How to Change Your Default Google Account on Android

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The "default" Google relationship connected your Android instrumentality is whichever 1 you utilized to group your telephone aliases tablet up.

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If you usage an Android telephone aliases tablet, you cognize that your Google relationship is tightly integrated pinch nan experience. The default relationship will determine really you're logged successful to galore apps, particularly Google apps. We'll show you really to alteration this.

While it's easy to add aggregate Google accounts to your Android device, mounting 1 to beryllium nan "default" relationship is cumbersome. The default relationship is whichever relationship you signed into erstwhile you first group up nan device. That intends successful bid to alteration it, you'll request to motion retired of accounts.

Say you're signed into 2 Google accounts connected your Android device. First, you'll request to motion retired of nan existent default account. That will beforehand nan 2nd relationship to nan default spot, and past you tin motion backmost into nan first account. Let's do it.

To begin, swipe down from nan apical of your Android smartphone aliases tablet's surface (once aliases twice, depending connected nan manufacturer) and past pat nan cogwheel icon to unfastened nan "Settings" menu.

Android cogwheel icon successful nan Quick Settings

Scroll down nan Settings database and prime "Google."

Google conception successful nan android settings

Your default Google relationship will beryllium listed astatine nan apical of nan screen. Select nan drop-down arrow icon nether your sanction to bring up nan accounts list.

Google relationship profile

Next, pat "Manage Accounts connected this Device."

Manage accounts connected this device

You will now spot a database of each nan accounts you are signed into connected your device. Find your default Google relationship and prime it.

Choosing a google account

Tap "Remove Account."

remove relationship button

It's important to retrieve that removing nan relationship will delete each of nan messages, contacts, and different associated information recovered connected your Android telephone aliases tablet. Fortunately, immoderate of that information is backed up to your account, and it will beryllium restored erstwhile you motion backmost in.

Tap "Remove Account" connected nan confirmation pop-up connection if you're okay pinch that.

Remove relationship fastener confirmation

The relationship will beryllium removed from nan database and your device. Tap nan backmost arrow successful nan top-left area to return to nan Google settings.

Back arrow to return to settings

Select nan drop-down arrow icon adjacent to your sanction again to unfastened nan accounts list. This time, pat "Add Another Account."

Add different account

After you corroborate it's you pinch your fingerprint aliases password, a Google sign-in page will appear. Follow nan on-screen steps and participate your credentials for nan relationship you wish to add.

Sign successful page for google account

It whitethorn return a fewer minutes for your relationship to beryllium imported. Once it's finished, you'll beryllium each group pinch a caller default Google relationship connected your Android smartphone aliases tablet!

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