Hisense upstages TCL by adding a gigantic 100-inch mini-LED TV

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Hisense U8K TV successful CES 2023 booth
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Hisense has announced it’s adding a 100-inch mini-LED TVs to its lineup, outdoing nan already stacked 98-inch TV marketplace that includes nan likes of TCL, Sony and Samsung.

The 100-inch Hisense TV, which is portion of its U7KQ scope successful Europe, will beryllium disposable successful September aliases October 2023 and unit astatine €3,500-5000 (£5,000), according to FlatpanelsHD. In nan US, it will beryllium portion of nan U8K scope and will beryllium disposable for $9,999, according to Displayspecifications. There has been nary charismatic announcement connected different regions arsenic of yet. 

After TCL precocious announced its caller 98-inch TV lineup – including its flagship super-bright X955 model, which we precocious saw astatine IFA 2023 – Hisense has decided to springiness consumers much prime wrong nan big-screen worth TV market. 

Looking astatine nan specs of some nan Hisense 100U7K and 100U8K, they some characteristic up to 144Hz refresh complaint and 2 2.1 HDMI ports pinch VRR and ALLM capabilities for gaming. They besides connection support for a ample array of HDR formats, including some Dolby Vision and HDR10+, Dolby Atmos and a 2.1 speaker configuration, though nan U8K’s configuration adds successful 2 speakers for Dolby Atmos, making 2.1.2. The U7K successful Europe will usage Hisense’s Vidaa platform, whereas nan U8K will usage Google TV. 

The Hisense 100U7K reportedly has conscionable complete 1,600 dimming zones (via DisplaySpecifications), which doesn’t rather deed nan dazzling brightness of immoderate of TCL’s 98-inch models, including nan X955 pinch its reported 5,000 dimming zones. In our reappraisal of nan U8K, we measured its highest brightness astatine 1,500 nits, which again falls short of nan 5,000 nits claimed by TCL connected nan X955.

With much and much TVs appearing successful nan big-screen marketplace and 98-inches being a very celebrated size amongst manufacturers, consumers are seeing much prime successful surface technologies to take from, but what does this mean?

So overmuch choice! 

When you’re looking to bargain a caller TV, you’ll investigation what ranks amongst the champion TVs and beryllium presented pinch tons of options to take from, successful some size and surface sheet type. As request for bigger surface sizes grows, companies will look to compete pinch 1 different and supply consumers pinch nan champion prime and this usually intends falling prices.

TVs of 98-inches mostly hover astir nan $8,000-10,000 people pinch Samsung, Sony and TCL each having TVs astatine this price. But TCL precocious released a 98-inch TV, nan S5, for $5,000. And pinch Hisense’s 100-inch U7K going for astir $5,000 successful Europe, large screens are becoming much affordable (for nan surface size) and much accessible to people. You won’t person to fork retired $237,000 for LG’s 118-inch micro-LED TV immoderate clip soon! 

It’s worthy noting that nan cheaper sets whitethorn not person nan aforesaid specs arsenic nan much premium models wrong nan 98-inch TV market. For example, nan TCL P745, nan affordable TV mentioned above, only uses section LED dimming arsenic opposed to immoderate of nan mini-LEDs from Samsung, Sony, Hisense and higher scope TCLs. 

But erstwhile you spot its big of gaming features, you’ll beryllium pleasantly surprised. The Hisense 100U7K has a batch of these features and nan mini-LED backlight for a akin price. Is this conscionable to compete pinch TCL? If it is, it tin only beryllium bully news for consumers arsenic much title for illustration this is apt to occur. 

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