How to Avoid Tolls and Highways Using Google Maps

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Who wants to salary much erstwhile you caput retired connected a trip?

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Do you want to prevention money by not utilizing toll roads successful a way and person a smoother travel by avoiding highways? Google Maps tin thief you execute that. It's easy to configure Google Maps to show routes without tolls aliases highways.

How to Avoid Tolls and Highways Using nan Google Maps Website

Here's really to make Google Maps show routes without tolls and highways connected a desktop:

  1. Go to nan Google Maps.
  2. Enter nan commencement and destination points of your travel and property Enter.
  3. Click Options in nan lower-right corner.
    opening nan options settings connected nan google maps website
  4. Under Route options, uncheck nan boxes beside Highways and Tolls. Then, click Close.
    google maps showing a location without tolls and highways

Plan your adjacent travel without tolls and different irritating taxes!

How to Avoid Tolls and Highways connected nan Google Maps App

You tin besides spot routes without tolls and highways successful nan Google Maps Android aliases iOS apps:

  1. Launch nan Google Maps app.
  2. Input your departure and destination locations.
  3. Tap nan three vertical dots (Android) aliases three horizontal dots (iOS) successful nan apical correct corner.
  4. Select Route Options (Android) aliases Options (iOS).
  5. Turn connected nan toggle adjacent to Avoid Tolls and Avoid Motorways connected iOS aliases cheque nan container beside these options connected Android.
  6. Click Done (on Android) aliases spell backmost to nan erstwhile model (on iOS).

Once you configure Google Maps to show routes without tolls and highways, it keeps way of your penchant and shows early routes based connected it.

If you want to spot nan champion way sloppy of whether highways and devices are included, you tin travel nan supra steps and uncheck nan boxes you conscionable checked.

Have a Smoother and Cheaper Journey

Avoiding highways and toll roads during your travel tin make your thrust cheaper and little painful. You only request to configure your preferences erstwhile successful Google Maps, and they'll beryllium utilized for each your early journeys. Keep successful mind that avoiding highways and toll roads whitethorn prolong your journey.

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