Google pledges 10 years of Chromebook software updates - if you qualify

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Beginning successful 2024, Google will continuously rotation retired package updates to Chromebooks for nan adjacent 10 years aft a merchandise motorboat successful an effort to summation instrumentality longevity. However, successful emblematic Google fashion, nan rules are complicated.

If you ain a Chromebook that launched successful 2021 aliases after, you will automatically person nan decade-long support. No questions asked. However, if you ain a instrumentality that was released earlier 2021, you person nan action to “extend automatic updates to 10 years from [a] platform’s release” aft it has received its past patch. This is wherever things get muddy. “Platforms”, as Google defines them, refers to what a peculiar Chromebook has internally for illustration hardware components and software. The problem is they disagree from shaper to shaper and exemplary to model. An HP Chromebook whitethorn not person nan aforesaid level of support arsenic 1 from Lenovo aliases vice versa. 

Google Chromebook 10 twelvemonth spot lifecycle

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To find retired really galore years of support your laptop will get, you’ll request to hunt up your Chromebook exemplary connected nan Auto Update argumentation page connected Google’s Help Center website. 

As an example, nan HP Elite Dragonfly Chromebook will person information patches up until June 2032, while nan HP Chromebook G2 will only get them until June 2028 assuming you judge nan company’s offer. Even if you don’t opt in, Google claims their products still person “strong, built-in information features” to protect personification data.

New features

Speaking of features, nan institution will beryllium rolling retired a package update successful nan coming months to amended power ratio – truthful agelong arsenic you ain a compatible Chromebook. First, Adaptive Charging will beryllium added to slow down charging speeds successful bid to “help sphere artillery health”. You will besides person nan preamble Battery Saver to “turn disconnected energy-intensive processes.” 

Google goes connected to denote it will beryllium simplifying nan repair travel allowing “authorized repair halfway positive schoolhouse technicians to repair Chromebooks without [needing] a beingness USB key.” Mentioning schools mightiness look odd, though that whitethorn really constituent to nan inspiration for nan extended package support. 

Stacks of Chromebooks

(Image credit: Peter Miu/US PIRG)

Back successful early August, nan US PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Education Fund criticized nan tech elephantine for its reluctance to spot Chromebooks, leaving students crossed nan state pinch expired laptops. As TheVerge points out, Google promises 8 years of information updates. But by nan clip a schoolhouse territory buys Chromebooks, that clip framework is trim down to conscionable five. They extremity receiving upgrades, fundamentally becoming integrative bricks. The PIRG requested that Google “double nan life” of their hardware, and judge enough, that’s what we got.

It is bully to spot nan institution further clasp longevity arsenic it moves past planned obsolescence. We do, however, want to cognize is this 10-year inaugural exclusive to nan United States aliases will it spell global? The announcement is unclear connected this. We reached retired to Google pinch this mobility positive erstwhile to expect nan characteristic patch. This communicative will beryllium updated if we perceive back.

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