How to Change Your Time Zone on Xbox Series X|S

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It's a mini but annoying rumor if your Xbox Series X|S sounds nan incorrect time. Here's really you tin guarantee that your Xbox ever shows nan correct time.

A photograph of a achromatic Xbox Wireless Controller nether a agleam pinkish ray

Catering your Xbox Series X|S to your preferences is basal to making a console acquisition your own. And whether you request to group up unsocial information settings, change instrumentality preferences, aliases customize nan look of nan HUD, your Xbox Series X|S tin much than often oblige.

But erstwhile it comes to altering your clip area to lucifer your section area aliases to change in-game clip for a peculiar game, location are a fewer stipulations and features to cognize beforehand. But luckily, nan process is rather simple. So if you're looking to alteration your clip area connected Xbox Series X|S, we tin help.

What Are nan Time Settings connected Xbox Series X|S?

While self-explanatory, nan Time settings connected Xbox Series X|S do much than simply change nan clip area utilized by your Xbox. And if you trust connected nationalist holidays aliases almanac changes passim nan year, nan Time settings besides accommodate them, arsenic agelong arsenic you person group your Xbox to nan correct region.

In this way, mounting nan correct region connected Xbox Series X|S dictates nan default Time settings your Xbox will use, and each nan disposable options for Time will set accordingly. So you whitethorn request to change your Xbox Series X|S region earlier continuing to alteration your clip zone.

A photograph of nan powerfulness fastener of an Xbox Series X console

But specifically, nan Time settings connected your Xbox let for 3 main settings to beryllium adjusted and altered to your preference, including your clip zone. These settings tin beryllium defined by nan following:

  • Using nan Automatically set for daylight saving action to person your Xbox travel your section daylight savings clip adjustments aliases not.
  • Deciding whether your Xbox utilizes a 24-hour clock aliases not.
  • Changing your Time zone to change nan default clip utilized by your Xbox to a different area.

However, while these settings are easy to entree and tin beryllium adjusted astatine immoderate time, location are still a fewer pieces of accusation you whitethorn request to beryllium alert of earlier altering immoderate of these settings.

What You Need to Know About Changing Time Zone connected Xbox

The past fewer important things to cognize earlier you alteration your clip area connected Xbox are really altering nan mounting will impact your console, and what you whitethorn request to do to guarantee that your Time area is changed successfully.

The astir accusation you whitethorn request to cognize earlier changing your clip area aliases immoderate different action wrong nan Time settings for your Xbox is arsenic follows:

  • It is champion to change nan Time settings connected your Xbox while disconnected from nan Xbox network. This guarantees your choices won't beryllium overwritten by Internet preferences.
  • Changing your clip area whitethorn not change nan in-game clip for each games, particularly if nan crippled you're playing runs disconnected its ain online services, for illustration unrecorded work Xbox games.
  • Altering your clip area tin impact erstwhile nan Shutdown powerfulness action attempts to prevention power by updating astatine night. Changing erstwhile your console recognizes nighttime would interfere pinch power saving, and you whitethorn request to adjust your Xbox Series X|S powerfulness settings accordingly.
A screenshot of nan Power Options connected Xbox Series X pinch nan Shutdown mode highlighted

Even though immoderate of nan supra annoyances tin distract from nan logic you whitethorn want to set your clip area connected Xbox, you tin still get astir immoderate imaginable issues and proceed connected to change your Time settings.

How to Customize Your Time Settings connected Xbox Series X|S

Now you cognize each nan cardinal bits of accusation regarding nan Time settings connected Xbox, you're fresh to set nan clip area of your Xbox Series X|S. To set nan clip area of your Series X|S you request to disconnect from nan Xbox network. To do so, travel these steps:

  • Press nan Xbox fastener connected your controller to unfastened nan Guide paper connected your Series X|S.
  • Under Profile & system, prime Settings.
A screenshot of nan Guide paper connected Xbox Series X pinch nan options for Profile and System highlighted
  • From nan options for General, prime Network settings.
  • Select Go offline.
A screenshot of nan Network settings disposable connected Xbox Series X pinch Go Offline highlighted

With your Xbox offline, you tin set your Time settings without issues. To proceed and alteration your console's clip zone, travel these steps:

  • Press nan Guide paper erstwhile much and re-select Settings.
  • This time, item nan options for System and prime Time.
A screenshot of nan System settings for an Xbox Series X pinch Time highlighted
  • Select Time zone to unfastened a drop-down menu.
  • From nan drop-down menu, prime nan clip area you want your Xbox to follow.
A screenshot of nan driblet down paper for nan Time Zone mounting connected Xbox Series X

Your Xbox will past automatically set to your selected clip zone, and you're fresh to reconnect to nan Xbox web and proceed utilizing your console arsenic normal.

If your Xbox doesn't set to nan clip area aliases has problem reconnecting aft switching, you whitethorn want to quickly reset your Xbox Series X|S. This way, you tin beryllium judge that your console has changed to your desired clip area aft it has booted backmost up.

Play nan Way You Want to With Xbox Series X|S

Changing thing arsenic elemental arsenic your clip area whitethorn look for illustration a mini measurement to choosing really you play nan games you own, but it represents a mini driblet successful a larger excavation of personalization choices connected Xbox.

And while changing region aliases clip tin superficially personalize your gaming experience, utilizing things for illustration Xbox Cloud Gaming, aliases Xbox Game Pass tin thief further empower you to take really you crippled - moreover without an Xbox console.


Q: How Often Can You Change nan Region of Your Xbox Series X|S?

For your Xbox Series X|S, you tin alteration nan region arsenic galore times arsenic you for illustration without immoderate limitations. Unlike nan region of your console, however, you tin only alteration nan region of your Xbox relationship nary much than erstwhile each 3 months. Because of this, you must beryllium definite you want to set nan region of your relationship earlier finalizing nan change.

Q: How Do You Change Your Time Zone connected Xbox Series X|S to Play Games Early?

By entering nan System settings of your Xbox and selecting Language & location, you tin alteration nan region of your Xbox Series X|S. If a crippled is expected to beryllium released early successful nan region you selected, you will beryllium capable to acquisition and play games from that region's Xbox Store earlier than your ain clip zone. However, speech from accessing games early via different region, you tin officially play supported Xbox games early done Xbox Game Preview from immoderate region.

Q: Will Your Xbox Series X|S Console Work successful Other Time Zones?

In short, because each Xbox Series X|S console is region-free, you tin usage your Xbox Series X aliases Series S successful immoderate state aliases clip area without immoderate issues. While location whitethorn beryllium issues erstwhile it comes to cablegram compatibility, particularly if you're walking to nan US from nan UK, for instance, arsenic soon arsenic your Xbox is group up, it will beryllium moving conscionable arsenic if you were utilizing it wrong your ain clip zone.

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