nan Xbox 360 controller) owed to out-of-date apps and changes to Android's Bluetooth support. Generic controllers designed for usage pinch a PC whitethorn not work, either. Lastly, nan controller won't activity if nan crippled you're playing doesn't person controller support built-in. You tin sometimes circumvent this by mapping nan controls pinch a third-party Android crippled controller app.

Let's analyse really to group up a crippled controller connected Android.

How to Connect a Wired USB Controller to Android

If you want to play games connected Android pinch a USB controller, you'll request a USB OTG cable. This is simply a typical instrumentality that adapts a modular USB connector to fresh successful your telephone aliases tablet.

However, nan OTG-USB cablegram does much than that, moreover letting you link each mode of USB devices and drives to Android—controllers too! Our guide to USB-OTG explains this successful much detail.

You'll first request to acquisition a USB OTG cable. They're disposable for inexpensive from Amazon. Make judge you take a USB-C aliases micro-USB connector depending connected what your telephone uses.

Once you person a USB OTG adapter, conscionable plug it into your Android phone, and link nan USB crippled controller to nan different extremity of nan adapter. Next, unfastened nan crippled you want to play. Games pinch controller support should observe nan device, and you'll beryllium fresh to play.

Connect a Standard Bluetooth Controller to Android

Play games connected Android pinch a controller

If you person a generic Bluetooth crippled controller, you're almost guaranteed that it will activity pinch your Android device. It's astir arsenic elemental arsenic connecting a USB controller, though of course, you won't request immoderate typical adapters.

Start by making judge your telephone is discoverable by Bluetooth devices. Open Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth and make judge Bluetooth is enabled.

From nan aforesaid menu, prime Pair caller device, past travel nan circumstantial instructions to make your controller discoverable. Look for a dedicated Bluetooth button, aliases cheque nan manual for nan correct fastener operation if location isn't one. (If you usually person Bluetooth enabled anyway, you tin simply spell to Settings > Connected devices > Pair caller device.)

Your telephone should observe nan controller; pat its sanction to found nan connection. As pinch USB, games that tin usage controllers will observe them erstwhile you commencement nan game. Other games mightiness support controllers, but require further package from Google Play.

Can You Connect an Xbox One aliases Xbox Series X and S Controller to Android?

Whether you've sewage an Xbox One controller aliases Xbox Series X/S controller cognize that you've already sewage a awesome measurement to power Android games. It's besides rather elemental to group up.

Similar to connecting nan Xbox One controller to your Windows PC, you don't request immoderate further hardware pinch a newer exemplary controller. A emblematic Android device's Bluetooth support is each you request to link nan controller to your telephone aliases tablet.

Before starting, make judge nan controller is afloat charged, and you've unplugged your Xbox One aliases Xbox Series X/S controller. If you don't, nan controller will stay paired to it, which intends you can't brace it pinch your Android device.

Begin by putting Android into discoverable mode arsenic explained successful nan erstwhile section. Next, clasp nan Sync fastener connected nan Xbox One aliases Xbox Series X/S controller. Upon detection, prime nan controller connected your telephone and travel nan instructions to pair.

Original Xbox One controllers link utilizing RF alternatively than Bluetooth. To link Xbox One controllers that usage an RF connection, usage a USB charging cablegram to link to your Android instrumentality via USB OTG instead.

Connect a PS5 aliases PS4 Controller to Android

Sony has utilized Bluetooth successful its controllers for years, which makes it easy if you want to play Android games pinch a PlayStation 4 aliases PlayStation 5 gamepad. The instructions are nan aforesaid for some consoles since they some usage Bluetooth.

Make your Android instrumentality discoverable, past sync nan controller by holding nan PlayStation and Share buttons simultaneously. When nan controller ray flashes, you should spot a Wireless Controller introduction listed connected your Android device.

Select this to complete pairing. Your telephone aliases tablet will past inquire you to corroborate nan pairing, truthful do that, and you're done! A coagulated ray connected nan PlayStation controller intends that it's successfully connected.

Play Games connected Android With Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

You tin besides hook up a Nintendo Switch controller to your mobile Android device. You tin either sync 1 Joy-Con connected its ain or, arsenic nan video supra illustrates, sync some arsenic a afloat two-handed controller.

To sync some Joy-Cons attached to nan Joy-Con Grip, you'll request a wireless adapter and USB OTG adapter compatible pinch your phone.

Check nan accompanying video to find retired much astir controlling Android pinch Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. And beryllium judge to study how to stock your Nintendo Switch gameplay online.

Keep successful mind that, successful summation to nan Joy-Con, you tin connect nan Nintendo Switch Pro controller to your Android device.

What Is nan Best Android Game Controller for Phones?

Now you cognize really to link a crippled controller to your phone, you’re fresh to play. You tin link immoderate of these controllers to your Android telephone aliases tablet pinch varying degrees of success. While connecting is mostly easy, immoderate games conscionable don't activity correct pinch a controller.

The champion controller action is nan 1 that useful for you. However, contempt nan value of Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch controllers, 1 designed specifically for mobile gaming whitethorn activity amended for you long-term. Whatever nan case, if nan games you play support console controllers, you should beryllium fine.

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