How to Cancel Your X Premium (Twitter Blue) Subscription

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No longer keen connected your X Premium subscription? You tin easy cancel it.

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X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue) is simply a paid type of nan societal media tract that unlocks caller functionality. For some, getting X Premium is yet a chance to get a bluish cheque people connected nan platform. However, if you nary longer spot nan worth successful having X Premium, you should cancel your subscription.

Here's what you request to cognize to extremity your X Premium subscription for good.

What Happens When You Cancel Your Twitter Blue Subscription?

First and foremost, you won't beryllium charged anymore. Second, you will suffer your bluish checkmark astatine nan extremity of nan subscription cycle. Additionally, you will suffer nan expertise to edit tweets. Other features you will miss see bookmark folders, matter formatting capabilities, civilization app icons, nan expertise to create an X Community, longer posts, and more.

To guarantee you're not charged aft canceling your X Premium subscription, you must do it astatine slightest 24 hours earlier nan auto-renewal period.

In short, erstwhile you cancel your X Premium subscription, you'll suffer each nan further features exclusive to nan paid plan. You'll only regain those other features erstwhile you sign up for X Premium again.

How to End Your X Premium Subscription

There are different ways of canceling X Premium, depending connected nan method you utilized to enroll. We'll show you really to extremity your X Premium subscription via nan web and done nan X mobile app.

Unsubscribing connected nan Website

If you signed up for X Premium via nan website, travel these steps:

  1. Go to X's website and log in.
  2. Click More successful nan near sidebar and prime nan Settings and support dropdown menu. This will unfastened a caller menu.
  3. Select Settings and privacy.
    Settings and privateness paper connected X (Twitter)
  4. In nan Settings menu, prime Premium > Manage subscription.
    Manage subscription connected X (Twitter)
  5. After that, click Manage your existent subscription. The nexus will return you to Stripe.
  6. Click Cancel plan to terminate your subscription.
    Canceling X Premium subscription via Web

Canceling Your Subscription connected Mobile

On X for Android and iOS, you tin only cancel your X Premium subscription if you subscribed via nan app and not nan website. If you subscribed via nan website, you'll request to usage nan steps above. You don't request a laptop aliases PC, though. You tin besides do nan aforesaid by accessing X via your favourite browser connected mobile and pursuing nan steps above.

Otherwise, if you signed up via Android aliases iOS, you tin cancel via Google Play and App Store.

To cancel X Premium connected iOS, travel these steps:

  1. Open nan Settings app and pat connected your name.
  2. Next, prime Subscriptions. You'll beryllium taken to a page wherever you tin position each your progressive and inactive subscriptions.
  3. Finally, take X from nan list, and connected nan follow-up page, pat Cancel subscription.

You tin usage these steps to cancel immoderate app subscription connected your iPhone and iPad. If you don't spot X connected nan list, for illustration successful nan image above, you didn't subscribe to X Premium via nan iOS app.

On Android, travel these steps:

  1. Open the Play Store and pat connected your floor plan image successful nan apical right.
  2. Then, prime Payments & subscriptions, past Subscriptions to position each your existing subscriptions.
  3. If you spot X connected nan list, pat it, and connected nan adjacent page, pat Cancel subscription.

Similar to iOS, if you don't spot X connected your database of subscriptions, for illustration successful nan image above, you didn't subscribe via nan Android app. Additionally, this method besides applies erstwhile you request to unsubscribe from immoderate Android app.

From nan mobile screenshots, location is nary X because I subscribed to X Premium via nan website. However, if you signed up via nan iOS aliases Android app, X will beryllium listed connected nan subscriptions page successful nan Google Play Store and nan Subscriptions page successful iOS (if you usage an iPhone).

You Don't Need That Blue Checkmark

If you don't spot worth successful different paid features isolated from nan bluish checkmark, it's not worthy it. Although X's bluish checkmark was coveted by many, it nary longer holds nan aforesaid worth now since anyone tin get it. If your information down paying for X was nan bluish checkmark, cancel your subscription.

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