Google sets new bar for DIY repair as Pixel Tablet parts are now available on iFixit

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Google Tablet opened up
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Google deepens its business pinch iFixit arsenic nan second has begun offering spare parts and How-to guides for nan Pixel Tablet.

In total, users will beryllium capable to repair six components connected nan device: nan rear camera, nan surface (including nan front-facing lens), nan battery, nan USB-C port, nan 4 speakers, and nan rear enclosure. Prices scope from $25 for mini pieces up to $200 for larger parts. As pricey arsenic that whitethorn sound, beryllium prepared for an moreover higher cost. The individual devices that you’ll request for illustration nan suction handle, opening picks, aliases nan tweezers are not fixed retired for free. You’ll person to acquisition those aliases nan iOpener bundle connected apical of nan portion you request if you didn’t support immoderate devices from a erstwhile repair. The last measure tin beryllium deceptively expensive.

Detailed instructions

Be alert that each of nan How-to guides is branded arsenic being "moderately difficult". In nan discourse of iFixit’s standing system, this intends repairing nan Pixel Tablet whitethorn beryllium tricky, but truthful agelong arsenic you travel nan instructions, you should beryllium fine. The bully news is nan guides are highly detailed. Each measurement is paired up pinch an image to thief group done nan process of fixing their devices.

For example, connected nan Rear Camera Replacement manual, iFixit will thatch you what you request to do to hole nan Pixel Tablet, really to insert nan opening pick, and nan correct measurement to disconnect nan lens. It’s a delicate process, arsenic you tin imagine. What’s more, iFixit will pass users to return nan basal precautions. It’s imaginable for nan Pixel Tablet’s artillery to go swollen, truthful iFixit recommends cautiously disposing of it first earlier moving forward. 

The Pixel Tablet spare parts look to besides beryllium disposable successful nan UK and Australia though they deficiency a value tag. We reached retired to iFixit for much information. This communicative will beryllium updated astatine a later time.

Analysis: A awesome shift

Seeing Google connection parts for nan Pixel Tablet further solidifies nan tech giant’s spot successful starring nan complaint successful nan self-repair movement. No different institution gives rather nan aforesaid level of support for smart displays. The only different action connected iFixit, nan Amazon Echo Show 5, pales successful comparison. You can’t bargain parts for it. Additionally, Google lets group hole nan Pixel 7 Pro, which is their existent flagship phone. Other Android manufacturers, for illustration Samsung, aren’t arsenic generous.

It does look nan institution has plans to grow nan iFixit business moreover further arsenic it’ll 1 time let Pixel Fold owners nan opportunity to repair their foldable. Again, Google is nan only 1 doing this. However, nan tech industry’s hesitancy whitethorn soon change.

The authorities of California, location to galore of nan biggest tech companies, has precocious passed its own Right to Repair law mandating manufacturers "keep repair materials… disposable for extended periods post-production". For products "priced $100 aliases above", for illustration smartphones, nan play will past 7 years. These materials scope from hardware to "software and documentation". It's a awesome displacement successful repairability correct earlier our eyes. It’ll beryllium absorbing to spot really tech companies adapt.

While we person you, beryllium judge to cheque retired TechRadar’s database of nan best repair package for business PCs for 2023. 

Update 9-14-2023: Well, arsenic it turns, nan UK and Australia will not getting nan Pixel Tablet parts. A typical from iFixit sewage backmost to america and clarified that nan institution presently has nary plans to widen nan caller update extracurricular nan United States astatine this time.

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