How to Add Apps and Files to Your Mac's Desktop

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Want to entree your favourite Mac apps and files from nan desktop? We've sewage you covered.

MacBook Air successful nan aerial showing nan desktop

If you precocious switched to macOS, you'd person noticed that caller apps don't look automatically connected nan desktop for illustration connected Windows. But nary worries; you tin adhd your apps and files manually to nan desktop successful macOS. We'll show you how.

Drag and Drop Mac Apps From Finder aliases Spotlight

Unless you're wholly caller to macOS, you whitethorn already beryllium acquainted pinch Finder and Spotlight. Finder successful macOS is what you usage to negociate files and entree retention drives connected your Mac, while Spotlight is nan powerful built-in hunt tool. You tin usage some to adhd apps and files to your Mac's desktop.

Here's really to resistance and driblet apps and folders from Finder:

  1. Launch Finder by clicking nan bluish and achromatic smiley look icon connected nan near broadside of your Mac's Dock.
  2. Navigate to Applications connected nan near sheet if you want to adhd an app, aliases caput to wherever your files mightiness beryllium successful Finder to adhd it to your desktop.
  3. Drag immoderate app you want and driblet it connected your desktop.
    Dragging an exertion from Finder to nan desktop to create a shortcut

You tin repetition these steps to adhd arsenic galore apps, files, and folders arsenic you want to nan desktop.

Dragging and dropping apps utilizing nan Finder method creates shortcuts. However, moving folders to your desktop will alteration nan record location. If that's not what you want, quickly reverse your action pinch nan Command + Z keyboard shortcut.

Likewise, here's really to resistance and driblet items from Spotlight:

  1. Launch Spotlight pinch nan Command + Space shortcut.
  2. Type nan sanction of nan app aliases files you want to adhd to nan desktop successful nan hunt field.
  3. Drag nan consequence and driblet it connected nan desktop.
    Dragging timepiece exertion from Spotlight to nan Mac desktop

Adding folders to your Mac's desktop pinch Spotlight creates a transcript of nan files and places it connected your desktop.

Add Folder Shortcuts to Your Mac's Desktop

Neither of nan supra methods creates shortcuts for folders. If you don't want to move nan files location aliases create a transcript of nan folder, nan champion point to do would beryllium to create an othername for nan folder. Here's how:

  1. Find nan files you want to adhd to nan desktop successful Finder and Control-click it.
  2. Choose Make Alias from nan discourse menu.
  3. An othername will look successful nan aforesaid location arsenic nan original. Drag that othername to your desktop.
    Context paper for a files connected macOS

That's it! This is conscionable 1 of nan galore ways to make your Mac look for illustration a Windows PC.

Access Everything From Your Mac's Desktop

You tin technically build your desktop arsenic a power sheet for your Mac. Add each nan aliases, shortcuts, and widgets you request to make your Mac arsenic accessible arsenic you like.

However, don't hide that you're moving pinch constricted existent property connected your Mac's desktop, which could get crowded easily. Having excessively galore items connected your desktop could beryllium counterproductive, making it moreover harder to find what you need.

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