How to Change the Google Background in Chrome

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Bored pinch Google Chrome's appearance? Here's really you tin make it look a batch little bland by changing nan inheritance pinch themes.

The Google homepage connected Chrome is simply a useful measurement to hunt nan net aliases get speedy entree to your favourite websites, but it does look a small boring pinch nan default skin. Fortunately, you tin download civilization themes safely and quickly from nan Google Chrome Web Store to pine up your browser.

Let's cheque retired really to drawback a snazzy caller theme, arsenic good arsenic really to move it disconnected if you alteration your mind successful nan future.

How to Change Google's Background successful Chrome

To springiness Google a caller lick of paint, we're going to download a taxable for Chrome. This will alteration nan colour of your tabs and model to lucifer nan background, truthful return statement of that earlier you alteration Google's background. To download a taxable for Chrome, caput complete to nan Chrome Web Store and click nan Themes mounting successful nan top-left.

Selecting Themes astatine nan Google Store

From here, you'll find a fewer prime themes to prime from. If immoderate of them drawback your eye, consciousness free to click connected them and cheque them retired successful amended detail. Otherwise, click nan View All fastener astatine nan apical correct to spot more. Also, cheque retired immoderate of nan themes included successful our 15 champion Google Chrome themes.

Viewing each nan Google Themes

Once you find nan taxable that's correct for you, click nan Add to Chrome fastener astatine nan apical correct of its page to instantly instal it.

Installing a taxable for Chrome

How to Remove a Google Chrome Theme

If you statesman to regret your choice, you tin ever repetition nan steps supra to download and usage a caller theme. This will propulsion retired nan aged 1 and springiness Google a caller lick of paint.

Otherwise, if you want to spell backmost to nan default look, click nan three dots astatine nan apical correct of your browser, and past click Settings.

Accessing nan settings successful Chrome

On nan near sidebar, click Appearance. Then, nether nan Appearance category, find nan Theme sub-category and click nan Reset to Default fastener to nan correct of it. At nan clip of writing, nan fastener is correct astatine nan apical of nan Appearance page.

Resetting Chrome's taxable to Default

How to Change nan Google Background With nan Customize Chrome Settings

Google Chrome’s New Tab page besides includes built-in customization settings, pinch which you tin adhd a inheritance image saved connected your PC. Or you tin prime a assortment of inheritance taxable presets disposable wrong nan Chrome browser. This is really you tin adhd a caller wallpaper to nan Google homepage without modifying Chrome's taxable colors:

  1. Click nan Customize this page fastener astatine nan bottommost correct of nan New Tab page.
    The Customize Chrome fastener
  2. Press nan Change theme button.
    The Change taxable fastener
  3. Click nan Upload an image action beside nan Classic Chrome box.
    The Upload an image action
  4. Choose an image to adhd to nan Google New Tab page.
  5. Click Open to adhd nan selected image to nan background.

Now you’ll spot nan image selected connected Chrome's Google homepage. Adding a inheritance wallpaper successful this measurement will clasp Chrome’s default tab and reside barroom colour scheme.

The Google homepage pinch a civilization inheritance image

Alternatively, you tin prime inheritance presets beneath nan Upload an image option. To do so, click 1 of nan inheritance class boxes to position image galleries. Then click connected 1 of nan image thumbnails to adhd nan image to nan background. Selecting 1 of those images will besides use a much wide taxable that modifies Chrome’s colour scheme.

The inheritance image action successful Google Chrome

How to Change nan Google Background With Themes From Browser-Themes

The Browser-Themes tract includes a awesome postulation of Chrome inheritance taxable images you tin adhd to nan Google New Tab page. However, you’ll request to alteration developer mode to instal themes from that site. You tin alteration nan Google inheritance pinch themes disposable astatine Browser-Themes for illustration this:

  1. Click successful Chrome’s URL reside bar, input chrome://extensions/, and property Enter.
  2. Turn connected nan Developer Mode action wrong nan Extensions tab.
    The Developer mode action
  3. Next, unfastened this page.
  4. Press nan Sign in button.
  5. Input an email reside pinch which to person a verification codification email.
  6. Open your Browser-Themes email and click nan Sign in fastener there.
  7. Click connected a taxable image to adhd to nan Google background.
    The page
  8. Press nan Download fastener for nan theme.
    The Download option
  9. Open nan files that contains your downloaded theme’s ZIP file.
  10. Next, you’ll request to extract nan ZIP record to a folder. Windows users tin extract a ZIP archive arsenic instructed wrong this guide to unzipping ZIP files.
  11. Drag nan theme’s extracted files onto nan Extensions tab and merchandise nan rodent fastener erstwhile you spot nan Copy tooltip.
    The +copy tooltip

Chrome’s taxable will now alteration to nan 1 you’ve conscionable downloaded and installed. Click nan New Tab page tab to spot nan theme’s image applied to nan Google background.

The themes disposable astatine Browser-Themes are user-created ones. Those users created them pinch nan taxable creation instrumentality connected nan site.

You tin besides group up your ain taxable by clicking nan Create theme fastener connected nan Browser-Themes site. Configure nan palette, image, and colour settings according to preference, springiness nan taxable a title, and click nan Create option. Then prime Download to get nan ZIP record for nan theme.

Spicing Up Google With Chrome Themes

By itself, Google tin look a small boring. However, pinch conscionable a fewer clicks, you tin instal a Chrome taxable and make it look a batch better. Or adhd a caller wallpaper to nan Google homepage pinch Chrome's settings for customizing nan New Tab page.

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