How Do I Open a Port on Windows Firewall?

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Firewalls support your PC safe, but they tin besides get successful nan way.

Some ports connected a router. Hannah Stryker / How-To Geek

Key Takeaways

  • Firewalls artifact unsolicited postulation from nan net by default, but you whitethorn request to unfastened a larboard to let circumstantial postulation done for programs for illustration crippled servers.
  • To unfastened a larboard connected Windows 10, hunt for "Windows Firewall" and spell to "Windows Defender Firewall." Click connected "Advanced Settings" and create a caller inbound norm for nan circumstantial larboard number.
  • You tin take erstwhile nan norm applies (domain, private, public) and springiness it a sanction and description. If needed, you tin disable nan norm aliases repetition nan steps to unfastened ports for different programs.

Firewalls are location to protect you from threats connected nan net (both postulation from nan net and from section applications trying to summation entree erstwhile they shouldn't). Sometimes, though, you'll want to let different restricted postulation done your firewall. To do so, you'll person to unfastened a port.

What Do Ports Do?

When a instrumentality connects to different instrumentality connected a web (including nan internet), it specifies a larboard number that lets nan receiving instrumentality cognize really to grip nan traffic. Where an IP address shows postulation really to get to a peculiar instrumentality connected a network, nan larboard number lets nan receiving instrumentality cognize which programme gets that traffic. By default, astir unsolicited postulation from nan net is blocked by Windows Firewall. If you're moving thing for illustration a crippled server, you mightiness request to unfastened a larboard to let that circumstantial benignant of postulation done nan firewall.

This article shows you really to unfastened a larboard connected a peculiar PC's firewall to fto postulation in. If you person a router connected your web (which you apt do), you will besides request to let nan aforesaid postulation done that router by forwarding nan port there.

How to Open a Port connected Windows 10

Clicking Start, type "Windows Firewall" into nan hunt box, and past click connected "Windows Defender Firewall."

Search for

Once Windows Firewall opens, click connected "Advanced Settings."

Click connected

This launches Windows Defender Firewall pinch Advanced Security. Click nan "Inbound Rules" class connected nan left. In nan acold correct pane, click nan "New Rule" command.

Click nan

If you request to unfastened a norm for outgoing traffic, alternatively of clicking "Inbound Rule," you'd click "Outbound Rule." Most apps are beautiful bully astir creating their ain outbound rules erstwhile you instal them, but you mightiness occasionally tally into 1 that cannot.

There is besides an

On nan Rule Type page, prime nan "Port" action and past click "Next."


On nan adjacent screen, you'll person to take whether nan larboard you're opening uses nan Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) aliases User Datagram Protocol (UDP). Unfortunately, we can't show you specifically which to usage because different apps usage different protocols. Port numbers tin scope from 0-65535, pinch ports up to 1023 being reserved for privileged services. You tin find an unofficial database of (most) TCP/UDP ports connected the Wikipedia page, and you tin besides hunt for nan app you're using. If you can't find nan circumstantial protocol to usage for your app, you tin create 2 caller inbound rules — 1 for TCP and 1 for UDP.

Select nan "Specific Local Ports" action and past type nan larboard number into nan section provided. If you're opening much than 1 port, you tin abstracted them by commas. If you request to unfastened a scope of ports, usage a hyphen (-).

Click "Next" erstwhile you're done.

Select nan larboard you want to forward. Do not unfastened

On nan adjacent page, click "Allow nan Connection" and past click "Next."

For this guide, we'll beryllium utilizing nan "Allow nan Connection" option, arsenic we spot nan relationship for which we're creating a rule. If you want a small much portion of mind, nan "Allow nan relationship if it is secure" norm uses Internet Protocol information (IPsec) to authenticate nan connection. You tin effort that option, but galore apps do not support it. If you effort nan much unafraid action and it doesn't work, you tin ever travel backmost and alteration to nan little unafraid one.

Next, take erstwhile nan norm applies and click "Next." You tin take 1 aliases each of nan following:

  • Domain: When a PC is connected to a domain controller that Windows tin authenticate entree to nan domain.
  • Private: When a PC is connected to a backstage network, for illustration a location web aliases a web that you trust.
  • Public: When a PC is connected to an unfastened network, for illustration a cafe, airport, aliases room wherever anyone tin join, and nan information is chartless to you.
Choose which networks nan norm applies to.

In nan last window, springiness your caller norm a sanction and an optional, much elaborate description. Click "Finish" erstwhile you're done.

Enter a norm sanction and description.

If you want to disable nan norm astatine immoderate point, find it successful nan database of Inbound aliases Outbound Rules, right-click it, and past click "Disable Rule."

Right-click nan norm to disable it without removing it.

That's each location is to it. If you request to unfastened immoderate different ports for a different programme aliases pinch a different rule, repetition nan steps supra utilizing a different group of ports to open.

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