Google Pixel 8a just leaked right before the Pixel 8 launches

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Leaked alleged image of nan Google Pixel 8a from nan back
(Image credit: Abhishek Yadav/X)

The Google Pixel 8a isn't expected to motorboat for different 8 months aliases so, but its first large creation leak has already appeared up of nan Google Pixel 8's launch.

Images of nan Pixel 7a's alleged successor were posted by Abhishek Yadav connected Twitter (which I conjecture we're calling X now). At first glance, we tin spot nan alleged Pixel 8a has overmuch rounder corners than nan Pixel 7a, thing that appears to fresh pinch nan Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro's redesign.

Google Pixel 8A codename AkitaTensor G3#Google #Pixel8 #Pixel8a 21, 2023

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We tin besides spot a brace of cameras connected nan backmost (likely main and ultrawide cameras for illustration nan 7a offers), and a matte texture connected nan camera barroom and broadside rails, each daubed pinch a handsome bluish color. The Pixel 7a comes successful a "Sea" bluish colour already, but nan Pixel 8a's type looks a deeper shade.

Leaked alleged image of nan Google Pixel 8a from nan back

(Image credit: Abhishek Yadav/X)

Yadav besides shows america nan imaginable Pixel 8a from nan front. Looking beyond nan interface, which looks for illustration nan Pixel type of Android we each cognize and love, nan show has nan aforesaid unfortunate chunky bezels nan Pixel 7a has. It makes nan telephone look a small outdated, but unluckily it's apt erstwhile again a consequence of Google trying to support nan phone's costs astir nan $500 mark.

It's difficult to judge nan size of nan Pixel 8a successful these images, but it'll apt beryllium 6.1 inches for illustration nan Pixel 7a again. However pinch nan Pixel 8 allegedly moving from 6.3 inches to 6.1 inches, possibly Google will set nan size to debar confusing buyers aliases cannibalizing its ain sales.

This leak reveals thing of nan phone's insides, but 1 near-guaranteed characteristic for nan Pixel 8a is simply a Tensor G3 chipset. This is assumed to beryllium Google's latest processor that will first beryllium introduced connected nan Pixel 8 according to nan rumors, and should mean astatine slightest a mini capacity and ratio bump for nan devices utilizing it. That said, nan first alleged Tensor G3 benchmarks for nan Pixel 8a were not very impressive.

Google Pixel a-series phones usually look each May astatine Google I/O, truthful this is rather a agelong clip successful beforehand to spot an apparently vanished handset. But pinch nary unexpected specifications appearing, possibly barroom nan very rounded corners, it seems plausible that this is simply a very early prototype of nan Pixel 8a we'll get.

In nan adjacent future, nan Made by Google is connected nan almanac for October 4, which Google has already announced will beryllium nan time we're introduced to nan Pixel 8 series. We haven't had overmuch other confirmed astir these caller flagship Pixels, but leakers person claimed we could spot caller 50MP main and 64MP ultrawide cameras, a Video Unblur function and a new level display that ditches nan curved sheet of nan Pixel 7 Pro.

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