How to Change the Color of an Element in Canva

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Key Takeaways

  • Canva offers a assortment of elements, including editable and non-editable options for illustration shapes, graphics, stickers, images, and videos.
  • Editable elements, specified arsenic SVG record graphics, tin easy beryllium recolored utilizing nan colour palette options successful Canva.
  • Non-editable elements, for illustration PNG record graphics, tin beryllium recolored utilizing Canva's Duotone app, which applies a colour tint to nan element.

You tin easy alteration nan colors of your schematic elements successful Canva utilizing nan colour swatch palette. And utilizing non-editable elements doesn't mean you person nary colour editing options—you tin usage Canva's Duotone app to recolor your elements erstwhile nan palette isn't available.

What Are nan Differences Between Editable and Non-Editable Canva Elements?

Canva Graphic Elements

Canva offers galore types of elements. From nan Elements tab, you tin entree shapes, graphics, stickers, images, and videos. Stickers—animated illustrations—cannot beryllium edited astatine all. Images and videos tin beryllium edited pinch nan Edit Photo aliases Edit Video options, often relating to colors and effects.

Graphic elements specified arsenic shapes tin easy beryllium edited, but not each of Canva’s graphics are created equally. SVG record graphics are editable erstwhile selected connected nan Canva artboard—a quadrate swatch colour palette will appear, allowing you to alteration nan graphic’s colors.

Other elements successful Canva whitethorn beryllium successful different formats, specified arsenic PNG filetypes, which intends they’re not editable for illustration Canva SVGs. You’ll cognize if an constituent is simply a non-editable filetype because, erstwhile selected, it won’t show a colour palette supra nan artboard. There are still ways you tin alteration nan colors of these non-editable elements, though.

How to Change nan Colors of an Editable Canva Element

Changing nan colors of an editable SVG Canva constituent is very simple. You tin moreover create these elements successful outer package to upload to Canva for early color-changing edits. If you’re not creating SVGs successful Illustrator to edit successful Canva, you tin usage nan immense options recovered successful nan Canva Elements tab.

If your chosen schematic is editable, travel nan steps beneath to alteration its colors.

Step 1: Choose an Element From nan Elements Tab

Once you’ve selected an element, it will look connected your artboard. You tin resize it, move it astir nan artboard, aliases change nan layers successful your Canva design to adhd immoderate magnitude to your creation.

With your constituent group wherever you want it, you tin alteration its colors to amended align pinch your design’s colour scheme.

Step 2: Select Your Element to Reveal nan Color Palette

Editable Canva Elements pinch Color Palette Swatches

Select nan schematic constituent connected your artboard. If nan colour palette appears supra nan toolbar, past it intends nan constituent is an SVG and tin beryllium edited pinch caller colors.

The element’s original colors will look arsenic a colour palette pinch quadrate swatch options supra nan artboard—there will beryllium a quadrate swatch for each colour successful nan graphic. Some squares whitethorn person nan aforesaid colors, which intends 2 aliases much areas of nan image tin beryllium edited moreover if nan creator kept them nan aforesaid color.

Step 3: Change nan Color Swatches

Canva Element pinch Red Color Scheme

To alteration immoderate of nan element’s colors, prime nan quadrate swatch of nan colour you wish to change. Once selected, a colour tab will look connected nan near of nan artboard, giving you galore choices to alteration nan color.

You tin usage nan colour picker tool, type aliases paste successful a HEX code, aliases usage a predefined colour palette. Recolor immoderate of nan swatches you wish to alteration and arsenic galore times arsenic you want. The original colour palette will stay connected nan colour tab nether Document Colors if you wish to return to them.

Unfortunately, you can't prevention your recently colored schematic element. Even if you favorite nan Canva element, nan colors will revert to nan originals upon nan adjacent use.

How to Change nan Colors of a Non-Editable Canva Element

The mostly of Canva’s schematic elements are SVGs, but if you prime an constituent wherever nan colour swatches don’t appear, you’ll person a fewer other hurdles to jump complete to edit nan colors because nan filetype isn't supported for nonstop editing.

Step 1: Choose Your Element From nan Elements Tab

Canva Element pinch Edit Image Option

Since you can’t show from nan Elements tab which format an constituent is, you’ll person to prime 1 and unfastened it connected your artboard. If nan colour swatches do not appear, it's a non-SVG element.

But you tin still edit nan colors of nan elements utilizing nan method successful nan pursuing steps—this method useful for non-editable schematic elements, images, and tin besides beryllium applied to editable elements.

Step 2: Find and Select nan Duotone Effect

Duotone App successful Canva Image Edit Options

Select nan constituent connected your artboard and past prime Edit Photo aliases Edit Image which will look successful spot of nan colour swatch palette for editable elements.

If you selected Edit Photo, prime Effects successful nan near panel. Then scroll down to fx Effects and prime Duotone.

If you selected Edit Image, nan paper will beryllium different. Scroll down to nan You whitethorn besides like section, wherever you’ll find Duotone on pinch many different Canva apps. Alternatively, you tin type "Duotone" into nan hunt bar.

Duotone is simply a photograph editing method that uses 2 colors to tint an image. Traditionally, this is utilized successful lighting aliases editing for accepted photography. You tin create a akin duotone effect successful Adobe Photoshop.

Step 3: Edit Your Colors With Duotone

Duotone Color Options successful Canva

In astir cases, utilizing Duotone won’t alteration your colors arsenic precisely arsenic nan colour palette action for editable elements, its occurrence depends connected nan original constituent aliases image’s colors. But erstwhile you're moving pinch non-editable elements, Duotone tin beryllium nan redeeming grace for colour editing.

You tin take from complete 20 duotone colour options. Selecting a preset will use it to your constituent arsenic a colour tint. When selected, it will tint your image pinch nan 2 selected colors mixed together.

Step 4: Use nan Duotone Controls for Color Precision

Orange Duotone Christmas Tree connected Canva

After selecting immoderate Duotone preset, you tin change nan controls for much accuracy. While nan controls whitethorn not let precise recoloring of your element, they tin springiness you much desirable results.

Orange Christmas Tree pinch Duotone Settings connected Canva

The Duotone controls see Highlights and Shadows colour swatches and an Intensity slider. The Intensity slider allows much aliases little of nan element’s original colors to show through, and nan colour swatches find which colour your constituent changes to.

Yellow Christmas Tree pinch Yellow Duotone Settings connected Canva

While it mightiness not beryllium nan cleanable measurement to alteration nan colors of a Canva element, it helps successful a pinch erstwhile nan colour palette isn’t an action to use.

Change Your Element Colors successful Canva

Some Canva elements are created to make colour editing elemental and easy pinch nan colour palette, but not each elements are created nan aforesaid way. Thankfully, you tin still edit nan colors of non-editable elements pinch Canva’s different tools, for illustration Duotone.

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