How to Add Multiple Accounts to WhatsApp

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You're nary longer constricted to only 1 relationship connected nan WhatsApp app.

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Key Takeaways

  • WhatsApp now allows you to person 2 accounts connected 1 phone, making it convenient to move betwixt aggregate telephone numbers.
  • You tin sync contacts and group up abstracted notifications for each account, but messaging and calls cannot beryllium done simultaneously.
  • Swapping betwixt accounts is easy, conscionable pat nan three-dot paper icon and prime nan move accounts option, eliminating nan request for a abstracted device.

You tin now usage 2 WhatsApp accounts connected 1 device. This intends you tin move betwixt 2 telephone numbers pinch small to nary hassle. Here's a look astatine really it works, and really to group it up.

What Is nan Multiple Accounts Feature connected WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has released a characteristic that allows you to usage aggregate numbers connected WhatsApp connected 1 phone. The characteristic outshines nan expertise to nexus a device, arsenic nan further relationship legitimately exists connected nan aforesaid phone. By adding an account, you tin sync contacts betwixt some telephone numbers and group up notifications for each 1 separately. Sending aliases receiving messages and making aliases receiving telephone calls won't return spot simultaneously, though.

Once you've added a 2nd account, you person to switch betwixt some to entree nan chats, updates, communities, and calls that pertain to each one. It's akin to moving a abstracted lawsuit of WhatsApp. After mounting it up, you tin pat Switch accounts nether nan three-dot paper astatine nan apical correct of nan app, which we explicate in-depth successful nan adjacent section. The champion portion is that WhatsApp's aggregate accounts characteristic is fast, easy to use, and eliminates nan hassle of needing an further instrumentality for contacting different people.

Using 2 WhatsApp accounts connected 1 telephone is simply a much-needed convenience. You tin adhd a brand-new number to your WhatsApp relationship aliases adhd a number that's already being utilized for WhatsApp from different device. The process is akin successful some cases.

There are plentifulness of reasons to person a 2nd relationship connected WhatsApp. This tin thief abstracted business from individual use, usability arsenic a backup successful lawsuit your superior number has issues, aliases moreover arsenic a measurement to support definite conversations private. For much privacy, you tin besides lock chats connected WhatsApp to support them distant from prying eyes.

Before getting started, it's important to support successful mind that you shouldn't region an existing relationship from different instrumentality earlier adding it to a caller device, arsenic WhatsApp will petition a codification from nan existing relationship connected nan different device.

To get started, pat nan three-dot paper astatine nan apical correct and prime Settings. Here, pat nan downward arrow astatine nan apical right, crossed from your floor plan image and telephone number, to bring up a pop-up astatine nan bottommost of nan screen, and past pat nan Add account option.

The scatter surface for adding a caller relationship will show up, which is almost identical to erstwhile you first motion up for WhatsApp. After agreeing to nan position of service, you'll request to participate your state followed by your telephone number. After verifying your telephone number, you'll beryllium asked if you want to Restore from backup,Transfer from an aged phone, aliases you'll beryllium taken straight to nan floor plan info surface to group up your caller account.

Adding nan number to your telephone will region it from immoderate different devices. First, WhatsApp will punctual for a codification connected your erstwhile device, and past region nan relationship from said device. If you want to support your 2nd number progressive connected your erstwhile device, you tin link a caller instrumentality connected WhatsApp instead.

How to Swap Between Accounts connected WhatsApp

Swapping betwixt WhatsApp accounts is easy and straightforward. Once your 2nd WhatsApp relationship is ready, a caller action will show up successful nan paper tab.

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To move accounts, pat nan three-dot paper icon astatine nan apical right, and pat nan now-available Switch accounts option. And that's it, you're each group to switch betwixt WhatsApp accounts whenever you want! You don't person to trust connected linking different instrumentality aliases creating a WhatsApp app clone connected your device.

Alternatively, you tin pat nan three-dot paper icon and spell to Settings > Account. Then, pat nan downward arrow. A pop-up should look astatine nan bottommost of nan surface wherever you tin prime your different account.

WhatsApp: Using Multiple Accounts

Adding different telephone number to WhatsApp is officially supported, and an easy process astatine that. Best of all, aft mounting it up, swapping betwixt accounts is simply a breeze. Make judge to support your erstwhile relationship astatine nan ready, if you person one, earlier moving it complete to a caller device.

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