Forget Apple Watch 9 - these watchOS 10 fitness features instantly upgrade older models

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The Apple Watch Series 9 turned retired to beryllium a bigger upgrade than galore leakers were predicting, pinch nan caller exemplary packing a faster processor, a brighter screen, enhanced search pinch its caller UWB spot and nan expertise to power functions pinch a pat of nan fingers 

Combined pinch watchOS 10, which nan wearable arrives with, it makes for rather a compelling package. But if you’re already wearing an Apple Watch connected your wrist, you whitethorn want to deliberation doubly astir upgrading, arsenic nan operating strategy update is coming to astir older models this fall.

Not each exemplary is supported, but arsenic agelong arsenic you person 2018’s Apple Watch Series 4 aliases later, you should beryllium each set. 

Here are 5 large fittingness features that’ll respire caller life into your older Apple Watch.

Cycling is now a unrecorded activity

a photograph of cycling features connected watchOS 10

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The Apple Watch has ever been awesome astatine search motorcycle rides, but pinch some hands connected nan handlebars, it tin beryllium tricky to enactment connected apical of your performance.

With watchOS 10, cycling is now a Live Activity connected your connected iPhone. That intends you tin equine your handset connected your handlebars and get a full-screen, real-time position of metrics for illustration Heart Rate Zone, Elevation, Race Route and Speed. 

Bluetooth connectivity for cyclists 

Cycling metrics tracked by Bluetooth accessories

(Image credit: Apple)

Another boon for riders is nan further support for Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories some for indoor and outdoor workouts. 

Power meters, velocity sensors and cadence sensors are each supported by watchOS 10, allowing for brand-new trackable metrics specified arsenic cycling power, cadence and powerfulness zones.

Apple promises that its caller algorithms tin harvester sensor information from nan Apple Watch and a connected powerfulness metre to estimate your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) — nan level of strength a quality tin theoretically support for an hour’s ride. 

Additional compass and representation support for hikers

a photograph of hiking features connected WatchOS 10

(Image credit: Apple)

Hikers haven’t been forgotten pinch nan watchOS 10 update, and 1 update could beryllium a imaginable lifesaver. The compass app is being updated pinch a characteristic that will create a waypoint of wherever you past had cellular reception. That intends that if you request assistance, you tin retrace your steps to nan past spot wherever you were still connected nan grid.

If you’re successful nan US, you’re besides going to get a large upgrade to Apple Maps connected nan watch, pinch a caller topographical representation showing contour lines, elevation shading, specifications astir elevation and section points of interest. You’ll beryllium capable to hunt adjacent way routes pinch useful cards containing accusation connected length, type and difficulty. 

New mindfulness measurement

The Apple Watch has historically done a bully occupation of nudging group towards amended beingness wellness habits, and pinch nan mindfulness app update, Apple is looking to likewise boost intelligence health.

With watchOS 10, Apple has introduced a discrete and convenient measurement for users to log their emotions and regular moods. Just move nan Digital Crown to scroll done shapes to champion correspond their feelings, prime what’s having an effect and picture your feelings. 

watchOS 10 Smart Stacks

(Image credit: Apple)

If you subscribe to Apple Fitness Plus, you’re getting immoderate bully extras made imaginable by watchOS 10, too.

Custom plans present workout aliases meditation plans tailored to a user's needs, while Stacks (shown above) lets Apple Watch owners queue up aggregate workouts and meditations to do backmost to back. Finally, Audio Focus now lets you prime which sound to boost — your trainer’s instructions, aliases your workout playlist. 

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