Honda's suitcase-style microscooter is a brilliantly impractical way to commute

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Honda Motocompacto
(Image credit: Honda)

Honda is resurrecting an aged scooter and bringing it into nan modern time now sporting a suitcase-esque creation called nan Motocompacto.

Directly inspired by nan MotoCompo from nan 1980s, nan caller electrical scooter is compact measuring 21.1 H x 29.2 L x 3.7 W inches erstwhile folded allowing it to easy fresh successful nan backmost of a car. It moreover has a leather strap connected apical for easy carrying though you whitethorn person a reliable clip lugging it around. 

The Motocompacto clocks successful astatine 41.3 pounds putting it connected nan heavier broadside among nan best e-scooters retired there. When you’re fresh to ride, you tin popular retired nan handlebars, seat, wheels, and a fewer different components, and unfolding it increases nan wide size to 35 H x 38.1 L x 17.2 W inches.

Additionally, nan handlebars characteristic an integrated LED surface displaying nan speedometer adjacent to nan artillery level, according to The Verge. 


As a vehicle, it’s not going to return you very far. The institution describes nan Motocompacto arsenic a “fun-to-ride ‘first and past mile’ solution”. In different words, you’re meant to usage nan scooter to thief get astir your neighborhood. Its 490W electrical centrifugal has a apical velocity of 15 mph pinch a maximum scope of up to 12 miles. Also it tin accelerate to 15 mph successful 7 seconds. You won’t beryllium capable to spell crossed town, nevertheless if you request a speedy thrust from constituent A to constituent B, nan Motocompacto tin get nan occupation done.

There is, however, 1 perchance problematic facet to Honda’s scooter. It will return 3.5 hours to afloat complaint truthful your adjacent thrust will return a while. But erstwhile compared to nan different e-scooters for illustration nan NIO KQi3 Pro which has a complaint clip of six hours, 3 hours isn't each that bad. Plus, nan Motocompacto comes pinch a 110v plug which is your modular three-pronged input Americans will beryllium astir acquainted with. You tin conscionable plug nan scooter into immoderate aged outlet to charge.


The Motocompacto e-scooter launches this November successful nan United States for $995 wherever it will beryllium available for acquisition online aliases astatine prime “Honda and Acura automobile dealers.” The institution does person plans to merchandise a “clever telephone app” that’ll fto riders set nan individual settings, lighting configuration, and thrust modes via Bluetooth, though nary merchandise day for nan app has been given. 

From what I've seen of it, nan Motocompacto is simply a beautiful cool scooter moreover if it is simply a small silly looking, but its meant to beryllium fun, not flashy. What’s more, nan blank achromatic sides time off it unfastened for each sorts of customization options for illustration stickers, decals, and nan like. As seen successful nan charismatic trailer, you tin do a batch pinch its blank canvas-like sides.

It doesn't look for illustration nan Motocompacto will beryllium going international, unfortunately. A institution typical told TechRadar that since nan scooter was an "American Honda-led development", it's only going to beryllium disposable successful nan US. They person nary plans for "other markets astatine this time."

While we person you, we urge checking retired TechRadar’s database of nan best electrical scooters for students successful 2023 arsenic nan schoolhouse twelvemonth starts to prime up


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