How to Clear Your YouTube Cache to Free Up Space

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Clearing a streaming app's cache tin clear up precious retention abstraction aliases thief hole errors.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clearing nan YouTube cache tin free up retention abstraction and hole app errors. On iOS, you request to uninstall nan app, but connected Android, you tin usage nan Settings app.
  • To clear nan YouTube cache for your website browser, you will request to clear your browser's full cache.

One measurement to trim nan retention taken up by nan YouTube app is to clear its cache. If you're facing this problem, here's what you request to cognize astir really to clear your YouTube cache to free up abstraction aliases hole app errors.

How to Clear nan YouTube Cache connected iOS

On iPhone, Apple does not supply a abstracted characteristic to clear app caches. The only solution disposable is to uninstall an app.

If you want to clear nan YouTube cache for nan iPhone app, travel these steps:

  1. Open Settings and prime General > iPhone Storage.
  2. Tap YouTube from nan app list.
  3. On nan adjacent page, pat Delete App.
  4. Hit Delete App again from nan pop-up to confirm.

Alternatively, if you person YouTube's icon connected your location screen, property and clasp to aftermath up a menu. Finally, pat Remove App, past prime Delete App > Delete.

This will region YouTube from your instrumentality on pinch its cached information and immoderate different information associated pinch nan app, positive your preferences. After that, download and instal YouTube for illustration you would install immoderate app from nan App Store to commencement afresh.

How to Clear nan YouTube App Cache connected Android

If you usage YouTube connected Android, you don't request to uninstall nan app to clear nan cached information for illustration connected iOS. You tin region your YouTube cache by utilizing a dedicated instrumentality successful nan Settings app.

Because of nan different Android versions and civilization skins, nan instructions whitethorn not precisely lucifer what you spot connected your device.

To clear nan YouTube app's cache connected Android, travel these steps:

  1. Open Settings and prime Apps.
  2. On nan adjacent page, pat YouTube if visible nether Recently opened apps. If not, pat See each [X] apps, past prime YouTube connected nan follow-up page.
  3. Under YouTube's App info page, pat Storage & cache. You will spot nan magnitude of retention YouTube is occupying, positive a breakdown of nan usage.
  4. Tap Clear cache.

The process will commence immediately. You will cognize nan process is complete erstwhile nan abstraction occupied by cache information is zero.

How to Clear YouTube's Cache connected Your Web Browser

To clear YouTube's cache connected your web browser, you will request to clear nan full browser's cache. Thankfully, there's a measurement to remove cookies and cache successful Chrome and different desktop browsers.

epending connected nan browser you're using, nan steps mightiness vary. For instance, to clear Safari's cache, you must alteration nan Develop paper first.

Read connected for step-by-step instructions connected clearing your Chrome, Edge, and Firefox cache.

In Google Chrome

If you usage Chrome, travel these steps to clear your cache:

  1. Click nan three-dot menu successful nan apical right.
  2. Hover complete More Tools and prime Clear Browsing Data from nan sub-menu.
    Main paper successful Google Chrome for desktop
  3. Under nan Clear browsing data pop-up, uncheck Browsing history and Cookies and different tract data.
    Clear browsing information successful Google Chrome connected desktop
  4. After that, click Clear data.

Chrome will instantly clear your cache.

In Microsoft Edge

Here's really to clear cache information successful Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click nan three-dot paper successful nan apical correct and prime Settings.
    Microsoft Edge desktop options paper
  2. Next, click Privacy, search, and services, past scroll down to nan Clear browsing data section.
  3. Select Choose what to clear.
    Clear browsing information conception successful Microsoft Edge
  4. Click Last Hour successful nan pop-up paper nether Time range, past prime All Time.
  5. Uncheck everything isolated from Cached images and files, past click Clear Now.
    Clearing browser cache successful Microsoft Edge

Edge will clear each site's cache, including YouTube.

In Firefox

In Firefox, travel these steps:

  1. Click nan hamburger menu successful nan apical right.
  2. Select Settings from nan options.
    Firefox options paper connected macOS
  3. Click Privacy & Security, past scroll down to Cookies and Site Data.
  4. Select Clear data, past uncheck Cookies and Site Data.
    Clearing browser cache successful Firefox
  5. After that, click Clear to delete cached web content.

Reclaim Your Storage by Clearing nan YouTube Cache

As overmuch arsenic cached information helps amended performance, this information tin quickly gobble up your retention abstraction if near unchecked. If you usage YouTube regularly, nan app's cached information could beryllium almost a gigabyte aliases more. The only measurement to reclaim retention is by clearing this cached information and starting afresh.

The process is simply a fewer taps distant connected Android, but connected iOS, you person to delete nan app and past instal it again. Whichever level you usage to entree YouTube, our instructions should thief you execute nan aforesaid result. Just retrieve that this is not a one-time fix. You'll request to do it regularly, particularly if your instrumentality has insufficient storage.

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