How to Change the Date and Time Format in Windows

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If you for illustration your day and clip successful a circumstantial way, here's really to alteration its format connected Windows.

A Windows 10 laptop

Date and clip formats, while standardized, do ary from region to region. So, nan default format that Windows comes pinch whitethorn not beryllium what you are utilized to.

Thankfully, it is beautiful easy to alteration nan day and clip formats successful Windows. Moreover, you tin moreover specify your own.

How to Change Date and Time Format From nan Settings App

Changing nan day and clip format successful Windows tin beryllium done either done nan Settings app aliases done nan Control Panel. While changing nan formats is simply a spot easier pinch nan Settings app, nan Control Panel gives you much options.

Let’s spot really to change nan day and time format done nan Setting app first. You’ll find nan options wrong nan Region sheet nether Time & Language.

  1. Press Windows cardinal + I to bring up nan Settings menu.
  2. Go to Time & connection > Language & region.
    Change nan clip and day format done Windows Settings
  3. Click connected Regional format and prime Change formats. In nan Change information formats, you’ll person nan action to alteration nan Calendar type, nan First time of nan week, and options to alteration nan day and clip formats.
Change nan day and clip format connected Windows 11

To alteration nan day format, click connected Short date and Long date drop-down menus to show nan database of disposable options. Choose immoderate you like.

Windows reflects nan day format alteration successful nan taskbar (short date) and nan expanded day paper erstwhile you click nan day successful nan taskbar (long date). Changing nan clip format follows nan aforesaid pattern. Click connected Short time and Long time to uncover nan disposable formats.

Once again, nan Short clip is displayed successful nan taskbar supra nan day while nan Long clip is displayed erstwhile you grow nan day sheet from nan taskbar.

How to Change Date and Time Formats via nan Control Panel

While changing nan day and clip formats from nan Settings app differs somewhat betwixt Windows 10 and 11, changing nan formats from wrong nan Control Panel remains almost identical betwixt nan 2 OSes.

  1. First, deed nan Win key, type “Control Panel”, and prime nan due action to motorboat Control Panel.
  2. Next, nether Clock and Region, click change date, time, aliases number formats to unfastened nan Region panel.
  3. In nan Region panel, nether nan Date and clip formats section, you’ll find nan action to prime nan Short date, Long date, Short time, Long time, and First time of week from nan respective drop-down menus.
    Change nan clip and day format done Control Panel
  4. As you rhythm done different formats, you tin spot nan preview nether Examples. Once you are happy pinch nan results, click Apply.

While nan pre-available day and clip formats successful Windows are capable for astir people, you tin besides specify your civilization formats.

How to Define a Custom Time Format successful Windows

You tin specify a civilization clip format successful Windows done nan Region tab successful nan Control Panel.

  1. Open nan Region tab done nan Control Panel by pursuing nan steps outlined above.
  2. Once successful nan Region tab, deed Additional settings located astatine nan bottommost of nan screen. Click Time successful nan consequent sheet that opens up.
  3. Before we move connected to defining our ain clip format, publication nan awesome explanations listed astatine nan bottommost of nan Customize Format panel.
    Define civilization clip format pinch Control panel

After you understand what different symbols guidelines for, changing nan clip format nether Time formats is comparatively easy. You tin either take 1 from nan disposable drop-down menus aliases specify your ain successful Short time, Long Time, etc. You tin moreover specify civilization symbols for AM/PM notations.

How to Define a Custom Date Format successful Windows

In nan Customize Format panel, deed nan Date tab to uncover options for tinkering pinch nan day format connected Windows.

Define civilization day format pinch Control Panel

Again, publication nan mentation astir what different notations mean successful nan Date Format section. You tin now either group your ain format for nan day aliases take from a group of pre-available ones from Short date and Long day dropdown menus.

Can You Change nan Date and Time Format for Multiple Clocks?

If you want to be an arena that takes spot successful a different clip zone, chances are you’ve added aggregate clocks to Windows 11. Unfortunately, you can’t person a different day and clip format for each timepiece arsenic you can’t power nan clocks’ individual settings.

If you want to person different clocks pinch different formats, you could caput to Microsoft Store and download a timepiece app. Not only will beryllium capable to show different clip zones, but these apps travel pinch adjuvant features. Even nan Windows 11 timepiece app tin thief you beryllium much productive.

Windows' Customization Options Are Practically Endless

Changing nan day and clip format connected Windows is only a driblet successful nan bucket compared to nan number of customization options disposable connected nan platform. From tweaking nan fastener surface to utilizing civilization desktop icons, you tin make Windows look and consciousness really you want.

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