Google Nest Hub Max smart display may soon lose two of its most useful features

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Google Nest Hub Max
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Google’s Nest Hub Max will soon beryllium terminating support for some Google Meet and Zoom arsenic nan institution continues to axe features connected nan display.

This news comes from a personification connected nan Google Home subreddit stating they person received messages informing them that they won’t beryllium capable to make calls via Google Meet “by nan extremity of September.” More specifically, September 28, according to 9To5Google. Zoom, connected nan different hand, will unrecorded conscionable a spot longer.

A Zoom support page explains it will spell offline connected nan Nest Hub arsenic of September 30. The station makes nan constituent nan app will yet extremity moving connected nan instrumentality and “no further updates will beryllium made available.” You won’t moreover beryllium capable to instal Zoom aliases sign-in connected nan Nest Hub Max aft that date. It’s going acheronian for good.

When asked by 9To5Google why they're doing this, a Google spokesperson claims nan institution wants to displacement attraction connected making Google Assistant “more helpful” arsenic it plans connected implementing “generative AI capabilities”. Because of this shift, “some underutilized features” person to beryllium trim successful bid to make room.

Totally cutoff

As you tin imagine, group online are nary excessively pleased pinch this decision. A personification connected nan subreddit says this efficaciously turns nan Nest Hub Max into a “giant paperweight”.

Zoom arrived connected nan Nest Hub Max during nan COVID-19 pandemic arsenic an easy measurement to initiate and subordinate group video calls without different outer device. Plus, it gave nan smart location show an other level of utility, allowing it to beryllium integrated into a distant activity setup. People flocked to nan smart location show because of its usability, but now, 1 of its purposes for existing is leaving.

You could reason Zoom is being dropped because nan institution doesn’t want third-party title connected its hardware. Fair enough, but that doesn’t explicate why first-party services for illustration Google Meet are being dropped. Maybe it was ignored by nan personification base. Assuming this is nan case, we can’t thief but wonderment what other will get nan ax. This past June, on-device games were removed. At this rate, nan Nest Hub Max whitethorn go an island, wholly trim disconnected from nan remainder of Google’s ecosystem. 

Uncertain future

It’s chartless if nan smart show is moreover tin of making video calls anymore. A group of instructions connected how to usage Google Duo connected nan Hub Max is still unrecorded connected nan Nest Help website. However, if you recall, Duo merged into Google Meet past year truthful it astir apt won’t work. We asked Google to explain if nan instrumentality tin still make video calls, and, if so, really will that work? This communicative will beryllium updated astatine a later time.

After seeing this change, you are astir apt reasoning of getting a replacement for your Nest Hub Max. We urge checking retired TechRadar’s list of nan champion smart displays for 2023 if you want immoderate suggestions. 

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