How to Block Specific Ads on YouTube

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Tired of nan aforesaid annoying pre-roll advertisement complete and complete again?

YouTube Premium app moving connected an Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Justin Duino / How-to Geek

Have you ever gone connected a YouTube binge only to get nan aforesaid annoying pre-roll advertisement complete and complete again? The easiest measurement to lick this problem is to salary for YouTube Premium and get free of each nan advertising. However, location is simply a free solution, too.

Repetitive ads are a systemic rumor owed to Google's user-targeting advertizing algorithm. As mentioned, you tin get free of ads wholly and ne'er deliberation astir this again pinch YouTube Premium. But not everyone wants to salary $14 per period for YouTube. The replacement is free, but it requires much effort.

When you spot nan aforesaid advertisement complete and complete again, click nan mini "i" circle icon successful nan lower-left area of nan video, straight supra nan play/pause button.

The accusation fastener for an youtube ad

The video will region and you'll spot a pop-up model titled "My Ad Center" appear. The pop-up includes immoderate accusation astir nan advertiser and why you're seeing nan ad. There's besides a nexus to update your "Ad Settings."

All you request to do to extremity seeing this circumstantial ad, however, is click "Block Ad" astatine nan top.

my advertisement halfway connected a youtube video

After clicking, a connection will explicate that you won't spot this circumstantial advertisement again, but you whitethorn still spot ads from nan advertiser. Click "Continue" to confirm.

The popular up to corroborate blocking an advertisement connected youtube

The advertisement is now blocked. If you consciousness nan advertisement was inappropriate aliases violative successful immoderate way, you tin besides take to "Report Ad" from nan aforesaid pop-up.

Report an advertisement from nan YouTube advertisement center

Unfortunately, it's not imaginable to do this connected nan YouTube apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad. It appears for illustration you would beryllium capable to since nan aforesaid "i" circle icon appears successful nan bottommost area of nan video. However, location is nary "Block Ad" action erstwhile you unfastened nan "My Ad Center" window. Bummer.

Ad accusation connected nan youtube mobile app

If you're thinking, "Why not conscionable do this for each pre-roll advertisement connected YouTube?" Don't bother. Thanks to its ubiquity, YouTube has a practically inexhaustible proviso of advertisers wanting to waste you stuff. The champion usage of your clip is to simply emblem nan ads that are nan astir annoying aliases frequent.

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