How to Change File Types on Windows

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Get your files successful nan correct format pinch these Windows tips.

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At times, you mightiness find it basal to alteration a file's type aliases hold connected your computer. Whether it's to guarantee compatibility pinch different package aliases simply modify really nan record appears to users, location are respective options to change a file's type aliases hold connected Windows.

Here we locomotion you done 3 easy ways to alteration record types connected your Windows 10 aliases 11 computer.

1. Rename nan File Extention to Change nan File Type

The easiest measurement to alteration a file’s type connected Windows is to rename it. However, location are immoderate limitations to this method. For instance, if you alteration a .txt record hold to .jpg, nan record will not toggle shape into an image; its contented will stay textual. However, you tin usage this method to easy person a JPEG record to JPG.

To alteration a file’s type utilizing nan Rename option, make judge you person configured Windows to show record extensions. After that, travel these steps:

  1. Press Win + E to unfastened File Explorer and find your file.
  2. Right-click connected your record and prime nan Rename option.
  3. Replace nan older record hold pinch nan caller one, and past property Enter to prevention it.
  4. Click Yes erstwhile nan punctual appears.
    Rename nan File Extention to Change nan File Type

And that’s astir it. Your file’s type will beryllium changed. If you want to alteration nan record type for respective files astatine once, you tin usage a instrumentality for illustration PowerToys to batch rename files connected your Windows computer.

2. Use nan "Save As" Option to Change a File's Type

As mentioned previously, changing a file's type connected Windows utilizing nan Rename action whitethorn not ever work. If you want to person a file's type without making it unusable, you tin usage nan Save As option.

Most modern-day programs, specified arsenic Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Canva, and truthful on, support a wide scope of formats for redeeming files, making it convenient to person files. This way, you tin do analyzable conversions for illustration DOCX to PDF aliases PNG to JPG properly.

To alteration a file’s type connected Windows utilizing nan Save As option, usage these steps:

  1. Open your record successful a programme that supports some your root and your target formats. For instance, if you were to person a DOCX record to PDF, you would unfastened it successful Microsoft Word.
  2. Head to File > Save As option.
  3. Click nan drop-down paper adjacent to Save arsenic type to prime your preferred format from nan list.
  4. Select your preferred location for redeeming nan record and click nan Save button.
    Use Save As Option to Change nan File Type

Similarly, you tin usage Adobe Acrobat to person a PDF to an XLXS record aliases VLC media subordinate to convert an MP4 video record to an MP3 audio file.

If you find nan supra methods inconvenient for immoderate reason, you tin besides usage a record converter work online to alteration a file’s type quickly connected your Windows computer. There are several fantabulous online record converters, specified arsenic Online-Convert, Zamzar, and others, that tin thief you person almost immoderate document, image, audio, aliases video successful a fewer easy steps.

Another use is that you tin easy person files successful bulk pinch immoderate of these tools. All you person to do is upload your file, prime your preferred format, and past download nan converted file.

Change File Type connected Windows Using Online Tool

While these online record converter services supply convenience, it’s important to beryllium careful, arsenic not each nan services whitethorn beryllium reliable. To beryllium connected nan safe side, make judge you reappraisal nan website's privateness argumentation earlier proceeding, particularly erstwhile dealing pinch files that whitethorn incorporate delicate information.

Changing a File’s Type connected Windows Is Easy

Now you cognize respective different ways to alteration a file’s type connected Windows, some online and offline. They are each quick, free, and easy to follow, truthful you tin usage nan 1 that is astir convenient for you.

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