How this Creator Used Business Strategy to Grow on TikTok

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When 1 of Dulma Altan’s followers called her videos “TikTok B-School for Women,” she didn’t conscionable laughter and move on; she turned it into her tagline. Now, it’s really group mention to her online.

Intentional moves for illustration that group Dulma, who is well-versed successful business strategy from her activity arsenic an entrepreneur, isolated from different creators. From nan commencement of her travel arsenic a creator successful 2020, she applied her acquisition to her contented creation and was 1 of nan first to pat into her niche – “business strategy from nan lens of women-led brands.”

From nan communicative of her tagline to choosing a lucrative niche to deliberation for illustration a one-person contented agency, Dulma’s travel is simply a wealth trove of insights for aspiring creators.

  • Dulma turned her passion into profit by identifying a niche that resonates pinch her values and interests – making business strategy accessible connected TikTok utilizing female-led brands.
  • Navigate changeless level changes pinch nan 80/20 attack wherever 80% is prioritizing value content and 20% is staying updated pinch level changes.
  • Think of yourself arsenic a one-person contented agency to amended align your contented pinch nan wide objectives of imaginable sponsors and partners.
  • Leverage "platform arbitrage" by creating unexpected contented connected a peculiar level to enactment caller and innovative.
  • Diversify your contented by embracing different contented formats and platforms to grow your reach, prosecute your assemblage successful caller ways, and support your contented caller and exciting.

Standing retired pinch a blend of authenticity and strategy

Dulma's creator travel began pinch identifying a circumstantial niche, not because it was lucrative, but because it was authentic to her.

Her passion connected pinch her immense acquisition successful nan niche, making it easy for her to commencement sharing content, “making business much binge-worthy and accessible” connected TikTok. And her attraction connected female-founded companies and women successful business allowed her to create contented that was some meaningful to her and applicable to her audience.


They supply societal impervious whose ROI is harder to measurement for brands

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Identify your passion and align it pinch your content. Authenticity breeds connection, and relationship builds an engaged audience.

What powers nan affirmative reception to Dulma’s content? One portion is her expertise to distill business strategies and concepts done nan celebrated brands among her audience. Another, beautiful major, portion is nan recognizability of her brand, acknowledgment to nan commenter that inspired her tagline.

She instantly recognized its imaginable saying, "I added it to my bio and that made it truthful that group really knew what to expect from me. It was a really evocative, powerful declaration of what and who my relationship was for and what I for illustration to cover."

There’s much that goes into building an engaged online assemblage than a catchy logo aliases a well-designed website. The astir celebrated creators are instantly recognizable to their assemblage by their style – nan unsocial personality that separates them from nan sound successful nan crowded integer landscape.

“What do you guidelines for? And really tin you convey that successful a really concise, powerful, evocative way? If you tin find a small tagline for that aliases a small soundbite? It's really helpful,” says Dulma.

Dulma's "TikTok B-School for Women" tagline became a powerful declaration of her brand's purpose. It’s been cited organically successful nan press and by her followers and helps group quickly understand her relationship and content.

Katelyn Bourgoin has a akin story down her “Customer Whisperer” tagline. Your instantly recognizable branding (a color, reside of voice, aliases tagline) should encapsulate nan principle of you successful a concise and memorable way. It should show group what to expect from you and what you guidelines for.


Don't beryllium acrophobic to get inspiration from your organization aliases audience, arsenic they often spot your marque from a unsocial perspective.

Change is nan only changeless successful nan societal media industry/creator economy. Algorithms alteration each day, what worked for a creator coming whitethorn not activity six months from now, aliases a new, revolutionary exertion (looking astatine you, AI) comes to disrupt things.

"How tin I support adding worth successful a measurement that blows people's minds aliases conscionable gets them coming backmost and makes them deliberation wow, I can't judge I'm getting each this accusation for free."

Dulma acknowledges that navigating nan ever-changing scenery requires balancing staying informed and focusing connected your goals. For her, that’s consistently adding worth to her audience pinch her content.

She says, "How tin I support adding worth successful a measurement that blows people's minds aliases conscionable gets them coming backmost and makes them deliberation wow, I can't judge I'm getting each this accusation for free."

As a seasoned business strategist, Dulma’s attack to level changes and evolutions is pragmatic. Much of her marque is built astir contextualizing analyzable business news, truthful she has to enactment connected nan pulse. So, really does she support up and support a cool head?

"My accuracy astir this is maintaining an 80/20 attack and focusing connected creating nan best, astir valuable contented possible," she explains.

Her 80/20 balance, wherever 80 percent of your attraction is connected creating valuable, engaging contented that resonates pinch your audience, and 20 percent is connected staying informed astir caller trends and updates. This attack ensures that you're not consumed by each small detail, allowing you to ore connected what genuinely matters: your contented and your audience.

tiktok business strategist

Dulma's attack is rooted successful nan belief that nan halfway value of contented is what genuinely matters. While staying informed astir level updates and caller features is essential, it shouldn't beryllium nan superior focus.

Instead, creators should ore connected delivering value and applicable contented to their audience. "I guarantee immoderate algorithm updates are going to beryllium oriented towards making group arsenic engaged arsenic possible, and if you support adding value, you'll ever beryllium capable to do that.”


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Focus connected knowing your audience's needs and interests. Create contented that educates, entertains, aliases inspires them and consistently present high-quality contented that stands retired for its worth alternatively than adherence to nan latest trends.

Dulma besides warns against nan trap of "shiny entity syndrome," wherever creators go overly focused connected nan latest level features aliases algorithm tweaks. This attack tin lead to disorder and a nonaccomplishment of attraction connected what genuinely matters – creating contented that connects pinch your audience.

Think of yourself arsenic a one-person contented agency

Turning passion into profit is nan dream of galore creators – but galore creators aren’t businesspeople, truthful it’s difficult to toggle shape your imaginative activity into a sustainable income. Dulma’s business inheritance helped her find her chosen monetization strategy – brand sponsorships – and she shared immoderate proposal astir monetizing content.

The first point she advises is much of a mindset shift. "If you're a creator, and you're looking to return monetization seriously, and you're looking to activity pinch your dream brands, you really request to deliberation astir yourself arsenic a one-person contented agency," she says.


Full disclosure they gave maine a tattoo and I really enjoyed my experience!! It only solidified my condemnation successful nan company

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This mindset allows her to align her contented pinch nan wide objectives and strategies of imaginable sponsors. She approaches marque collaborations pinch a strategical mindset. Instead of waiting for nan marque to make nan first move, she takes nan reins successful immoderate conversation. Her proposal boils down to:

  • Ask questions astir nan business
  • Understand their goals
  • Be proactive successful offering solutions that fresh their needs.
  • Tailor your contented to align pinch their objectives.

If you’re superior astir monetizing your content, past each portion of your strategy should align pinch imaginable monetization opportunities. For example, Dulma emphasizes nan value of picking a niche that is not only authentic to you but besides has nan imaginable to beryllium profitable. The much defined and lucrative your niche, nan amended positioned you are for monetization and marque sponsorships.


Find a niche that resonates pinch your interests and expertise, but besides see its imaginable for profitability. Research nan market, understand nan audience's needs, and place opportunities for collaboration pinch brands.

Even her contented creation is influenced by her agency mindset. Dulma shared nan conception of "platform arbitrage," wherever she creates unexpected contented connected a peculiar level to enactment caller and innovative. This attack helps her guidelines retired and pull marque sponsors looking to diversify.


Think creatively astir really you tin coming your contented connected different platforms. Experiment pinch caller formats and styles that group you apart. Consider really you tin connection thing unsocial that brands are looking for.

Other elements that thief her pull nan correct sponsors are:

  • A clear and concise marque connection that helps audiences and sponsors understand what to expect from moving pinch her.
  • Offering package deals to advertisers which increases nan worth of her offerings


Explore various gross streams, including package deals, connection marketing, and sponsored content. Be transparent and authentic successful your collaborations, and guarantee that your offerings align pinch your niche and brand.

Whether you're conscionable starting aliases looking to elevate your monetization game, these strategies supply a applicable attack to building a profitable contented creation business. Focus connected your niche, deliberation strategically, and ever strive to present value.

Diversifying and experimenting pinch contented formats

Diversification is not conscionable a strategy; it's a necessity. Embracing different contented formats and platforms tin grow your reach, prosecute your assemblage successful caller ways, and support your contented caller and exciting. It besides protects you from nan changeless changes of societal media, giving you location to link pinch your assemblage extracurricular of thing led by an algorithm.


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♬ original sound - Dulma 🦋

Dulma’s platforms of prime are a podcast, “Due Diligence” and an accompanying, now paused newsletter.

"I judge successful gathering my assemblage wherever they are," Dulma says. "Podcasting allowed maine to link connected a much individual level, while newsletters provided targeted insights and updates."

Even nan conception of level arbitrage expands to these 2 mediums – Dulma’s sponsors person aggregate ways to scope her assemblage because of nan clip she’s invested. For example, she mentioned that nan podcast wasn’t really driven by a strategy – much a request to research a caller format. She challenged herself to grounds 100 podcasts successful 100 days (and did it!).

She prioritizes experimentation successful figuring retired what to effort next. Her attack of trying caller formats, learning from them, and refining her attack led to her pausing nan newsletter – but she’s kept up nan podcast.

"You don't cognize what will resonate until you effort it," she explains. "Experimentation has led maine to observe caller avenues for relationship and growth."


Dulma's travel arsenic a creator is simply a masterclass successful strategical thinking, authenticity, and adaptability. Her occurrence is not accidental; it's nan consequence of intentional decisions, a clear knowing of her audience, and a willingness to research and evolve.

Here are nan apical takeaways from Dulma's approach:

  1. Authenticity = connection: Dulma's occurrence began pinch identifying a niche that was some meaningful and authentic to her. Her relationship pinch her assemblage is rooted successful her passion and expertise, making her contented resonate connected a deeper level.
  2. Embrace unsocial branding opportunities: The "TikTok B-School for Women" tagline is much than a catchy phrase; it's a powerful declaration of her brand's purpose. Don't beryllium acrophobic to get inspiration from your community; they often spot your marque from a unsocial perspective.
  3. Balance really you navigate level changes: Take Dulma's 80/20 attack to platforms, which emphasizes nan value of focusing connected valuable contented and staying informed without becoming obsessed. Her accuracy ensures that nan halfway value of contented remains nan superior focus.
  4. Think for illustration a one-person contented agency: Dulma's strategical attack to monetization and marque collaborations is simply a instruction successful reasoning beyond nan creator's mindset. Her proactive and tailored attack to moving pinch brands sets her isolated successful nan crowded integer landscape.
  5. Diversify and research pinch contented formats: Be consenting to research caller formats. It helps you meet your assemblage wherever they are, and trying caller avenues tin lead to unexpected maturation and connection.
  6. Monetize pinch strategy and authenticity: Her monetization strategies, including her "platform arbitrage" concept, item nan value of aligning contented pinch imaginable monetization opportunities. Her clear marque connection and innovative offerings make her an charismatic partner for sponsors.

Dulma's insights supply a applicable and inspiring guideline nary matter wherever you are successful your creator journey.

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