How to Change Windows 11 Desktop Background Wallpaper Automatically

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Windows 11 lets you customize your desktop background, adding a spot of personalization. This article looks astatine built-in ways to alteration your desktop wallpaper automatically and immoderate third-party apps that do nan occupation moreover better.

Change Your Windows 11 Desktop Wallpaper pinch Built-In Tools

With Windows 11, you tin alteration your desktop backgrounds automatically done themes aliases by creating a slideshow. Whether you for illustration a fixed inheritance aliases a rotating postulation of beautiful wallpapers, Windows 11 offers nan elasticity to create a desktop acquisition that reflects your style.

Windows Themes

Themes supply a speedy and convenient measurement to alteration your desktop’s full look and feel. Themes tin see inheritance images, sounds, and accent colors, giving you a complete and cohesive personalized experience.

To take a built-in theme, right-click connected nan desktop, prime Personalize from nan dropdown menu, and take a taxable that suits your style.

Themes page connected personalization settings

If you want moreover more, nan Microsoft Store offers a wide scope of themes you tin download and instal pinch conscionable a fewer clicks.

To entree nan Windows Themes, unfastened nan Microsoft Store app connected your Windows computer. Once successful nan store, you tin hunt for “Windows Themes” successful nan hunt barroom aliases browse nan disposable options.

choosing a windows taxable connected nan Microsoft Store

Themes are classified into different categories, making it easier to find nan cleanable 1 for your taste. Some celebrated types see nature, landscapes, animals, abstract, and sports. Each class offers a assortment of stunning wallpapers and sounds to suit your preferences.

To download and instal a theme, click nan 1 you for illustration and click nan Get button.

Downloading a theme

The taxable will commencement downloading, and erstwhile it’s done, it will beryllium automatically applied to your desktop inheritance and different personalization settings. You tin besides entree nan downloaded themes done nan Themes conception successful nan personalization settings.

With nan wide action of Windows Themes disposable successful nan Microsoft Store, you tin easy find nan cleanable 1 to springiness your desktop a fresh, caller look. 


Another measurement to automatically alteration your desktop wallpaper is by creating a slideshow. This characteristic lets you prime aggregate inheritance images from your pictures files aliases a civilization image location. You tin besides take nan clip intervals nan wallpaper changes, ranging from each fewer minutes to erstwhile a day. This is cleanable for showcasing your favourite wallpapers aliases creating a move inheritance that evolves passim nan day.

To entree nan Slideshow action successful Windows 11:

  1. Press Windows + I to unfastened Settings, prime Personalization connected nan left, and take Background connected nan right.
Selecting nan inheritance action successful personalization settings
  1. Click nan dropdown paper to nan correct of Personalize Your Background and take Slideshow.
choosing nan slideshow option
  1. Click Browse to prime a files containing your inheritance images.
  1. Use nan Change Picture Every dropdown paper to prime really often Windows should rotate your wallpaper. Options scope from 1 infinitesimal to 1 day.
selecting really often inheritance pictures  should change
  1. You tin besides usage nan options present to shuffle nan image bid and take really nan images will fresh connected your desktop.

Now, you tin bask a personalized and ever-changing Windows desktop background.

The 5 Best Automatic Wallpaper Changer Apps for Windows

Changing nan desktop inheritance connected your Windows machine tin respire caller life into your workspace and supply a caller look. Fortunately, location are automatic wallpaper changer apps that tin thief you effortlessly move up your desktop wallpaper. These apps connection a scope of features and customization options, allowing you to create a personalized and move desktop experience. Whether you for illustration a elemental instrumentality aliases a much analyzable application, there’s an automatic wallpaper changer to suit your needs. Let’s research nan apical 5 automatic wallpaper changer apps for Windows 11/10.

1. Wallpaper Engine

wallpaper motor website

Price: $3.99 connected Steam

Wallpaper Engine is celebrated for users looking to heighten their desktops pinch move and interactive wallpapers. It offers an extended postulation of animated wallpapers and allows you to create your ain pinch HTML5 and video editing tools. With features for illustration audio visualizers, unrecorded wallpapers, and nan expertise to sync wallpapers crossed aggregate monitors, Wallpaper Engine provides a highly immersive desktop experience.

2. Wallpaper Studio 10

wallpaper workplace 10 Microsoft Store page

Price: Free

Wallpaper Studio 10, disposable from nan Microsoft Store, offers an extended postulation of high-quality wallpapers from various categories and themes. This app allows you to customize your desktop inheritance by selecting wallpapers based connected nan clip of time aliases clip intervals. With features for illustration a slideshow, individual image integration, and downloading caller wallpapers from nan app’s immense collection, Wallpaper Studio 10 provides a highly customizable and visually pleasing desktop experience.

3. Chameleon Wallpaper Changer

Chameleon download page

Price: Free

Chameleon Wallpaper Changer is simply a lightweight and easy-to-use app that automatically changes your desktop inheritance based connected your preferred clip range. It offers various scheduling options and lets you take wallpapers from different folders and sources. Whether you for illustration coagulated colors, inheritance images, aliases individual pictures, Chameleon Wallpaper Changer provides a seamless and personalized wallpaper rotation.

4. John’s Background Switcher

settings page of John's Background Switcher

Price: Free

Background Switcher is simply a versatile app that offers a scope of customization options for your desktop background. It allows you to take from aggregate sources, including your pictures files and online galleries and supports various image formats. With features for illustration a customizable dropdown menu, a cheque container for slideshow connected artillery power, and nan expertise to group different wallpapers for different times of day, Background Switcher provides a broad and user-friendly wallpaper-changing experience.

Make Your Desktop Background More Interesting!

With nan elemental steps outlined successful this article, you tin easy group up automatic inheritance changes and bask a move and caller ocular acquisition each clip you usage your computer. So spell up and springiness it a try. You’ll beryllium amazed astatine really overmuch a elemental alteration successful your desktop inheritance tin toggle shape your Windows experience.

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