How to Book an Uber Ride in Advance Using Uber’s Reserve Feature

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Avoid nan anticipation of cancellations during highest hours and guarantee you get a thrust connected clip pinch Uber Reserve.

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Key Takeaways

  • Use Uber's Reserve characteristic to book a thrust successful beforehand and person bid of mind knowing your thrust is secured for a circumstantial clip and location.
  • The characteristic is disposable connected some iOS and Android versions of nan Uber app, and nan steps to book a thrust successful beforehand are nan same.
  • Reserving an Uber thrust successful beforehand eliminates nan accent of not uncovering a thrust erstwhile you request it, allows you to schedule trips up to 90 days ahead, and offers typical features for airdrome pickups and dropoffs.

Ever wanted to book a thrust successful beforehand to debar nan accent of not being capable to find a thrust erstwhile you really request it? Uber's Reserve characteristic lets you do conscionable that wrong a matter of seconds.

Using Uber to reserve a travel intends you'll person bid of mind knowing your thrust is booked for a circumstantial location astatine a circumstantial time. Here, we'll show you really to usage this useful characteristic successful nan Uber app.

How to Book a Ride successful Advance successful nan Uber App

Uber's Reserve characteristic is simply a lifesaver erstwhile you're worried your Uber driver won't get connected clip for an important gathering aliases beryllium location erstwhile your formation is delayed. The steps you request to travel are identical some nan iOS and Android type of nan Uber app.

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Follow these elemental instructions to book an Uber thrust successful advance:

  1. Open nan Uber app, navigate to Services from nan bottommost menu, and pat Reserve > Reserve a ride. Alternatively, you tin pat Now connected nan location tab to reserve a ride.
  2. Type successful your travel details, including nan pickup location, destination, date, and time. You tin either type nan reside aliases group nan location connected nan map. Also, you tin customize your pickup clip based connected what clip you want to beryllium dropped off.
  3. Tap Next to book your Uber thrust arsenic you usually would. You'll get a representation position showing nan selected way on pinch each nan different Uber thrust types and options.
  4. The past point you request to do is deed Reserve Uber.

What if You Book an Uber Airport Pickup aliases Dropoff successful Advance?

To make judge you person a soft airdrome experience, Uber offers immoderate awesome features if you reserve a thrust to aliases from nan airport.

All you person to do is type successful what hose you're flying if you're getting dropped disconnected aliases participate your formation number if you're getting picked up from nan airport.

Uber uses your formation number to monitor and way your flight, truthful nan app will set nan pickup clip if your formation is delayed aliases if it arrives early. Plus, your driver will hold up to an hr for you erstwhile you've landed astatine nan airport.

The Benefits of Reserving an Uber Ride successful Advance

There's thing worse than requesting an Uber thrust and getting a notification that nary cars are available. This is particularly horrible erstwhile you're successful a unreserved aliases waiting astatine nan airport. So, 1 of nan biggest benefits of reserving an Uber thrust is that you ne'er person to interest astir being picked up connected clip aliases whether drivers are disposable successful nan area.

Another facet that ensures you don't accent astir getting an Uber thrust is that you tin conveniently schedule your travel up to 90 days successful advance. You tin moreover cancel nan preservation up to an hr earlier nan thrust successful lawsuit thing abruptly comes up.

Perhaps nan standout advantage of utilizing Uber to book a thrust up of clip is really stress-free it makes walking to and from nan airport. Now, you nary longer person to time off your formation and dream you person a reliable and affordable thrust successful an unfamiliar place. Regardless, ever retrieve to usage circumstantial strategies to enactment safe during your Uber ride.

Make Sure Your Uber Ride Is Ready When You Are

If you want to guarantee your time is arsenic chaos-free arsenic possible, you should return advantage of Uber's Reserve feature. An Uber driver will ever beryllium waiting for you, and you won't person to petition a thrust astatine nan past minute. All it takes is simply a fewer elemental steps to reserve, confirm, and bask your ride.

So, whether you request to make a preservation for your adjacent business travel aliases conscionable want to scheme up for an important meetup pinch friends, Uber's Reserve characteristic is simply a lifesaver.

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