How to Back Up Your Database Before Updating DaVinci Resolve

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Backing up your database is simply a bully thought if you request to update DaVinci Resolve, and this guideline will show you nan steps you request to follow.

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DaVinci Resolve is ever coming retired pinch improvements for their product, which intends you person to often update nan software.

Any video editor’s worst nightmare is updating their editing package and losing each of their work. However, nary matter if it’s a mini update aliases a afloat upgrade, if you backmost up your DaVinci Resolve data, you’ll ever person that information nett to autumn backmost on.

Below is simply a guideline for really to backmost up your activity connected DaVinci Resolve earlier you update your software.

Why You Should Back Up Your Database connected DaVinci Resolve

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Not backing up your information is conscionable 1 of nan DaVinci Resolve mistakes galore beginners make. However, location are galore reasons why you should backmost up your database earlier downloading immoderate updates.

  • Protecting Your Projects: The astir evident logic is to sphere your work. You’ve spent hours of difficult activity creating your videos, and without a backup, you consequence losing everything if thing goes incorrect pinch nan update.
  • Preserving Customizations: DaVinci Resolve allows you to person personalized settings for illustration immoderate colour grading presets aliases Power Bins. If location is simply a glitch aliases nan machine crashes, you could suffer each nan activity you’ve done to make amended usage of your clip while you’re editing.
  • Update Safety: Simply put, if for immoderate logic nan downloaded update is not compatible, you person nan expertise to revert to a unchangeable type you cognize works.
  • Peace of Mind: Just nan enactment of backing up your information tin springiness you a consciousness of calm and let you to attraction much connected nan adjacent video you’re editing alternatively of wondering if your information will still beryllium location aft an update is complete.

How to Back Up Your Database connected DaVinci Resolve

Backing up your database is incredibly easy. To begin, erstwhile you unfastened DaVinci Resolve, nan Project Manager will beryllium nan first point to open. This is wherever you’ll request to start.

DaVinci Resolve Project Manager main screen

If you’re already wrong a task and want to update nan package earlier you continue, you tin unfastened nan Project Manager by clicking connected nan small location icon connected nan bottommost right-hand toolbar.

The Project Manager icon connected DaVinci Resolve's bottommost toolbar

From nan Project Manager, click connected nan Projects icon successful nan precocious left-hand corner. From there, you’ll spot your Local Database. If you person your database saved to nan cloud, present is wherever you’ll spot it arsenic well—just click connected nan Cloud tab.

Project Manager pinch Local Database tab

Next, click connected nan Details icon wrong nan Local Database. You’ll spot your options for Back Up and Reveal successful Finder. Reveal successful Finder gives you nan expertise to quickly find your backup if you request them. To backmost up your database, click connected Back Up.

Local Database backmost up and uncover successful finder options

From there, sanction your backup, prime a spot to shop it, and click Save. It is recommended that you prevention your database to an outer difficult thrust conscionable successful lawsuit your machine is ever compromised.

Naming and placing nan backup connected macOS

A pop-up will inquire you again if you want to backmost up. Click Backup, and DaVinci Resolve will return attraction of nan rest.

Final confirmation to backmost up nan database connected DaVinci Resolve

Should You Back Up Every Time You Update?

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It is recommended that you backmost up your database earlier each update.

However, it is incredibly important that you perfectly do a backup earlier upgrading to a caller type of DaVinci Resolve. For example, erstwhile DaVinci Resolve 18.5 came retired of beta, it was not backward compatible because it upgraded nan database arsenic well.

To play it safe, ever backmost up your database. Even 18.1 came pinch a task room upgrade, which would person affected your erstwhile work.

Backing Up Your Data Will Save Your Work successful DaVinci Resolve

Nothing is foolproof. There is simply a chance that moreover a mini update connected DaVinci Resolve tin origin you to suffer each your work—which is why it’s truthful important to ever backmost up your database.

Before you cheque for an update and spell done nan process, travel nan instructions above. Creating nan backup wont whitethorn conscionable salary disconnected 1 day.

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