How to Change the Taskbar Color in Windows 11

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Any colour of nan rainbow.

The default Windows 11 taskbar. Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Personalizing Windows 11 by adding colour to nan taskbar is easy and tin make you consciousness much astatine location connected your PC.
  • You tin alteration nan colour of your taskbar by accessing nan Settings app, selecting "Personalization" and past "Colors," and choosing an accent color.
  • Additionally, you tin usage third-party devices for illustration Start11 to further customize your taskbar and different UI elements successful Windows 11.

Windows 11 already sports a stylish design, but adding immoderate characteristic to your PC mightiness make you consciousness much astatine home. Luckily, it's easy to personalize Windows 11 by adding colour to nan taskbar. Here's really to do it.

How to Change nan Color of Your Taskbar

First, unfastened nan Settings app by pressing Windows+i connected your keyboard. Or you tin right-click nan taskbar and prime "Settings" successful nan paper that appears.

In Windows 11, right-click nan Start fastener and prime

In Settings, click "Personalization" successful nan sidebar, past prime "Colors."

In Windows 11 Settings, prime

Under "Colors," find nan action branded "Choose Your Mode" and prime "Custom" from nan drop-down list.


Below that, usage nan drop-down paper beside "Choose your default Windows mode" to prime "Dark." This is simply a cardinal measurement that will let you to use an accent colour to nan taskbar ahead.

Under "Choose your default app mode," you're free to prime either "Light" aliases "Dark." It won't impact nan taskbar color.


Next, scroll down to nan "Accent Color" conception and click a colour successful nan grid you'd for illustration to usage for your taskbar. If you don't spot 1 you like, you tin take "View Colors" beneath nan grid to prime a civilization color.

Choose an accent colour aliases prime a civilization 1 by clicking

Finally, flip nan move beside "Show accent colour connected Start and taskbar" to nan "On" position.

(If you spot this action greyed out, make judge you selected "Dark" nether "Choose your default Windows mode," arsenic shown above. Accent colors don't use to nan taskbar successful "Light" Windows mode.)


Instantly, you'll spot nan accent colour you selected applied to nan taskbar. Nice!

A Windows 11 taskbar pinch colour applied.

If you want to use it to nan title bars arsenic well, flip "Show accent colour connected title bars and windows borders" to nan "On" position arsenic well. When you're satisfied, adjacent Settings.

If you alteration your mind later, unfastened Settings and return to nan default colour by selecting a pre-set theme that ships pinch Windows, aliases you tin navigate to Personalization > Colors and flip "Show accent colour connected Start and taskbar" to nan "Off" position.

There are a ton of apps retired location that you tin usage to customize your taskbar, but we've been utilizing Start11 (by Stardock) to correct immoderate deficiencies pinch nan Windows 11 taskbar since Windows 11 released. It lets you customize your Windows 11 taskbar, Start Menu, and alteration nan colors of those UI elements arsenic well.

To alteration nan colour of nan taskbar pinch Start11, caput to Taskbar, untick "Use Automatic Colors," and past click nan "Colors" button. Pick nan colour you want and past click "Ok."

Stardock customize colors.

Have nosy customizing!

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