How to Change the Windows 11 Login Method From PIN to Password

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Windows 11 makes it difficult to log successful pinch a password, but it is possible.

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Windows 11 encourages you to group a PIN to log in, but location are galore different options you tin use. So why is it truthful difficult to find nan password option?

Let's return a look astatine really you tin alteration nan Windows 11 login method from a PIN to a password.

Why Do I Have to Log In With a PIN successful Windows 11?

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Security is simply a immense attraction for Windows 11, and Microsoft uses a strategy called Windows Hello to further enforce this security.

Windows Hello is chiefly astir providing biometric login methods, specified arsenic scanning your face, your fingerprint, aliases your retina, that are unsocial to that circumstantial device.

While it's bully that you tin usage these comparatively precocious login methods, galore users are confused erstwhile they're incapable to find nan action to simply usage a password.

How to Enable a Password Log-In With Windows 11

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The logic why it's tricky to alteration to a password login is because of Windows Hello. When it's enabled, you'll beryllium incapable to usage accepted login methods.

To alteration a password login, unfastened your Start paper and hunt Sign-in Options. Open this settings app. You should spot nan heading Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts. Switch this action to off, and reopen nan sign-in options settings.

You'll now person a fewer further options, 1 of them being to usage your Microsoft relationship password. Click connected this and deed Change to move complete to it.

The Benefits of Using a PIN connected Windows

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Before you see changing backmost to nan password method, see nan benefits of a PIN. If you move to utilizing your Microsoft password, you'll beryllium utilizing nan aforesaid password that you mightiness usage connected different devices, which intends 1 password leak will expose each of your devices.

Additionally, it's worthy knowing that you tin see letters successful your PIN. You simply request to alteration Include letters and symbols action erstwhile you're changing your PIN. Once turned on, you tin group a PIN that useful likewise to a password without needing to usage your Microsoft account.

Check retired our guideline connected whether face, iris, fingerprint, password, aliases PIN logins are much secure for much information.

The Old Windows Login Methods Still Work

While location mightiness beryllium small quality betwixt nan caller PIN strategy and nan aged password system, some are included and supported successful modern versions of Windows. While nan accepted password method is simply a small trickier to enable, it's location if you request it.

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