How to Check Your CPU Temperature on Windows 11

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Key Takeaways

To cheque your CPU's somesthesia connected Windows 11 without a third-party tool, access your BIOS/UEFI and look for a "CPU Core Temperature" value. Alternatively, you tin find your CPU temp utilizing free apps for illustration Core Temp, Speccy, and Open Hardware Monitor.

Think your PC's CPU gets excessively hot, but not judge precisely what somesthesia it reaches? Using a built-in method and a fewer free third-party apps, you tin quickly and easy find retired nan processor temp of your Windows 11 PC. Here's how.


One built-in method to find your CPU's temp connected immoderate computers is by utilizing your machine's UEFI menu, often referred to arsenic nan BIOS. This paper displays various accusation astir your system, sometimes including your processor's temperature.

Note that there's a insignificant drawback of this method: this method shows your CPU temp erstwhile Windows 11 isn't loaded. Which means, if you're trying to find retired if a peculiar app aliases crippled is causing your CPU to power up, you won't beryllium capable to analyse that rumor pinch this method. Additionally, not each BIOS menus supply CPU temperatures, truthful depending connected your instrumentality you whitethorn not find thing useful.

That said, if you'd for illustration to effort utilizing this method, unfastened your Windows 11 PC's Settings app by pressing Windows+i. From nan near sidebar, prime "System." On nan correct pane, take "Recovery."

Select System > Recovery.

On nan "Recovery" page, adjacent to "Advanced Startup," click "Restart Now." Then, successful nan unfastened prompt, prime "Restart Now."


When your PC turns backmost on, successful nan unfastened menu, navigate to Troubleshoot > UEFI Firmware Settings and click "Restart." You'll participate nan BIOS/UEFI menu.

Here, you mightiness find your CPU's existent somesthesia adjacent to nan "CPU Core Temperature" aliases a akin option. If you don't find this action connected your BIOS/UEFI's main page, cheque retired nan different tabs, for illustration "Advanced." If you can't find immoderate temperatures, usage 1 of nan third-party devices demonstrated below.

Using Core Temp

Core Temp app is simply a free app that lets you cheque your CPU's temp from some nan app's main surface arsenic good arsenic from your system tray. It besides displays nan somesthesia for each core of your CPU, which is useful successful immoderate cases.

To usage nan app, sojourn nan Core Temp tract successful your web browser and download and instal nan app connected your PC. While installing, make judge to deselect nan "Build Your Kingdom" action that installs junkware connected your computer.

Install Core Temp.

Run nan Core Temp app. In nan app's "Temperature Readings" section, you'll spot your existent CPU temp.

View nan CPU somesthesia successful Core Temp.

The temp numbers are perpetually updating, arsenic your CPU's temp keeps fluctuating.

A speedy measurement to spot your CPU temp without opening nan app interface is by clicking nan app successful your strategy tray. You'll spot each core's temp correct successful your strategy tray.

Access nan CPU somesthesia successful nan strategy tray.

Using Speccy to Check CPU Temperature

Another celebrated and free app you tin usage to find your CPU's temp successful Windows 11 is Speccy. This app lets you cheque your CPU temp arsenic good arsenic find different insights of your PC.

To usage it, unfastened your web browser and caput to nan Speccy site. Download and instal nan app connected your PC.

Launch nan newly-installed app. On nan app's main page, successful nan "CPU" section, you'll spot your CPU's wide temperature.

View nan wide CPU temp successful Speccy.

To find each core's temp, past successful nan app's near sidebar, click "CPU." On nan correct pane, successful nan "Cores" section, you'll spot nan somesthesia of each CPU core.

View each CPU halfway temp pinch Speccy.

Using Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is simply a free and open-source app that you tin usage to cheque your CPU's somesthesia arsenic good arsenic find different accusation astir your PC components.

To usage this app, caput to nan Open Hardware Monitor's site and download nan app. Extract nan app's ZIP record connected your PC.

Open nan files wherever you've extracted nan ZIP, right-click nan "OpenHardwareMonitor.exe" file, and prime "Run arsenic Administrator." You request to run nan app pinch admin rights because utilizing nan temp and different sensors requires admin access.

Choose "Run arsenic Administrator" successful nan menu.

In nan "User Account Control" prompt, prime "Yes."

On nan app screen, successful nan "Temperatures" section, you'll find nan temp of each halfway of your CPU.

See nan CPU temp successful Open Hardware Monitor.

The app besides displays different useful information, for illustration nan somesthesia of your difficult thrust aliases SSD drive.

Check Your CPU Temp successful Windows 11 pinch HWiNFO

HWiNFO is different bully programme that lets you position your CPU temperature, successful summation to specs astir each constituent successful your PC. You tin instal HWiNFO aliases usage nan portable version. Once you motorboat nan program, prime "Sensors-only" and past click "Start."


Scroll done nan database of nan devices until you spot "CPU" related terms. It'll show you nan existent somesthesia successful summation to nan minimum and maximum temperature.

Look for nan conception relating to your CPU.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a normal temp for my CPU?

The normal temp for your CPU varies by what you're doing connected your PC. If you're moving a processor-intensive app aliases game, your CPU temp people will rise. It's ideal, however, if your CPU's temp stays astir 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit).

What's nan maximum somesthesia for a CPU?

The maximum CPU somesthesia varies by nan CPU exemplary you have. You tin usage a free app for illustration Speccy to find retired nan maximum recommended temp for your circumstantial processor. Generally speaking, Intel CPUs max retired astir 100 degrees Celsius, and AMD CPUs astatine 90 degrees Celsius.

How do you trim a CPU's temperature?

Some ways to trim your CPU's somesthesia see closing CPU-intensive apps aliases games if you don't usage them, cleaning your PC truthful there's bully airflow inside, and utilizing a CPU cooling gadget. These tin see fans, liquid cooling, and AIO coolers.

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