How to Clear the Cache on Android

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Resolve app issues and free up retention abstraction by clearing your Android's cache.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clearing nan cache connected an Android telephone tin lick various telephone issues and create much retention abstraction for caller apps.
  • To clear app cache, spell to Settings, prime "Apps," benignant by size, take nan app, spell to Storage, and pat "Clear Cache."
  • To clear browser cache, unfastened nan browser's settings, prime "Privacy and Security," take "Clear Browsing Data," customize nan options, and clear nan cache.

Clearing the cache connected an Android phone allows you to hole various telephone issues and free up your retention space. Cache files are impermanent and tin beryllium deleted without disrupting your apps. Here's really to clear your app and browser cache connected Android.

How to Clear nan App Cache connected Android

You tin clear nan app cache connected your Android telephone to hole their issues arsenic good arsenic make room for caller apps connected your device.

In this guide, we've utilized a Samsung Galaxy telephone for demonstration. The steps will alteration somewhat depending connected your telephone model, but you'll person a wide thought arsenic to what action to choose.

To start, motorboat nan Settings app connected your Android phone. Then, prime "Apps."


On nan "Apps" page, adjacent to "Your Apps," take nan hamburger paper (three horizontal lines).

Tap nan 3 horizontal lines adjacent to

You'll now benignant your apps by their size truthful nan largest app appears astatine nan apical of nan list. Note that this doesn't needfully put your largest cache-occupying app astatine nan top, but still, this helps.

In nan paper that opens, successful nan "Sort By" section, take "Size." Then, astatine nan bottom, pat "OK."


From nan app database connected your screen, prime nan app for which you want to clear nan cache.

Choose an app.

On nan app's page, scroll down a spot and prime "Storage."


On nan "Storage" screen, adjacent to "Cache," you'll spot nan existent cache size for your selected app. To clear nan cache, successful nan bottom-right area of your screen, pat "Clear Cache."


Your telephone will clear nan selected app's cache without immoderate prompts.

As you commencement utilizing your apps, they'll re-create nan cache files to supply you pinch a amended app experience. You don't person to clear nan cache each day, but it's a bully thought to do it each erstwhile successful a while, particularly when you're experiencing app-related issues.

How to Clear nan Browser Cache connected Android

Like different apps, your web browsers for illustration Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge shop cached images and tract files. These files thief amended your browsing experience.

However, if you experience problems pinch your browser, it's a bully thought to clear your cache. Doing truthful only removes nan cached images and different files; your tract logins and different items stay intact.

Delete Chrome's Cache

Start by launching Chrome connected your Android phone. Then, successful nan browser's top-right corner, pat nan 3 dots and take "Settings."


In "Settings," prime "Privacy and Security."


On nan "Privacy and Security" page, take "Clear Browsing Data."


You tin now prime nan items you want to clear from your browser. First, from nan "Time Range" drop-down menu, take nan clip scope for which you want to clear nan cache. Then, alteration nan "Cached Images and Files" action and take "Clear Data."

Clear Chrome's cache connected Android.

Your Chrome cache is now cleared.

Remove Firefox's Cache

Launch Firefox connected your Android phone. Then, successful nan top-right corner, pat nan 3 dots and take "Settings."


In "Settings," scroll down and prime "Delete Browsing Data."


On nan "Delete Browsing Data" page, alteration nan "Cached Images and Files" option. Then, pat "Delete Browsing Data." Feel free to alteration different options if you'd for illustration to region those items from your browser.


Select "Delete" successful nan prompt.


Firefox has now removed your cached images and files.

Clear Edge's Cache

Open nan Edge browser connected your Android phone. Then, successful nan browser's bottommost bar, pat nan 3 dots and prime "Settings."


In "Settings," take "Privacy and Security."


On nan "Privacy and Security" page, prime "Clear Browsing Data."


You'll now spot a database of items you tin clear from nan browser. Here, pat nan "Time Range" drop-down paper and take nan scope of clip for which you want to clear your cache. Then, alteration nan "Cached Images and Files" action and pat "Clear Data."

Clear Edge's cache connected Android.

Edge will past delete your cached web content.

With cache files now gone from your Android phone, you'll person a spot much retention abstraction connected your phone. You whitethorn moreover find that your app issues are gone.

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