How to Bring Up the Keyboard on Your Steam Deck

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Bringing up your Steam Deck keyboard is simply a cardinal skill, yet 1 that could elude you moreover aft hours of play. Don't worry—we'll outline nan process.

Valve's Steam Deck handheld

As rad arsenic nan Steam Deck is, it comes pinch a flimsy learning curve. And of nan first issues you’re apt to tally into is really to bring up nan Steam Deck's on-screen keyboard. It's not ever arsenic straightforward arsenic it seems, arsenic nan Deck's keyboard behaves a touch otherwise depending connected really you're utilizing it.

Here’s really to bring up nan Steam Deck successful various scenarios.

How to Bring Up nan Steam Deck Keyboard In-Game

If you request to type successful a matter section while in-game, selecting nan section will usually bring up nan Steam Deck's keyboard. Such is nan lawsuit erstwhile renaming a colonist successful “RimWorld”.

What if My Steam Deck’s Keyboard Still Doesn’t Appear After Selecting a Text Field?

First, beryllium judge you’ve fixed nan Steam Deck 2 seconds astatine astir for nan Steam Deck keyboard to appear. If thing is happening, hold Steam Button > X (just 1 of respective secret Steam Deck shortcuts you request to know). The Steam Deck will look astatine nan bottommost of nan surface per usual. See it successful action beneath successful nan classical immersive RPG "Deus Ex".

How to Bring Up nan Steam Deck Keyboard successful SteamOS

If you’re beating your caput against your table and screaming aloud, “Why is nan Steam Deck keyboard not appearing erstwhile I property nan Steam Button and X in SteamOS,” fto maine prevention you nan further headache. The Steam Deck keyboard shortcut does not activity successful SteamOS truthful agelong arsenic a matter section is coming on-screen (as of August 2023). Whether this is simply a bug aliases a characteristic yet to beryllium implemented is chartless astatine this time.

But you don’t request to usage this fastener combo anyway. To bring up nan Steam Deck keyboard successful SteamOS, prime nan matter section wherever you want to type. The Steam Deck keyboard automatically appears each time. See an illustration below.

How to Bring Up nan Steam Deck Keyboard successful Steam Desktop

Be judge you cognize really to get into Steam Desktop. To do that, clasp down nan Power button, past take Switch to Desktop. Your Steam Deck will instantly restart successful Desktop mode.

Once successful Desktop Mode, guarantee that nan Steam Client is running. In astir cases, it should instantly footwear up. But if not, either double-click connected nan Steam icon via R2 or prime L2 > Library to unfastened nan Steam Client.

Once nan Steam Client is running, usage nan Steam Deck keyboard shortcut by holding nan Steam Button > X to make it appear. The Steam Deck keyboard will load sloppy if location is simply a matter section on-screen.

The Steam Deck keyboard will not look successful Desktop Mode if nan Steam Client isn’t running.

Effortlessly Bring Up nan Steam Deck’s Keyboard successful SteamOS, Desktop Mode, aliases In-Game

The Steam Deck’s on-screen keyboard whitethorn look for illustration it acts a spot funky erstwhile you first usage nan Steam Deck. But erstwhile you study nan ins and outs of nan Deck, nan keyboard is astatine your beck and telephone whenever you request it!


Q: How Do You Use nan Escape Command connected Your Steam Deck Keyboard?

Numerous secret shortcuts for your Steam Deck tin make navigation a breeze. But, to specifically usage nan flight bid shortcut connected your Steam Deck pinch nan on-screen keyboard, property nan Steam Button + D-pad left astatine nan aforesaid time. Your Steam Deck should past adjacent nan existent package you are moving arsenic soon arsenic you participate nan command.

Q: How Do You Use a Mouse and Keyboard With Your Steam Deck?

You tin link a keyboard and rodent to your Steam Deck via wired connections aliases Bluetooth. For a wired connection, plug your accessories into your Steam Deck done nan USB-C aliases USB-A ports connected your console. For Bluetooth, guarantee Bluetooth is enabled, and clasp down nan Create fastener connected your console while simultaneously pressing immoderate represents nan sync fastener connected your accessories. This process is akin to connecting a DualSense controller to your Steam Deck.

Q: How Do You Change nan Keyboard Layout connected Your Steam Deck?

To alteration nan keyboard layout of your Steam Deck, property nan Steam Button connected your console and prime nan action for Settings. From here, prime Keyboard and past take Edit nether Active Keyboards to prime your desired keyboard layout. It's besides important to statement that from nan Keyboard menu, you tin besides alteration your Current Keyboard Theme to further customize your on-screen keyboard.

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