How to Clone a Bootable USB Drive on Windows 10/11? [Full Guide]

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By Ariel | Follow | Last Updated October 10, 2023

A batch of users want to clone bootable USB to different thrust connected Windows 10/11. How to transcript bootable USB to different USB? If you are besides trying to fig it out, this station from MiniTool Partition Wizard is worthy reading.

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A bootable USB drive is simply a applicable removable information retention media that contains instructions for a computer’s bootloader to load up various resources to tally an operating system. So, it tin beryllium utilized to footwear an unbootable machine and repair your system.

For a awesome galore users, a bootable USB thrust seems indispensable successful their regular work, particularly for developers and technicians. However, galore of them brushwood various issues pinch nan tool, specified arsenic “how to make a bootable USB”, “how to person a bootable USB to normal”, and “how to clone bootable USB to different USB”. Here’s a personification illustration from nan Reddit forum:

How Do I Clone Bootable USB Drives successful Windows 10? So, I person a USB thrust that has WinPE connected 1 partition, and a 2nd partition pinch a WIM File. What's nan fastest measurement to clone this 1 USB thrust to astir 10 more? There has sewage to beryllium a measurement to do it successful Windows, booting Clonezilla unrecorded to transcript USB drives... seems. overkill.

Can I Copy Bootable USB to Another USB

Can I transcript bootable USB flash thrust to different one? Of course, nan reply is “Yes”. Sometimes we request to clone a bootable USB thrust for backup, disaster recovery, aliases upgrading to a larger drive. However, cloning is not a elemental copy-and-paste process, which whitethorn lead to corrupted files aliases unbootable operating strategy connected nan USB.

So, really to really to transcript a bootable USB to different USB? To do this work, you request a master USB clone inferior for illustration MiniTool Partition Wizard. Let’s support reference to cognize much details.

How to Clone a Bootable USB Drive connected Windows 10/11

MiniTool Partition Wizard tin thief you easy and quickly clone USB bootable thrust connected Windows 10/11. It’s an expertized USB thrust head that tin backmost up USB, low level format USB, retrieve information from USB, remove hidden partitions from USB, and more.

In addition, it’s a multifunctional partition and disk head that tin extend/resize/shrink/merge partitions, convert FAT32 to NTFS, alteration cluster size, clone a difficult drive, migrate OS to SSD, person MBR to GPT, rebuild MBR, etc.

Here’s really to clone a bootable USB thrust to different 1 utilizing MiniTool Partition Wizard.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1. Insert nan bootable USB thrust and nan target thrust into your machine properly.

Step 2. Run nan MiniTool programme to get its main interface, prime nan bootable USB thrust from nan disk map, and click on Copy Disk from nan near action panel.

Step 3. In nan pop-up window, prime nan target thrust and click on Next to spell on. Here each information connected nan target disk will beryllium destroyed. So, make judge you person backed up them and click connected Yes to corroborate it.

click Copy disk connected MiniTool

Step 4. Select transcript options based connected your penchant and click on Next.

confirm transcript options

Step 5. Read the Note information and click the Finish button to corroborate nan copy. Then click connected Apply to execute nan pending operation.

clone USB thrust utilizing MiniTool

How to clone USB bootable thrust connected Windows 10/11? Now, I judge that you already cognize nan answer. If you person immoderate different opinions astir this topic, don’t hesitate to stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing remark area.

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