How to Back Up and Restore Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

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Key Takeaways

  • Mozilla package packages, for illustration Firefox and Thunderbird, prevention personification floor plan information specified arsenic passwords, bookmarks, and email messages.
  • Manually backing up and restoring Firefox profiles involves copying and pasting floor plan information to a different location, while utilizing third-party package for illustration Simple Firefox Backup provides a quicker and simpler solution.
  • Mozbackup is simply a free programme that tin backup and reconstruct profiles for various Mozilla products, including Firefox and Thunderbird, making it useful for migrating to a caller PC aliases for backup purposes.

Firefox and Thunderbird are 2 Mozilla package packages that prevention personification floor plan data. The Firefox browser has personification floor plan information for passwords, bookmarks, and extensions. Thunderbird saves connection and reside book information for personification email accounts.

Firefox and Thunderbird users request to backmost up personification profiles erstwhile migrating from 1 PC to another. Doing truthful enables you to reconstruct Mozilla floor plan information aft reinstalling Firefox aliases Thunderbird connected a different PC. This is really you tin backmost up and reconstruct Firefox and Thunderbird profiles successful Windows 11/10.

How to Manually Back Up and Restore Firefox Profiles

You tin manually backmost up Firefox profiles without immoderate further software. This involves copying and pasting each Firefox floor plan information to different folder. Then you tin manually reconstruct that floor plan information successful a different location. This is really you tin manually backmost up Firefox floor plan information connected a Windows PC:

  1. Open Firefox, input about:support successful nan browser’s reside bar, and property Enter.
  2. Click nan Open Folder button.
    The Open Folder fastener
  3. Select each nan files successful nan floor plan files that opens by pressing nan Ctrl + A hotkey (or pinch immoderate different method successful this guide, selecting each files successful a Windows folder).
  4. Right-click to prime nan Copy option.
    The Copy discourse paper option
  5. Next, insert a USD thrust into your PC.
  6. Open Windows File Explorer and a files connected your outer retention to backmost up your Firefox floor plan data.
  7. Right-click wrong nan floor plan backup files and prime Paste.

Now you’ve manually backed up your Firefox profile, you tin manually reconstruct that floor plan information aft installing Firefox connected a different PC arsenic follows:

  1. First, you’ll request to cognize nan location of your existent Firefox personification floor plan folder. Open nan Troubleshooting information tab again successful Firefox, arsenic instructed successful measurement 1 above, and statement down nan floor plan files location shown there.
  2. Close retired of Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Insert nan USB thrust that includes your Firefox floor plan backup.
  4. Bring up nan files containing your backed-up Firefox floor plan data.
  5. Select each nan floor plan files successful that directory and property Ctrl + C to transcript them.
  6. Open nan way for your existent Firefox personification floor plan files you noted down for measurement one.
  7. Then right-click anyplace wrong that files to prime nan Paste option. Select to overwrite existing floor plan information erstwhile prompted.
    The Paste action

How to Back Up and Restore Firefox Profiles With Simple Firefox Backup

Simple Firefox Backup is simply a portable third-party inferior pinch which you tin backmost up and reconstruct Firefox floor plan data. It’s quicker and much straightforward to backmost up Firefox profiles pinch that package than manually. This is really you tin backmost up and reconstruct Firefox profiles pinch that software:

  1. Open this Simple Firefox Backup page.
  2. Click Download connected nan Simple Firefox Backup page.
  3. Insert a USB instrumentality into a USB slot connected your PC.
  4. Next, bring up File Explorer to unfastened nan files that contains nan downloaded archive.
  5. Extract nan archive by pursuing nan instructions successful this how-to unzip ZIP files guide. Select to extract nan ZIP to a files connected your connected USB stick.
    The ZIP extraction instrumentality
  6. Navigate to and unfastened nan extracted fBackup folder.
  7. Double-click connected nan fBackup_x64.exe record to unfastened Simple Firefox Backup.
  8. Then property nan Create Firefox Backup action to backmost up a profile.
    The Create Firefox Backup action

Now you’ll spot nan floor plan backup wrong nan Simple Firefox Backup window. The package will prevention nan floor plan backup wrong a subfolder of nan extracted fBackup directory connected your USB drive. You tin spot its location by right-clicking nan backup floor plan successful nan Simple Firefox Backup model and clicking Open folder.

Simple Firefox Backup will backmost up nan floor plan utilized erstwhile you past opened Firefox. If you want to backmost up a different profile, click nan Firefox Profile Folder button. Select a different personification floor plan to commencement Fox pinch and click nan Start Firefox button. Simple Firefox Backup will backmost up immoderate existent floor plan you selected to commencement Firefox with.

The Choose User Profile window

The Choose User Profile model is besides for illustration a floor plan head for Firefox. Clicking Create Profile will bring up a Create Profile Wizard. You tin click Delete Profile to erase selected profiles. Or property nan Rename Profile fastener to edit nan sanction of your selected Firefox user.

Restoring floor plan backups is simply a portion of barroom pinch Simple Firefox Backup. Insert nan USB thrust that includes Simple Firefox Backup and saved floor plan information into a different PC connected which you installed Fox. Then prime a floor plan successful nan program’s model and click nan Restore Backup option. Click nan Yes action erstwhile prompted to tally Firefox.

The Restore Backup action

How to Back Up and Restore Firefox and Thunderbird Profiles With Mozbackup

Firefox stores a amazingly ample magnitude of information for you. Passwords, cookies, certificates, extensions, and more. There is 1 free programme that handles each exporting (backing up) and importing of these programs, arsenic good arsenic galore different Mozilla products: Mozbackup.

Backing up and restoring Mozilla profiles is useful for a number of reasons. One is straight-up backup, truthful that successful lawsuit your machine dies you will person a method of restoring your data.

Mozbackup is useful moreover if you person immoderate different benignant of backup strategy successful spot because conscionable backing up nan directory of your floor plan does work, but it will return immoderate tweaking to get it restored again. Mozbackup makes nan backup and reconstruct process dormant simple.

If you are migrating to a caller PC aliases moreover a caller OS, Mozbackup tin thief you to migrate your aged profiles and settings to that caller machine. Of course, different logic to usage it is that it is free, some for individual and commercialized use.

Mozbackup useful pinch each versions of Firefox and nan latest Thunderbird message client. It besides useful with:

  • Sunbird
  • Flock
  • Postbox (Express)
  • SeaMonkey
  • Mozilla Suite
  • Spicebird
  • Songbird
  • Netscape
  • Wyzo

As you tin see, it useful pinch nan afloat suite of Mozilla products.

Download and instal Mozbackup to your instrumentality (Windows only). When you tally it, it will observe each nan profiles connected your machine created by Mozilla programs, and let you to prime which programme to backmost up.

back up firefox and thunderbird

You tin besides prime which specifications you want to backmost up. This includes much wide settings, passwords, bookmarks, history, extensions, and more. In nan Thunderbird profile, you tin prime an action to backmost up each of your emails aliases conscionable nan relationship settings themselves.

back up firefox bookmarks

After this option, you tin prime whether you would for illustration to password-protect nan record aliases not, which requires you to participate a password earlier restoring it to different profile.

Now that you are going to reconstruct it, nan process is very akin to nan backup. You simply prime which record you want to reconstruct from, and past nan circumstantial features you want to restore. After it is done, you will spot a study which you tin cheque to make judge everything went OK.

back up firefox bookmarks

Download: Mozbackup for Windows (Free)

How to Schedule Backups successful Mozbackup

To schedule a backup, you must make a floor plan which you tin past tally from nan bid line. In nan Mozbackup programme directory, create a record named thing for illustration "Email.mozprofile" and adhd nan pursuing lines:


Where nan action is backup (if you are backing up), exertion is nan programme you want to backmost up. The profile will beryllium Default unless you person aggregate profiles connected your system, and nan output is wherever you want to backmost up to. Leave nan password blank unless you wish to password-protect your file.

After creating this backup profile, you past create a task successful Scheduled tasks (Administrative Tools) successful your Control Panel. The configuration should look for illustration nan following:

back up firefox and thunderbird

Select nan Mozbackup programme for nan executable and your floor plan sanction arsenic nan argument. It will past tally nan backup programme arsenic scheduled.

You tin besides spot immoderate variables successful nan record name. For example, nan default introduction is:

<application> <version> - <year>-<month>-<day>

These will make your backup files dynamic, truthful you tin support way of really aged nan backup is from.

Mozbackup is only for Windows, truthful if you are moving to a Mac, you are stuck, right? Wrong! The backup record is fundamentally nan floor plan directory successful a ZIP file. If you are migrating to a Mac, unzip nan record and past import nan contents into your Mozilla floor plan directory. This efficaciously gives you nan aforesaid settings arsenic nan floor plan connected your aged computer.

Preserve Your Firefox and Thunderbird Profile Data With Backup Copies

Although it seldom happens, Firefox and Thunderbird floor plan information tin get corrupted. Backing up your profiles pinch nan methods supra will alteration you to reconstruct them if they get corrupted. You’ll besides beryllium capable to reconstruct your profiles aft installing aliases reinstalling Firefox and Thunderbird.

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