How to Check Your Proxy Server Settings on Windows 11

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Can't retrieve your proxy server settings? Or possibly you can't retrieve if you're moreover utilizing one? Here's really to cheque connected Windows 11.

Web developer checking server cache

If you're unsure whether you're connected to a proxy server aliases request to cheque your proxy settings for immoderate different reason, you've travel to nan correct place. Here, we'll research different ways to find your proxy server settings connected Windows 11. We'll besides spot really to reset nan WinHTTP proxy server.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server acts arsenic a gateway betwixt your machine and nan internet. When you link to a proxy server and nonstop a petition to a website, your strategy directs nan petition to nan proxy server. This petition could beryllium thing for illustration playing a video, downloading a file, aliases opening a webpage.

Subsequently, your petition is forwarded to nan website and past routed backmost to your computer. Connecting to a proxy server tin travel successful useful successful various situations. Some of them are listed below:

  • A proxy server hides your identity. This way, you tin browse nan net without revealing your identity.
  • You tin link to a proxy server to artifact postulation from a peculiar website.
  • Proxy server regularly caches often accessed websites. This improves nan browser's capacity and allows it to load websites faster.
  • Connecting to a proxy server tin besides travel successful useful erstwhile you want to entree a website that is blocked successful your state aliases region.

There are chiefly 3 examples of proxy servers: Open proxies, Commercial proxies, and Residential proxies. The unfastened proxy servers are free to use, and you tin find them online. However, they are not ever secure, and nan probability is very debased that they will work.

Commercial proxy servers complaint a definite magnitude of money for their services, and they are much unafraid than unfastened proxy servers.

Lastly, residential proxies are hosted connected computers and smartphones. They are nan astir unafraid and reliable illustration of proxy servers. You tin usage them for web scrapping, societal media marketing, bypassing geo-blocking, aliases immoderate different cognition requiring precocious anonymity.

The Various Ways to Check Your Proxy Server Settings connected Windows 11

There are various methods to cheque your proxy server settings connected Windows 11. Let's research each of them successful detail.

1. How to Check Your Proxy Server Settings Using nan Settings App

The fastest measurement to find your proxy server settings is by utilizing nan Windows Settings app. Here's what you request to do:

  1. Press Win + I to unfastened nan Settings app.
  2. Choose Network & internet from nan near sidebar and Proxy from nan correct pane.
  3. Click nan Set up fastener adjacent to Use a proxy server.
    Set up fastener successful nan Settings app

You'll spot nan proxy server specifications successful the Edit proxy server model that crops up.

2. How to Check Your Proxy Server Settings Using Internet Options

The Internet Options paper connected Windows allows you to configure internet-related settings connected your computer. To position your proxy server settings, travel nan beneath instructions:

  1. Press Win cardinal to unfastened nan Start menu, type Internet Options successful nan hunt barroom and property Enter.
  2. Switch to nan Connections tab and click LAN settings.
    Proxy server conception successful Internet Options

You'll get nan specifications of your proxy server successful nan Proxy Server section.

3. Check Your Proxy Server Settings Using Different Browsers

You besides usage your browser to position your proxy server settings. To cheque successful Google Chrome, type chrome://net-internals/#proxy successful nan reside barroom and property Enter.

Proxy checking bid successful nan Settings app

In Microsoft Edge, type edge: //net-internals/#proxy and deed Enter.

And to cheque successful Mozilla Firefox, type about:preferences#advanced successful nan URL barroom and property Enter. Then, scroll down and click nan Settings fastener adjacent to Configure really Firefox connects to nan internet.

Connections server conception successful Firefox

A Connection Settings model will harvest up wherever you tin position and configure nan proxy server settings.

4. Check Your Proxy Server Settings Using Command-Line Tools

Command-line devices specified arsenic Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell tin besides travel successful useful successful viewing your proxy server details. Here's really to cheque it utilizing Command Prompt:

  1. Open nan Start Menu, type Command Prompt successful nan hunt bar, and take Run arsenic administrator from nan correct pane.
  2. Type nan pursuing bid and property Enter: netsh.exe winhttp show proxy
Command Prompt pinch bid to cheque proxy server settings

To cheque your proxy server settings utilizing PowerShell, motorboat Windows PowerShell arsenic an administrator (see really to run Windows PowerShell pinch administrative rights), type nan pursuing command, and deed Enter.

Get-ItemProperty -Path 'HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings' | findstr ProxyServer
PowerShell model pinch bid to cheque proxy server settings

PowerShell will show nan proxy server specifications successful nan result.

How to Reset nan WinHTTP Proxy Settings

WinHTTP aliases Windows HTTP Services allows nan desktop applications and Windows services to pass pinch nan HTTP server. However, location whitethorn beryllium times erstwhile you request to reset nan WinHTTP proxy.

If you look connectivity issues erstwhile updating Windows aliases utilizing Microsoft Store aliases different UWP apps, effort resetting nan WinHTTP proxy. Here are nan methods to do that.

1. Reset nan WinHTTP Proxy Settings Using Command Prompt

To reset nan WinHTTP proxy utilizing Command Prompt, motorboat Command Prompt arsenic an administrator and execute nan pursuing command.

netsh winhttp reset proxy
Direct entree (no proxy server) connection successful Command Prompt

Once nan bid is successfully executed, you will spot a connection that says Direct entree (no proxy server).

2. Reset nan WinINET Proxy Settings Using Internet Options

Most UWP apps usage nan WinINET room alternatively of WinHTTP. So, to reset nan WinINET proxy utilizing nan Internet Options, travel these steps:

  1. Launch Internet Options arsenic supra and move to nan Connections tab.
  2. Click nan LAN settings button.
  3. Check nan Automatically observe settings box.
  4. Uncheck nan Use a proxy server for your LAN (These settings will not use to dial-up aliases nan VPN connection) box. Then, click OK to prevention nan changes.
    Automatically observe settings container successful Internet Options

You've successfully reset nan WinINET proxy.

Manage Your Proxy Server Settings connected Windows

Using a proxy server has galore benefits, including privateness protection, entree to regionally blocked websites, and overmuch more. However, location whitethorn beryllium situations erstwhile you want to cheque your proxy server settings.

Whether you want to troubleshoot an internet-related problem aliases simply want to corroborate your relationship to a proxy server, you tin quickly cheque your proxy server settings utilizing nan supra methods.


Q: Does Windows 11 Have a Proxy Server?

Windows 11 doesn't travel pinch a proxy server built-in, but you tin add your ain server settings to way your net postulation via your proxy. You tin configure a proxy server connected your PC utilizing nan Settings app.

Q: Should I Set Proxy On aliases Off?

Whether to alteration aliases disable your proxy server depends connected really you want to entree nan internet. If you want to way your net information via a proxy server, you should support nan action enabled connected your PC. If you don't want to way your net traffic, you tin turn disconnected your proxy server.

Q: Are Proxy Servers Safe?

There are some bully arsenic good arsenic bad proxy servers retired there. As agelong arsenic you get your proxy server from a trusted company, your information should beryllium safe pinch it. You shouldn't spot immoderate random proxy server connected nan web.

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