How to Access NASA's New Streaming Service and Explore Space

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The streaming work is disposable for free without ads.

Astronaut moving successful Space pinch nan Earth astatine nan back

Key Takeaways

  • NASA+ is simply a free streaming level that offers documentaries, unrecorded streams, lectures, and abstraction contented for some children and adults.
  • You tin entree NASA+ done nan NASA app connected iOS and Android, Roku TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, aliases nan NASA+ website.
  • While nan app whitethorn person immoderate quirks and bugs, NASA's efforts to amended nan nationalist astir abstraction and early missions are commendable, pinch hopes of improving personification acquisition successful nan future.

NASA has announced a free on-demand streaming level called NASA+ that lets you watch documentaries, position NASA missions, and travel unrecorded sum connected Earth and successful space. Here's really to watch NASA+ and get your regular abstraction hole consecutive from NASA.

Where Can You Get NASA+?

NASA+ is disposable connected iOS and Android via nan NASA app. Once you've downloaded and installed it, conscionable spell to nan Watch tab, and you should spot NASA+—NASA's caller streaming service.

You tin besides adhd nan NASA transmission connected your Roku TV. You tin besides download nan app connected your Apple TV aliases Amazon Fire TV.

If you for illustration to watercourse connected your web browser instead, you tin sojourn nan NASA+ website.

The awesome point astir NASA+ is that it's free. You don't request to subscribe aliases create an account. Despite being free, it besides doesn't person ads.

So if you want to binge-watch acquisition and family-friendly abstraction content, you don't person to spell to paid subscriptions for illustration Netflix aliases Amazon Prime. Just caput connected to NASA+, and you'll beryllium satisfied.

The work is besides not constricted to nan US. You tin watercourse from different regions arsenic well.

Download: NASA for Android | iOS (Free)

What Can You Watch connected NASA+?

Topics and shows connected NASA+

NASA+ features documentaries, unrecorded streams, and moreover lectures. It besides has videos designed for children successful nan For Junior Explorers section, ensuring that moreover kids tin admit abstraction exploration astatine an early age.

Whether you person a kid willing successful abstraction recreation aliases you're looking for abstraction edutainment aimed astatine adults, NASA+ has thing for you.

You tin besides research different topics connected NASA+. These see Humans In Space, Earth & Climate, Solar System, The Universe, Aeronautics, News & Events, Kids, and more. So, if you've been watching science TV shows connected Netflix, NASA+ will springiness you much to fulfill your craving.

Quirks and Bugs connected nan NASA+ Streaming Service

NASA+ viewed successful scenery connected an Android phone

Although nan NASA+ streaming work offers awesome content, utilizing it connected your smartphone tin beryllium a spot challenging. That's because nan app still has a fewer issues for illustration video refusing to show connected nan iPhone 14 Pro we tested it with. We had to restart nan app to hole it.

We besides couldn't position nan NASA+ videos connected nan telephone arsenic fullscreen, pinch nan fullscreen icon remaining grayed out. We had less issues watching NASA+ connected a laptop, though nan videos look for illustration they aren't disposable successful 4K yet.

Despite these issues, NASA has made important steps to get nan nationalist knowledgeable connected abstraction and excited for its early missions. And, arsenic clip passes, we dream that NASA fixes these issues to thief everyone get nan astir retired of abstraction exploration.

Get More Space and Science successful Your Life

The NASA+ streaming level will thief you study much astir nan agency and its projects. It's cleanable for anyone willing successful subject and for abstraction exploration enthusiasts, particularly pinch NASA's scheme to return to nan satellite successful 2025 pinch Artemis III.

So, if you want acquisition and entertainment, you should get nan NASA app aliases entree nan NASA+ website connected your computer. The work is besides awesome for your kids, particularly if you want them to beryllium willing successful science. Who knows? Maybe nan adjacent procreation of astronauts who will return america to Mars will beryllium inspired by nan shows connected NASA+.

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