How to Become a Freelance Developer: The Ultimate Guide

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With much companies, brands, and business owners looking to create an online personality aliases marketplace for their businesses, moving arsenic a developer is much rewarding than ever. As a developer, you tin create and support websites aliases package for these entities and gain overmuch money.

While you tin activity arsenic a full-time developer pinch 1 entity, you tin activity pinch aggregate entities and gain overmuch much arsenic a freelance developer. What's more? You tin activity astatine your ain gait and amended your work-life equilibrium arsenic a freelance developer.

Who Is a Freelance Developer, and What Do They Do?

Code connected laptop blurred by eyeglasses.

A freelance developer useful connected a statement ground to create responsive websites, software, aliases apps for anyone looking to create an online storefront. Businesses understand nan worth of putting their business retired location for everyone, and they can’t do it conscionable by advertizing aliases mounting up societal media pages.

A website is important for them to put retired their business to nan world effectively. To do this, they request nan thief of developers to create websites for them. Now, we person 3 main types of developers for nan job: front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers.

All you request to cognize astir these guys is that front-end developers are responsible for creating nan website interface you interact with, back-ends grip nan APIs and databases to guarantee nan website runs smoothly, and full-stacks fundamentally do nan occupation of front-ends and back-ends by themselves.

Hiring and providing benefits to immoderate of these guys full-time is rather expensive, and that’s why group looking to create their websites for illustration hiring freelance developers to do nan job. And arsenic a freelance developer, you tin activity from your comfortableness and for arsenic galore group arsenic you want, maximizing your net and portfolio.

One of nan challenges package developers face is balancing their work-life balance, and you tin easy tackle this arsenic a freelance developer. As a freelance developer, you tin group your activity hours and pace, leaving you capable elasticity to do thing you want anytime.

How to Become a Freelance Developer

If you person nary knowledge of coding aliases freelancing, you tin quickly go a freelance developer by pursuing nan due steps. It whitethorn return clip and a batch of effort to maestro nan field, but it’s undoubtedly worthwhile. Here's really to go a freelance developer:

1. Decide connected Your Area of Specialization and Enroll for Courses aliases a Bootcamp

The first measurement successful becoming a freelance developer is to take your area of liking and find ways to study it. From web improvement to Android development, you tin return up different areas of development.

You whitethorn wonderment why you can't study them each and beryllium nan jack of each trades, but it's rather unnecessary. It's overmuch amended to prime 1 area and specialize successful it. To do this, you tin study pinch videos, enroll successful courses, aliases subordinate a footwear camp.

It depends connected really you want to study and really overmuch you're consenting to spend. You tin ever return free courses, but much precocious bootcamps connection unrecorded teachings and offline materials and moreover assistance you pinch uncovering jobs aft learning. If you determine to spell pinch a bootcamp, beryllium judge to look up tips that will thief you win successful a coding bootcamp.

2. Build Your Portfolio

writer portfolio connected muckrack 

If you are going to onslaught retired connected your ain arsenic a freelance developer, it's champion that you person a convincing portfolio to beryllium your expertise. In building your portfolio, you person to showcase what you person done and really you person done it, conscionable for illustration you'd see successful your resume.

Even if you're a self-taught developer and you don't person immoderate activity experience, you tin still build your portfolio. Here's how:

  • You tin return up internship opportunities.
  • You tin connection your services beneath nan modular complaint connected freelance platforms
  • You tin create websites for families and friends' businesses for free

All that matters is doing master activity that tin person into a referral aliases proposal for you and, ultimately, garner activity acquisition that you tin see successful your portfolio.

3. Set Up Your Freelancer Profile

upwork find activity webpage

After learning your preferred type of improvement and building your portfolio, nan adjacent measurement is to group up your freelancer profile. Setting up a freelancer floor plan goes beyond creating an relationship connected a level for illustration LinkedIn and looking for jobs. There's overmuch much to it, depending connected nan freelance platform.

Let's return a look astatine LinkedIn, for example. On LinkedIn, you tin optimize your floor plan to nan grade that your first freelancer floor plan will beryllium nan first to popular up erstwhile recruiters are looking for developers. All you person to do is to optimize your LinkedIn floor plan to get much clients.

For starters, you tin capable successful your activity history connected LinkedIn and toggle connected nan Open To Work filter. This will show a badge connected your profile, letting recruiters cognize you're disposable to return up jobs.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Freelance Developer?

Aside from knowing really to create websites, you request skills that suffice you arsenic a freelance developer. Here are immoderate halfway skills you will request arsenic a freelancer and developer:

1. Programming and Mockup languages

Animated programmer connected laptop pinch lines of codification successful background

Mastering foundational programming and mockup languages for illustration HTML and CSS is basal for each developer. As you statesman to activity connected different projects, you whitethorn request to widen your coding knowledge and study much skills to thief you go a developer.

2. Soft Skills

Aside from creating websites, you request soft skills that suffice you arsenic a freelancer. Some of nan skills are clip management, problem-solving, and customer understanding.

As a freelancer, you request to beryllium capable to negociate your clip properly. Working astatine your ain gait whitethorn easiness nan unit connected you, but it's easy to gaffe up. That's why you request to negociate your clip decently to complete your occupation duties and still person capable clip to do immoderate you want.

Problem-solving and customer knowing are captious skills for you arsenic a freelance developer. Most times, clients are not judge of what they want, and pinch a mastery of these skills, you tin decipher what they request and create it for them.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting is basal for each freelance developer, particularly erstwhile you are conscionable starting out. From acold pitching prospective clients and advertizing your services down to communicating pinch clients, you will find that copywriting skills are essential.

Where to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

While you tin ever acold transportation your services to businesses, brands, and companies that don't person an online storefront, you tin easy find freelance developer jobs connected freelancing platforms. What's more? You tin group up your freelancer floor plan connected these platforms and fto nan jobs travel to you.

1. Upwork

available developer jobs connected Upwork

Upwork is nan champion spot to marketplace your services if you're conscionable starting your freelance developer career. It's a level that allows anyone to use for a occupation pinch its connection exertion system. We aren't talking astir a elemental CV and resume application.

To use for jobs connected Upwork, you must taxable a connection containing your portfolio, resume, CV, and nan magnitude you're consenting to judge to do nan job. This way, you tin easy summation clients by undercutting different freelancers. It's not nan champion pay, but it's nan easiest measurement to build your portfolio from scratch and make money arsenic a newbie successful nan market.

2. LinkedIn

job hunt interface connected LinkedIn

With LinkedIn, you tin group up your freelancer floor plan to find companies looking to prosecute a freelance developer. It's a free level pinch a premium subscription for much features. On nan free side, you tin group up your freelancer profile, link pinch recruiters, showcase your expertise, and use for jobs.

And pinch nan premium subscription, you tin acold transportation immoderate recruiter aliases institution you desire to activity with, among different things.

Become a Freelance Developer

The roadworthy to becoming a successful freelance developer whitethorn beryllium difficult initially, but it's undoubtedly worthwhile. After learning really to build websites and apps arsenic a developer, each that's near is to group up your freelancer floor plan and marketplace your services.

While nan freelance developer marketplace whitethorn beryllium rather saturated, pursuing nan due steps will make you guidelines retired and get hired. You tin beryllium your leader and gain much if you determine to onslaught retired arsenic a freelance developer.

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