How to Become a Technical Writer

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Key Takeaways

  • Technical contented penning involves producing various types of content, specified arsenic blog posts and merchandise reviews, successful a measurement that is easy for readers to understand.
  • Technical contented penning is different from method writing, which involves creating personification manuals and archiving astir a company's products.
  • To go a successful method contented writer, you request beardown penning skills, nan expertise to investigation analyzable topics, and nan capacity to interact pinch manufacture experts.

If you person a knack for knowing analyzable method details, and you want to thief group understand specified points and information better, past method contented penning mightiness beryllium an perfect profession for you.

Let’s find retired really you tin get into it and execute nan heights of success.

What Is Technical Content Writing?

A method contented writer produces contented successful nan shape of blog posts, articles, eBooks, achromatic papers, merchandise reviews, and buying and eventual guides to scope a circumstantial goal. To execute nan circumstantial purpose of creating content, you’ll request to study a spot astir researching and utilizing keywords successful your contented and penning successful nan brand’s reside and style.

You must besides beryllium capable to break down analyzable method specifications successful an easy-to-understand language, constitute concisely, and beryllium free from unnecessary jargon. You tin see penning for SaaS companies, firms trading web-based package aliases different products, cryptocurrency, programming languages' blogs, tech news, tech tutorial blogs, and more.

Now that you person understood what a method contented writer is and really 1 operates, you should cognize what a method contented writer isn’t.

What Isn’t Technical Content Writing?

As you statesman applying for jobs, you will find 2 types of openings. One will beryllium for nan domiciled of a method contented writer for a tech blog, and different will beryllium for nan domiciled of a method writer. You must cognize that nan duties of these 2 positions disagree considerably.

Unlike a tech contented writer, a method writer creates documentation, personification manuals, instruction guides, and perchance achromatic papers astir nan company's products.

The salary standard of each of nan writers besides differs. According to U.S. News & World Report, a method writer makes a median yearly net of astir $78k. However, a method contented writer makes almost $59k annually, according to Zippia.

Now that you cognize nan difference, let’s proceed.

The Top Three Skills You Need to Become a Tech Content Writer

Person utilizing Windows 11 laptop

Here is simply a database of nan skills you decidedly want to person to go a successful method contented writer.

1. Rock-Solid Writing Skills

Every aspiring writer must develop coagulated penning skills. You tin subordinate a assemblage people aliases return immoderate online penning classes to grow your knowledge successful this area.

Alongside cleanable grammar, you’ll besides request to study a fewer much skills to beryllium successful successful this field, for illustration storytelling, keeping nan scholar engaged, penning persuasive headlines, and influencing your assemblage to return action.

2. Researching Complex Topics

Poor investigation leads to mediocre content, wasting your readers' and your clients' time. So, processing bully investigation skills is simply a necessity. One of nan champion ways to investigation is to find facts and accusation from authority blogs.

That intends erstwhile you hunt connected Google, you should cognize nan root of nan accusation you are using. Stick to nan apical results, cheque nan website's domain authority, look complete nan monthly postulation nan blog receives each month, and more.

To find this data, download immoderate of nan pursuing Chrome extensions:

  • Keyword Surfer
  • Ubersuggest
  • MozBar

Below each hunt result, nan extensions will show you specifications specified arsenic nan domain authority, monthly traffic, number of keywords connected nan linked page, nan full number of words, page attributes, and full societal shares.

Chrome SEO extensions showing study of websites

In short, capable accusation for you to measure whether a blog is simply a reliable root of data.

3. Interacting With Industry Experts

Apart from researching connected Google, if you want to create original, in-depth contented that is not disposable elsewhere, you whitethorn request to question and reply section experts. These group tin beryllium engineers, researchers, information analysts, etc.

However, getting this acold successful your investigation takes clip and connection expertise. If you want to go a top-paying method contented writer moving for starring companies and not conscionable contented mills for illustration Upwork, Fiverr, aliases Craigslist, you'll request this skill.

If you’re moving connected a tech news blog, it'll beryllium a necessity. So, study really to write emails that get replies and are nan cleanable measurement to interact pinch and question and reply someone. Learning immoderate other copywriting skills ne'er wounded anyone.

How to Become a Technical Writer With No Experience

man uses laptop pinch thoughtful expression

Although it tin help, general acquisition successful nan section isn't mandatory erstwhile you're pursuing method writing, particularly for entry-level jobs. If you want to go a method writer pinch nary anterior experience, nan first measurement is to really study and believe nan skill.

To do that, you tin see starting your ain blog, doing unpaid internships, aliases penning for nonprofits. Keep successful mind that since you don't person immoderate credentials yet, it's apt you're not going to beryllium earning for astatine slightest a mates of months.

In nan meantime, your occupation is to upskill yourself, web pinch different writers, statesman penning a resume, and prepare a portfolio showcasing your champion work. After astir six months aliases so, erstwhile you deliberation you've put together a decent resume and portfolio, it's clip to use for an entry-level job.

The salary won't beryllium awesome successful nan beginning, but it's advisable to reinvest astatine slightest a information of what you gain and bargain penning courses (see our recommendations below) truthful you tin proceed learning and upgrading your skills. This will let you to guidelines retired and complaint a premium for your services successful nan future.

How to Break Into Technical Writing

A man penning codification connected 3 screens

After knowing each nan basal specifications astir tech contented writing, you’ll request to make a determination astir really you want to operate: arsenic a contractor/freelancer aliases a full-time worker successful a company.

To go a freelance method contented writer, you astir apt will request nary dazzling grade successful publicity aliases circumstantial acquisition successful nan exertion sector. However, if you person it, it’s a plus. All you request are nan skills we discussed successful nan erstwhile conception and a portfolio (that we’ll talk successful a bit), and you’re bully to go.

On nan different hand, if you’re aft a full-time occupation successful a company, you whitethorn see nan company’s requirements. Recruiters mostly look for personification pinch a bachelor's grade successful English aliases a communication-related subject. Plus, they whitethorn besides see your erstwhile acquisition successful nan tech industry—for instance, machine science, engineering, medical, aliases more.

But immoderate you do, you must person a portfolio to show your work. The recruiter, contempt your degree, would want to cognize if you tin present what you say.

Here are immoderate ways to statesman your travel arsenic a method contented writer today:

  • Consider enrolling successful online aliases assemblage courses. Here are a fewer of them present based connected nan ratings:
    • Good pinch Words: Writing and Editing Specialization offered by nan University of Michigan.
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization offered by nan University of California, Davis.
    • Storytelling and influencing: Communicate pinch impact offered by Macquarie University.
  • Network pinch professionals: If you want to onshore bully clients aliases a occupation successful a reputed firm, it’s 1 of nan champion ways to statesman with.
  • Create a tech penning portfolio: The easiest measurement to do it is to commencement a blog connected Medium. It’s free, and your recruiters will understand that you really cognize really to constitute for an online audience. Here's really to create a portfolio website from scratch.
  • Apply for jobs: Platforms for illustration Indeed, Monster, Flexjobs, Career Builder, Nexxt, and LinkedIn are immoderate awesome places to commencement your search.

Start Your Career successful Technical Content Writing

Just for illustration everything, it’ll require accordant effort and clip investment. But you should cognize that this manufacture is increasing time by day.

So, if you person ever loved exertion and person nan skills to make tech learning and tech-based decision-making easier for people, this is your chance. Perfect nan skills discussed successful nan article, excavation deeper into this subject, and commencement your caller travel into method contented writing.

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