Foundation season 3: everything we know so far about the hit Apple TV show's return

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Brother Day stands successful beforehand of his subjects connected a level successful Foundation play 2, which precedes Foundation play 3
Lee Pace's Brother Day will return successful Foundation play 3 if it's greenlit. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Foundation play 3: cardinal information

- Hasn't been officially announced
- Filming reportedly underway anterior to Hollywood strikes
- Unsurprisingly, nary trailer is available
- Key formed members apt to return
- Should prime up 150 years aft play 2 finale
- No confirmed crippled details
- Likely to tie from Isaac Asimov's 'Foundation and Empire' and 'Second Foundation' books
- Could group up a 4th season

When will Foundation play 3 onshore connected Apple TV Plus? Right now, nan reply is: we don't know.

At nan clip of writing, different play of Foundation hasn't been formally announced by Apple's streaming division. However, fixed nan epic sci-fi bid is 1 of nan best Apple TV Plus shows, we'd beryllium very amazed if it isn't renewed for a 3rd season.

In nan meantime, there's plentifulness to estimate astir Foundation's imaginable 3rd outing. Below, we've rounded up each nan accusation and rumors we tin find up of its apt renewal, including formed details, imaginable storylines, and nan series' future.

Full spoilers for Foundation play 2 follow, arsenic good arsenic possible spoilers for Foundation play 3. The second is based connected what we cognize astir Isaac Asimov's seminal books, which Apple TV's show is adapted from, and what happened successful nan Foundation play 2 finale.

Foundation play 3 merchandise day speculation

Salvor, Hari, and Gaal look retired of a spaceship's cockpit into abstraction successful Foundation play 2

"Let's cheque nan net for news connected Foundation play 3..." (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Foundation play 3 doesn't person a motorboat date. As mentioned, it hasn't been greenlit by Apple yet.

That said, location are rumors that filming for a 3rd play was already underway earlier nan writers and actors strikes efficaciously unopen down Hollywood. Speaking exclusively to TechRadar earlier Foundation play 2's launch, showrunner David S Goyer and immoderate of nan formed declined to remark connected speculation astir Foundation play 3's perchance concealed renewal. Hopefully, Apple won't make america hold excessively agelong for an charismatic announcement connected nan show's return.

Foundation play 3 imaginable cast

Brother Day and Queen Sareth guidelines broadside by broadside successful Foundation play 2

Cassian Bilton's Brother Dawn will return, but Ella Rae Smith's Queen Sareth mightiness not. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Major spoilers are incoming for Foundation play 2.

If (and when) Foundation play 3 is greenlit, here's who we expect to spot arsenic portion of its cast:

  • Jared Harris arsenic Hari Seldon
  • Lee Pace arsenic Brother Day
  • Lou Llobell arsenic Gaal Dornick
  • Laura Birn arsenic Demerzel
  • Cassian Bilton arsenic Brother Dawn
  • Terrence Mann arsenic Brother Dusk
  • Michael Persbrandt arsenic The Mule

The first six actors person played awesome roles successful Foundation truthful acold – they'll decidedly beryllium back. Persbrandt's The Mule only made little cameos successful nan 2nd season, but he's expected to beryllium 1 of play 3's villains, truthful he'll person a bigger domiciled to play adjacent time.

There's nan anticipation that different supporting characters from play 2 could characteristic successful nan series' adjacent installment. That could see Ella Rae Smith's Queen Sareth, Isabella Laughland's Brother Constant, Kulvinder Ghir arsenic Poly Verisof, Oliver Chris arsenic Director Sermak, and Dino Fleischer arsenic Glawyn Curr. 

However, arsenic we noted successful our Foundation play 2 ending explainer, a 3rd play will apt beryllium group 150 years successful nan future. If nan bid features different large jump guardant successful time, nary of those characters will apt beryllium live successful play 3's opening episode. Well, unless nan Vault – nan elephantine 4D building they're housed successful – affects nan travel of clip wrong its walls, meaning they could property much slow aliases not astatine all.

Salvor Hardin looks shocked arsenic she walks done a cave successful Foundation play 2

Leah Harvey's Salvor Hardin died successful nan play 2 finale. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

One main characteristic who decidedly won't beryllium backmost is Leah Harvey's Salvor Hardin. After playing a captious domiciled successful Foundation seasons 1 and 2, Salvor sacrificed herself to prevention Gaal successful play 2's last section 'Creation Myths'. Foundation's beingness has nan imaginable to bring group backmost from nan dormant – we're looking astatine you, Hari – but, considering Salvor was cremated, she's officially dormant and gone.

Other play 2 characters killed successful nan last 2 episodes see Ben Daniels' General Bel Riose, Dimitri Leonidas' Hober Mallow, Rachel House's Tellem Bond, and Sandra Yi Sencindiver's Enjoiner Rue. Don't expect this quartet to return, either.

Foundation play 3 imaginable crippled points

Demerzel and an injured Brother Day guidelines successful nan ruins of a destroyed building successful Foundation play 2

Demerzel and nan recently decanted Brother Day person sewage a batch to contend pinch successful play 3. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Understandably, crippled specifications are bladed connected nan crushed – and that'll stay nan lawsuit until Apple says so.

For now, we tin only estimate connected what mightiness hap in Foundation play 3. Our aforementioned play 2 ending explainer takes a look astatine nan imaginable storylines and subplots that could dress up its successor's narrative. You tin publication that article for much connected what nan play 2 finale whitethorn person group up.

Don't worry, though, we'll still springiness you an in-depth breakdown of what mightiness hap below. Full spoilers for Foundation play 2 ahead.

Eto Demerzel stands successful a expansive room pinch her hands clasped successful Foundation play 2

In play 2 section 9, we learned much astir Demerzel's backstory, and really she's nan Empire's protector ruler. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Let's commencement pinch nan Galactic Empire. Season 2's incarnations of its 3 Emperors – Dawn, Day, and Dusk, each clones of Cleon I – are nary longer sitting connected nan throne (or thrones, if you will). Day suffocated successful abstraction and Dusk was killed by Demerzel. Dawn fled pinch Queen Sareth aft Demerzel threatened to execute Sareth for her alleged domiciled successful nan grounded assassination of Day successful play 2 opener 'In Seldon's Shadow'.

As we know, Demerzel was nan 1 who hired nan Blind Angels to make an effort connected Day's life. Day wanted to wed Sareth and begetter his ain children, which would've ended nan Cleonic dynasty. This scheme went against nan directives Cleon I gave Demerzel – remember, she's a robot – hundreds of years earlier, which included maintaining that dynasty. Long communicative short: Demerzel planned to group up Sareth arsenic Day's would-be murderer and execute her to sphere nan position quo.

With play 2's Emperors deceased aliases connected nan run, Demerzel has been forced to decant caller versions of each 3 clones – thing she's ne'er had to do before. It's unclear what short-term effect this'll person connected nan Empire, but, pinch nan unflappable Demerzel to guideline them, nan caller clones should beryllium up and moving successful nary time. That said, fixed play 3 whitethorn beryllium group complete a period later, we'll spot caller iterations of each 3 Emperors adjacent clip out, not nan ones glimpsed successful play 2's penultimate scene.

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That's not nan only wildcard Demerzel has astatine her disposal. In play 2 section 9, 'Long Ago, Not Far Away', nan Vault-based type of Hari Seldon – you didn't hide location were 2 of him, did you? – tried to show Demerzel really to run nan Prime Radiant. Essentially a information retention device, nan Prime Radiant contains each of Hari's psychohistory-based math, which is being utilized to thief guideline humanity done its darkest property yet.

The Prime Radiant besides exists successful a authorities of supposition, meaning it tin beryllium successful 2 places astatine immoderate fixed time. That intends nan surviving Hari (the 1 moving pinch Gaal) besides possesses one. Now, nan different is, unfortunately, successful Demerzel's hands. Once she tin publication Hari's math, she'll beryllium capable to manipulate it and effort to extremity Hari, Gaal, and nan Foundation from bringing down nan Empire.

Brother Constant stares astatine personification complete her enarthrosis successful Foundation play 2

Brother Constant is live and well, acknowledgment to nan Vault. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Speaking of nan Vault, 'Creation Myths' revealed that nan mysterious 4D building survived nan demolition of Terminus. Not only that, it sheltered nan world's organization – i.e. those progressive successful nan titular Foundation – from their planet's annihilation astatine nan Empire's hands. The Vault-based Hari explained arsenic overmuch erstwhile nan Vault picked up Brother Constant, who was nan sole subsister of nan Empire's Shining Destiny warship's ain demolition. We're unsure erstwhile we'll spot nan Vault again, but we expect it to proceed playing a large domiciled successful Foundation's overarching plot.

The endurance of Terminus' Foundation will astonishment nan Galactic Empire, but that's not nan only point it'll person to contend with. 

For starters, Dawn and Sareth's absconsion is simply a worrying imaginable – Sareth is pregnant pinch Dawn's child, meaning their firstborn has a declare to nan Empire's throne. With Foundation play 3 expected to jump up 150 years, it's much apt we'll spot nan child's adjacent of kin make a play for nan royal spot if this peculiar communicative is portion of Goyer's wider scheme for nan series. In nan 2nd half of 'Foundation and Empire', nan 2nd caller successful Asismov's Foundation book trilogy, nan Empire is engulfed by civilian war. This is simply a crippled constituent Goyer could accommodate for a showdown betwixt Dawn and Sareth's bloodline and nan Cleonic dynasty.

Elsewhere, Gaal and Hari's successful recruitment of nan Mentalics, a title pinch psychic abilities, intends nan Foundation is stronger than ever. Add nan Mentalics to nan Foundation's 7 planetary bodies, positive nan Empire losing nan expertise to hyperjump – nan genetically engineered Spacers are nary longer enslaved by them – and nan playing section looks overmuch much level than it did successful Foundation's first episode.

The Mule walks towards an off-screen Gaal successful a destroyed building successful Foundation play 2

The Mule will surely beryllium 1 of play 3's superior antagonists. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Hari, Gaal, and institution shouldn't expect to locomotion each complete nan Empire now, however. As good arsenic nan tyrannical leaders' continuing grip connected nan galaxy, nan early emergence of The Mule – a powerful Mentalic who originates conquering worlds successful Asmiov's book bid – could springiness emergence to nan Third Seldon Crisis. 

These crises are fixed points successful humanity's beingness that find whether nan Foundation succeeds aliases fails. So far, nan Foundation has navigated 2 imaginable calamities: surviving successful nan galaxy's outer reaches and bypassing a full-blown warfare pinch nan Empire. The Mule looks for illustration he'll airs nan biggest threat – and that's saying thing – to nan Foundation's existence. To combat him, Gaal and Hari person entered cryosleep connected nan Mentalics' sanctuary of Ignis. That way, they tin beryllium reawakened erstwhile The Mule shows up and thief lead nan conflict against him. The remainder of nan Mentalics will hone their abilities and study astir psychohistory successful nan interim 150-year play truthful they're fresh to conflict The Mule and his forces erstwhile nan clip comes.

Foundation play 3 trailer: is location one?

A adjacent up of a concerned Hari Seldon sitting down successful Foundation play 2

That look erstwhile you recognize a play 3 trailer won't beryllium disposable for a agelong time... (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Unsurprisingly, no. Once a Foundation play 3 teaser is released, we'll update this section.

Will Foundation play 3 get a follow-up season?

Poly Verisof delivers an elaborate sermon successful Foundation play 2

We wonderment if Poly tin conjure up a 4th play of Foundation for us. (Image credit: Apple TV Plus)

Steady on, beloved reader. Foundation play 3 hasn't been confirmed, truthful we're getting up of ourselves by reasoning astir a 4th installment.

If a 3rd play is released and received arsenic good arsenic its predecessors, however, Apple would beryllium foolish not to renew Foundation for a 4th outing. By nan clip a imaginable 3rd play ends, nan show would've only covered nan first 2 main novels – 'Foundation' and 'Foundation & Empire' – positive nan first half of nan 3rd installment, 'Second Foundation', successful Asimov's book series. There are 2 prequel novels and 2 sequel books that grow connected Foundation's unsocial universe, too, truthful there's plentifulness much crushed for nan TV bid to cover.

Ahead of nan first season's launch, showrunner David S Goyer (per Decider) revealed he had fixed Apple an eight-season outline for Foundation's TV adaptation. The show has deviated somewhat from nan communicative told successful Asimov's books so, alongside adapting parts from nan wider root material, Goyer and institution could show a much complete communicative successful nan seasons to come.

As agelong arsenic Foundation continues to tie successful a large capable assemblage to warrant its financial outlay, Apple should proceed to bankroll its development. So, aft Foundation play 3, we'd expect to spot Goyer execute his purpose of delivering different 5 seasons' worthy of prestige sci-fi tv for america to flight into.

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