How to Clear Your WhatsApp Call Logs

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If you want other privateness from prying eyes, you tin clear your telephone history connected WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp keeps way of each your calls, including nan interaction name, date, time, and duration. This tin beryllium adjuvant for things for illustration getting specifications of a telephone number aliases checking nan magnitude of a call. However, it tin besides raise privateness concerns if personification snoops connected your phone.

The champion measurement to tackle this business is to clear your WhatsApp telephone logs.

How to Clear Your WhatsApp Call Logs connected Mobile

WhatsApp sound calling allows you to enactment successful touch pinch loved ones, but it tin besides make a batch of telephone history data. If you're looking to protect your privateness aliases commencement caller pinch your WhatsApp telephone history, you tin clear your WhatsApp telephone logs.

To delete WhatsApp telephone logs connected Android, travel these steps:

  1. Launch WhatsApp and pat connected nan Calls tab.
  2. Click three dots successful nan apical correct area and take Clear telephone log.

If you want to delete an individual telephone from nan telephone log, pat and clasp nan telephone you want to delete, and past pat nan Trash icon successful nan apical correct corner.

If you're utilizing WhatsApp connected an iOS device, travel these steps instead:

  1. Open WhatsApp and pat Calls.
  2. Tap Edit successful nan apical near corner.
  3. Tap Clear successful nan apical correct area to delete nan full telephone history.

To delete an individual call, swipe near connected nan telephone you want to delete and tap Delete.

How to Delete a WhatsApp Call connected nan Desktop App

WhatsApp's desktop app doesn't let you to delete your full telephone history, but you tin delete individual calls.

Follow these steps to clear your telephone log connected nan desktop app:

  1. Launch nan WhatsApp Desktop app and click nan Calls icon successful nan near sidebar.
  2. Right-click nan telephone you want to delete and take Delete.
    Delete telephone log action successful WhatsApp desktop app

You've successfully deleted a telephone from your WhatsApp telephone history. That was ace easy, wasn't it?

Keep Your Call Logs Clean

WhatsApp's calling characteristic is simply a awesome measurement to enactment successful touch pinch friends and family, but it tin besides beryllium a root of accidental dialing. If you usage nan aforesaid WhatsApp relationship for activity and individual use, you mightiness want to support your telephone logs cleanable to debar accidentally calling your agency colleagues while you're astir your family.

To tackle this situation, you tin clear your WhatsApp telephone logs utilizing nan supra steps.


Q: Does WhatsApp Delete Old Call History?

Yes, WhatsApp deletes highly aged telephone logs from your account. However, your caller telephone logs will still beryllium disposable successful nan telephone history.

Q: Does WhatsApp Retain Chat History?

Yes, WhatsApp retains your chat history successful nan app arsenic good arsenic astatine your selected backup location. You tin manually delete your chats and backups to region your chats permanently.

Q: Where Are WhatsApp Call Recordings Stored?

WhatsApp doesn't connection an charismatic call-recording feature, which intends you can't grounds your sound calls natively successful nan app. If you usage a third-party telephone recorder app, you'll find your recordings astatine nan chosen way successful your app.

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