How to Add Custom Ringtones to Your iPhone

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Key Takeaways

  • To adhd a civilization ringtone to your iPhone, person nan audio record to AAC, guarantee it is little than 40 seconds long, and rename nan record hold to ".m4r"
  • Connect your iPhone to your PC, click nan telephone icon, unfastened nan "Tunes" tab, past resistance nan audio record into nan model
  • Open nan Settings app connected your iPhone, past navigate to

The iPhone has been astir for a agelong time, and yet there's still nary easy measurement to adhd your ain civilization ringtones — but it is possible. If you don't want to bargain ringtones aliases usage nan ones that came pinch your iPhone, you tin create your ain pinch iTunes.

This process changed a spot pinch iTunes 12.7 and consequent releases. The "Tones" room you could antecedently sync pinch your iPhone has been removed, but you tin still manually spot ringtone files connected your phone. Any ringtones you had stored successful iTunes are now located astatine C:\Users\NAME\Music\iTunes\iTunesMediaToneson a Windows PC aliases ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Tones/ connected a Mac.

Step One: Get iTunes

You almost ne'er person to usage iTunes pinch a modern iPhone, but adding your ain civilization ringtones still requires it.

On a Windows PC, you'll request to instal the latest type of iTunes from Apple. On a Mac, iTunes is already installed and fresh to go. This process will activity connected either a Mac aliases Windows PC.

Step Two: Choose a Sound File

Of course, you'll request a sound clip you want to person and usage arsenic a ringtone for this. You astir apt already person immoderate thought of what you want to use. if not, spell up and find thing you like. You tin usage perfectly immoderate sound record you find.

Your ringtone record must beryllium a maximum of 40 seconds long. iTunes will garbage to transcript ringtones longer than 40 seconds to your phone.

If nan record is agelong and you conscionable want to usage 1 portion of it, you tin trim it down to conscionable nan portion you want utilizing an audio editor. You tin usage immoderate audio editor you like. We like nan free and open-source Audacity audio editor for audio editing, but it's much analyzable than basal for elemental things for illustration this — truthful we really urge a elemental online instrumentality for illustration To usage this website, click nan "Open file" fastener and browse to nan MP3 aliases different type of sound record you want to edit. It tin besides extract nan sound from video files if you upload those.


Select nan portion of nan audio record you want to usage and click nan "Save" button.

Select nan information of nan audio record you want, past click

Download nan edited clip to your PC by clicking "Save" again. This is nan record you'll request to import into iTunes.


Step Three: Convert nan MP3 to AAC

There's a bully chance your sound record is successful MP3 format. You'll request to person it to AAC format to usage it arsenic a ringtone. (If your sound record is already successful AAC format aliases has a .m4r extension, you tin skip this part.)

First, adhd nan sound record to iTunes and find it successful your library. You tin do this by dragging and dropping nan record straight into nan iTunes library. Look nether Library > Songs for nan record afterward.

Drag your audio record into itunes.

Select nan sound record successful iTunes and click File > Convert > Create AAC Version.

Navigate to File > Convert > Create AAC Version.

Step Four: Rename Your AAC File

You'll extremity up pinch 2 copies of nan aforesaid opus record successful your iTunes library: The original MP3 type and nan caller AAC version.

To support way of which is which, right-click nan headings successful nan room and alteration nan "Kind" column.

Enable nan "Kind" column, which lets you benignant files by record type.

You'll spot a caller "Kind" file telling you which record is which. The "MPEG audio file" is nan original MP3, while nan "AAC audio file" is your caller AAC file. You tin right-click nan MPEG audio record type (that's nan MP3) and region it from your room if you like.

Both AAC and MPEG versions are present.

You now person your ringtone record arsenic an AAC file. However, you request to alteration its record hold truthful iTunes will admit it arsenic a ringtone file.

First, resistance and driblet nan AAC record from nan iTunes room to your Desktop aliases immoderate different files connected your system.

Drag nan AAC type of nan record to your desktop, aliases immoderate different files you want.

You'll get nan ringtone record arsenic an AAC record pinch the .m4a record extension. If you don't spot an hold aft nan record name, you'll request to enable record extensions. Right-click nan file, click "rename" aliases deed nan rename button, and alteration nan record hold to .m4r. For example, if nan record is named Song.m4a, alteration it to Song.m4r.

Change nan record hold to .m4r.

Step Five: Add nan Ringtone File to Your Phone

Finally, link your iPhone to your PC aliases Mac pinch its included USB-to-Lightning cablegram — that's nan aforesaid cablegram you usage to complaint your iPhone.

Some inexpensive cables whitethorn support charging but not information transfer. If you plug your iPhone into your PC and it starts to complaint but thing other happens, effort a different cable.

Unlock your iPhone and pat nan "Trust" action connected its surface to corroborate you want to spot your machine if you haven't antecedently connected your telephone to iTunes connected that PC aliases Mac. You'll beryllium prompted to participate your PIN.


In iTunes, click nan instrumentality icon that appears to nan near of "Library" connected nan navigation bar.

Click nan instrumentality icon.

Click nan "Tones" conception nether On My Device successful nan near sidebar.

Go to nan tones folder.

Drag and driblet nan .m4r ringtone record from its files to nan Tones conception successful iTunes.

If resistance and driblet doesn't work, usage transcript and paste instead. Select nan ringtone record successful File Explorer and property Ctrl+C, aliases right-click it and prime copy. Next, click wrong nan Tones database wrong iTunes and property Ctrl+V to paste it. Additionally, this portion seems to break pinch nan Microsoft Store type of iTunes. If you can't resistance and driblet aliases transcript and paste nan record into iTunes, effort downloading and installing iTunes from Apple's website instead. Scroll astir halfway down Apple's page until you spot "Looking for different versions?" and past click "Windows." Click "Download" erstwhile nan action appears.

Drag and driblet (or transcript and paste) nan ringtone you made into nan tones folder.

iTunes will sync nan ringtone to your telephone and it will instantly look nether Tones here.

The caller ringtone  should sync immediately.

Step Six: Choose nan Ringtone

You tin now drawback your iPhone and caput to Settings > Sounds & Haptics, past pat "Ringtone."


Then take your civilization ringtone. Any civilization ringtones you've added will look astatine nan apical of nan list, and each of nan default ringtones will beryllium listed beneath nan mini line.

A civilization ringtone connected an iPhone.

You tin besides assign that ringtone to a circumstantial contact, truthful you cognize who's calling conscionable by nan sound.

To region ringtones, reconnect your telephone to iTunes and caput backmost to nan On My Device > Tones section. Right-click a reside and prime "Delete from Library" to region it from your device.

If you want to region nan ringtone, correct click and click "Delete from Library."

If you're not short connected space, location isn't immoderate existent request to delete nan ringtones you add. You tin person arsenic galore arsenic you'd like!

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