How Many Windows 11 Users Are There? 2023 Stats Last Quarter

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Really funny astir knowing really galore Windows 11 Users are location successful nan Whole World?

To beryllium circumstantial based connected our investigation it’s estimated to beryllium 226 cardinal positive aliases 0.226 cardinal positive Windows 11 users are location astir nan full world.

We will heavy dive into nan stats and figures soon below, but earlier going into that I would for illustration to bring successful a comparison pinch its predecessor, Windows 10.

At nan clip of penning this article Windows 10 is nan astir wide utilized operating strategy successful nan World, pinch a marketplace stock of 69.7% successful nan full individual machine market, wherever arsenic Windows 11 had only 16.1% stock successful 2022. However that script has changed successful 2023 and nan marketplace stock is now of 23%.

Windows 11

Stats of Windows 11 As Per nan Last Year:

Windows 11 was officially launched connected October 5th 2021, successful a virtual arena by Panos Panay. However, nan startup build was unstable and buggy and location was a batch of chatter astatine that constituent which was expected arsenic for a caller merchandise and it sewage resolved pinch time.

Just a week aft nan charismatic motorboat Microsoft did merchandise an update, 22000.258 which patched immoderate of nan bugs. As for now pinch nan Windows 11 22H2 update location had been respective updates complete clip to hole issues.

However, I must opportunity that Windows 11 is slow catching up pinch Windows 10, nevertheless that maturation has not been important owed to various reasons. Some of them being nan request of TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, which nan older individual computers lack. Although location are ways to bypass nan system to instal nan OS without requiring TPM 2.0 but it is not recommended owed to information issues.

Comparison of Popular Windows Version successful Use:

With nan launch of Windows Version 1.02 connected 1986-05-14, each OS from Microsoft has dominated nan individual computing industry. And coming we are going to heavy dive arsenic promised astatine nan opening of nan article successful nan stats of Market stock owned by nan latest operating systems from Microsoft.

And beneath are immoderate of nan Graphs and Chats of nan products:

As per nan information shared by Statcounter almost 75.11% of nan computers tally connected Windows successful nan twelvemonth 2022. However, you would beryllium amazed to cognize that a batch of those computers still tally connected nan older versions of operating system.

Windows OS Stats

As per nan Statcounter information of past 12 months we tin spot a dependable summation successful nan take complaint of Windows 11. However, we don’t spot a important downfall successful nan Windows 10 installations. This could beryllium because of nan hardware limitations we discussed earlier.


In early 2021 Windows 11 had only 10 percent Market stock nevertheless that has precocious changed and from nan much caller chart we tin spot that an estimated 20% + group person shifted to Windows 11. And almost 24 percent of Steam users are now equipped pinch Windows 11. Which is disconnected people a bully thing, arsenic nan support for Windows 10 extremity successful 2026.

If you see each nan operating systems retired location successful nan chaotic nan awesome 3 Android, Windows and iOS. In which nan Android captures nan 43.43% marketplace share, Windows being nan 2nd pinch 29.3% marketplace stock and iOS being nan 3rd pinch 17.22 %. And they are changing quickly each month.

Market Share of Windows 11 As Per August 2023:

As of August 2023 Windows 11 has a marketplace stock of 23% and it’s expanding successful nan individual computing market.

Which is simply a awesome summation complete Nov 2022 during which play it had an stock of 16.13 percent.

In nan twelvemonth 2022 location were almost 65 cardinal PC shipped pinch Windows according to Statista.

Even though Windows 11 was released connected October 2021, group really started a precocious take because astir of them wanted to make judge it is not different Windows 8.

Ever since that has been clarified we tin spot successful nan supra chart that nan personification guidelines of Windows 11 has started increasing.

Market Share Increase By Month For Windows 11 From 2022-2023

Month Market Share successful Percentage
September 2022 13.61
October 2022 15.45
November 2022 16.13
December 2022 16.97
January 2023 18.12
February 2023 19.13
March 2023 20.95
April 2023 23.11
May 2023 22.95
June 2023 23.93
July 2023 23.66
August 2023 23.17

According to steam Hardware and Software study 2023 location has been a positive maturation successful nan Windows 11 take complaint among Gamers.

Steam Survey

Factors that impact nan Adoption Rate of Windows 11 successful The Year 2023:

High Hardware Requirements:

Windows 11 is rather demanding connected itself connected nan hardware specifications and needs a caller PC to tally nan operating system. Hence nan users pinch older PC is being thief backmost pinch Windows 10 since it is costs prohibited for astir of them.

Requirement OF TPM 2.0:

The latest OS from Microsoft requires either TPM 2.0 aliases Microsoft Pluton connected nan motherboard arsenic a information processor, and since nan request had been abrupt galore past procreation motherboards don’t person it. Hence moreover if nan personification wants to upgrade nan OS they can’t without it.

Reliance On Older Windows System:

People go comfortable successful utilizing Operating systems which they had been utilizing for fewer years, which useful for them without overmuch rumor and serves nan purpose. Funny stuff, it has been moreover seen successful nan US Military that they haven’t updated from Windows XP successful 2018.

Performance Issue:

The adaptability takes clip arsenic aged users seldom tries to jump into nan stream pinch nan caller OS. They for illustration stableness and easiness of work.


There has an preamble of fewer caller features which will thief nan gamers and business mans. And hence nan gamers are quickly adapting it. However location has been removal of immoderate of nan dependable features from Windows 11.

Windows 10 Support:
Microsoft has promised to support Windows 10 till nan extremity of 2026 and hence galore users person decided not to upgrade their hardware aliases package since it has been moving good for them for each these years.

Should You Update to Windows 11 if You Have Not Yet Already?

As per nan existent authorities of Windows 11 it does person bugs and different issues, but truthful does Windows 10. With nan caller features and protections from malwares and viruses, it seems to beryllium a bully thought to move up pinch nan travel of nan new procreation of Windows.

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