How Apple Lets You Use the USB-C Port on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

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Apple has yet ditched its Lightning larboard successful favour of USB-C, but really does this alteration use iPhone users? Let's find out.

With nan iPhone 15, Apple has moved from nan decade-old Lightning connector to USB-C. While immoderate mightiness beryllium upset that their Lightning cablegram and accessory postulation is obsolete, nan USB-C larboard brings caller capabilities to iPhones.

Here are each nan different ways Apple lets you usage nan USB-C larboard connected nan iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro.

1. Charge Your Other Devices

iPhone 15 charging AirPods ProImage Credit: Apple

USB-C has go a modular charging cablegram for astir physics devices these days. Most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops, crippled controllers, and mirrorless cameras usage USB-C to charge.

During Apple's iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro introduction, nan institution moreover boasted astir nan iPhone's caller expertise to complaint your Apple Watch aliases AirPods, arsenic agelong arsenic you person a USB-C cable.

But it turns retired that nan larboard tin complaint much than iPhone accessories. The USB-C larboard connected nan iPhone 15 tin complaint different devices that support USB Power Delivery. So, you tin now complaint personification else's iPhone aliases Android phone, a crippled controller, aliases immoderate different portable USB-C accessory.

Unfortunately, nan iPhone 15 only supports charging different devices astatine 4.5 watts, truthful it mightiness return a while to charge, and it will drain your iPhone's battery, but it tin thief successful a pinch.

2. Shoot Videos Directly to External Storage

videographer signaling to outer retention utilizing an iPhoneImage Credit: Apple

With nan iPhone 15 Pro, you tin grounds videos straight to an outer retention instrumentality plugged into nan USB-C port. This intends you don't person to interest astir your iPhone's retention limitations erstwhile shooting lengthy videos.

While astir group won't request to do this, aspiring filmmakers tin now sprout much ProRes 4K/60FPS footage aliases amazing Cinematic mode videos connected an iPhone. Plus, you won't person to hold to transportation nan video files from your iPhone to commencement editing your footage connected a machine utilizing precocious devices for illustration Final Cut Pro aliases Adobe Premiere Pro.

3. Connect to High-Resolution Displays

iPhone connected to an outer display-1Image Credit: Apple

Thanks to nan USB-C port, you tin now link an iPhone 15 aliases iPhone 15 Pro to a show much easily. Previously, you needed Apple's Lightning Digital AV adapter, which limits nan show solution to Full HD 1080p.

Since iPhone 15's USB-C larboard uses DisplayPort technology for audio/video output, you tin link it to 4K HDR monitors pinch conscionable a USB-C cable. This tin beryllium awesome for watching movies, playing games connected a bigger screen, aliases showcasing a position to an audience.

However, it's worthy noting that you'll request a USB-C cablegram that supports USB 3.1 aliases higher, and nan cablegram Apple provides successful nan container only supports USB 2.0 speeds.

If you don't person a show pinch a USB-C larboard for input, you tin usage Apple's USB-C Digital AV Multiport adapter to link pinch an HDMI cable. You'll still execute 4K and 60Hz pinch nan adapter.

4. Other USB-C Perks

iPhone 15 Pro showing an outer thrust successful nan Files app

Of course, a USB-C relationship brings respective different perks you would typically expect. For one, you tin now astir apt trim down a cablegram to bring pinch you erstwhile you request to charge. Having 1 cablegram that tin complaint your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone allows you to bring less chargers and cables.

While not included successful nan box, a high-speed USB-C cablegram will let you to transportation information astatine 10Gbps erstwhile connected to a Mac, PC, aliases different USB-C device, which is simply a immense jump from Lightning's 480Mbps cap. External drives will moreover show up successful nan Files app truthful you tin easy entree and move your documents, media, and different files.

USB-C Lets You Do More With Your iPhone

As you tin see, USB-C brings a big of benefits to iPhones. Of course, astir users whitethorn propulsion distant their aged Lightning cables, which could extremity up successful landfills, but Apple's move to a cosmopolitan larboard lets you do things that were ne'er imaginable connected an iPhone before.

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