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For astir people, their phones are perfectly afloat of photos that are simply excessively precious to delete. The astir communal solution to this problem is to backmost them up connected nan cloud, but this intends handing your memories and information complete to 3rd parties, wherever it tin beryllium leaked astatine champion and sold astatine worst.

Mylio Photos intends to lick this problem by offering a media organizer that allows you to negociate and backmost up your photos without requiring immoderate unreality to sync.

What Is Mylio Photos?

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Mylio Photos

Mylio Photos is an offline photograph retention solution and media organizer. It allows users to easy backup, view, and shop photos betwixt a plethora of devices.

Mylio Photos is simply a media organizer that prioritizes privateness and accessibility supra each else. The files are stored connected your ain computer, meaning that cipher tin entree them isolated from you, and you won’t person to salary immoderate other for much gigabytes of unreality storage. All your retention is happening connected nan thrust abstraction you already have.

This besides intends that you tin entree your photos astatine immoderate time, moreover without nan internet. Mylio Photos helps your devices talk to 1 another, meaning that cameras, smartphones, representation cards, computers, and everything other tin each beryllium synced, backed up, and accessed from 1 place.

Mylio Photos+ besides exists arsenic a premium option, pinch a greater scope of features specified arsenic optimized image storage, on-demand instrumentality sync, easy copy record removal, and more.

What Got Added successful nan V24 Update?

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Recently, Mylio Photos received its v24 update, which added a wealthiness of caller features to grow connected nan already awesome retention and statement capacities that Mylio Photos was providing.

Mylio Photos now comes pinch a shared medium feature. This allows you to group photos into albums truthful that they tin beryllium much easy shared pinch your friends and family.

Spaces and Remote Control

The v24 update besides introduced spaces to Mylio Photos. These spaces make it easier for you to benignant and shape your files based connected subject.

Mylio Photos+ subscribers tin besides get entree to distant control, which allows them to group up and set settings connected different devices signed into a Mylio Photos+ account.

Man Using Mylio Photos connected His Laptop

Dynamic hunt is an AI-enhanced hunt instrumentality which allows users to much easy find photos successful their media room than ever before. Every clip you import a photograph into Mylio Photos, it will scan nan image and scale it based connected a assortment of metrics.

You tin past usage filters based connected these metrics to find photos utilizing a scope of criteria specified arsenic nan clip of day, nan seasons, whether group are smiling, and galore more.

Expanded Back Up Options

Mylio Photos+ subscribers tin now shop their files successful a scope of caller and improved ways. Mylio Photos+ now comes pinch an encrypted server that tin only beryllium accessed by devices signed successful nan correct account, which makes backing up your files easier than ever.

Mylio Photos+ users tin besides now make usage of outer drives specified arsenic a recreation thrust aliases an iOS instrumentality for retention aliases backup connected nan go.

Save Even More This Holiday Season

Mylio Photos+ is looking amended than ever, and if you're looking for a awesome deal, past now's nan clip to strike. This vacation season, you tin get entree to Mylio Photos+ arsenic good arsenic Radiant Photo, and an all-access walk to VIEWBUG for complete 75% off.

Radiant Photo is simply a programme that helps you toggle shape mean photos into awesome ones, and VIEWBUG is simply a world organization of creators. You tin usage VIEWBUG to stock your photos pinch different creatives, participate successful photograph contests, and get exclusive rewards. In summation to getting entree to these programs, you'll besides person an 8x8 canvas print.

Normally, each of this would costs $471, but thanks to Mylio's vacation special, you tin get entree to it each for only $99. Mylio besides includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, truthful there's thing to suffer if you extremity up changing your mind.

Back-Up and Store Your Photos With Ease and Privacy

As you tin see, this caller update for Mylio Photos does a batch to return nan media retention solution to nan adjacent level. Better yet, until nan extremity of October, Mylio Photos is offering 50% disconnected connected Mylio Photos+ for nan first year.

So, whether you’re a long-time Mylio Photos personification who is excited astir these changes aliases a caller personification looking for a amended measurement to shop your photos privately, there’s a batch to beryllium excited astir successful this update.

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