Follow This Guide to Repair Corrupted SSD Without Losing Data

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What if you person a corrupted SSD and cannot entree nan files stored connected it? Well, return it easy. Here, this station from MiniTool Partition Wizard introduces effective ways to repair corrupted SSDs without losing data. Simply travel them to hole your SSD and retrieve nan data.

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An SSD, aliases a solid-state drive, is simply a type of retention instrumentality that is utilized successful computers. It stores information by utilizing integrated circuit assemblies, typically utilizing flash memory. Compared pinch HDD, SSD has nary moving parts, which makes it faster and noiseless than HDD.

What’s a Corrupted SSD: Symptoms & Reasons

Nowadays, much and much users take SSD, alternatively of HDD, arsenic nan soul retention instrumentality successful their desktop aliases laptop computers owed to its higher information security. However, it doesn’t mean location are nary chances for nan SSD to get corrupted. For immoderate reason, SSD whitethorn neglect to activity and nan information saved connected it mightiness beryllium inaccessible aliases moreover lost.

If you ain an SSD, you whitethorn wonderment really to show if and why nan SSD has thing wrong. To thief you admit a corrupted SSD, this station summarizes immoderate communal symptoms and causes of a failing SSD arsenic follows.

Symptom 1: The SSD Drive Is Running Slow

A corrupted SSD will origin various capacity issues. If your SSD thrust goes sluggish, takes a agelong clip to publication files, overheats, aliases slows down nan operating system, it whitethorn bespeak that location is thing incorrect pinch nan SSD.

Symptom 2: You Cannot Read aliases Find Certain Files connected nan SSD

If your SSD is broken, nan files wrong it whitethorn beryllium affected. When you find yourself cannot publication immoderate files easily, it’s clip to cheque for SSD errors and retrieve these files. Besides, if immoderate of your files successful nan SSD are abruptly missing aliases lost, you whitethorn besides beryllium experiencing SSD failure. 

Symptom 3: You Have Difficulty Writing to nan SSD

It’s besides a motion of a corrupted SSD that your SSD becomes read-only. Sometimes, a damaged SSD will forestall you from modifying nan presently existing files aliases redeeming caller files to it.

Symptom 4: The PC Shows Some Error Messages

It’s evident that your SSD gets corrupted if your PC prompts you pinch immoderate correction messages related to nan SSD. You whitethorn person nan pursuing errors erstwhile having a corrupted SSD connected your hands.

  • You request to format nan disk earlier you tin usage it
  • The disk building is corrupted and unreadable
  • Location is not available
  • 0xc000014c

Symptom 5: The File System Requires a Repair

Your PC tin only observe and activity decently connected nan SSD pinch a compatible record system. Therefore, you tin fig retired whether your SSD is well-running aliases not by checking its record system. If nan record strategy becomes RAM aliases corrupted and asks for repair, it whitethorn mean your SSD gets corrupted.

Symptom 6: Unexpected System Crashes Occur Frequently

System issues whitethorn bespeak you has a corrupted SSD arsenic well. When suffering unexpected strategy crashes, BSOD errors, and abrupt shutdowns, you tin cheque if you has a surgery SSD.

What Causes a Corrupted SSD

Lots of factors tin harm your SSD. To further thief you troubleshoot and repair corrupted SSD, we cod respective imaginable reasons for your SSD being corrupted.

  • Your SSD’s firmware is retired of day aliases malfunctioning.
  • The superheat will degrade nan SSD and trim its lifespan.
  • Viruses aliases malware onslaught your SSD.
  • There are record strategy errors and bad sectors connected nan SSD.
  • Your SSD suffers definite beingness damages.
  • You person utilized nan SSD often for a agelong time.

Recover Data from Corrupted SSD

To protect your files, it’s important to retrieve information from corrupted SSDs earlier you repair them. To complete nan corrupted SSD recovery, you whitethorn make usage of a data recovery tool. MiniTool Partition Wizard is simply a awesome choice. It’s a powerful and reliable information betterment programme that enables you to retrieve information from formatted/corrupted SSDs.

Below MiniTool Partition Wizard offers a step-by-step guideline connected really to retrieve information from corrupted SSD.

Step 1: Download and instal MiniTool Partition Wizard. Then motorboat it to participate nan main interface.


This programme only supports information betterment successful its Pro Platinum and higher editions. So, make judge you get a suitable version earlier nan corrupted SSD betterment process.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: Click Data Recovery astatine nan top-left area to continue.

Step 3: In nan adjacent window, move your cursor to nan target thrust and past click Scan.

Click Scan

Step 4: After that, nan package will commencement to scan nan SSD. To make judge you get nan champion betterment result, you should hold patiently until nan afloat scan finishes.

Step 5: Once done, you tin spot nan scan results connected nan screen. Then you tin take each nan needed files and click Save.


To protect your information during nan later repair process, it’s recommended that you reconstruct each nan files you need, including nan deleted, lost, and existing files.

Step 6: Choose a directory and click OK to prevention nan selected files. You’d amended prevention these files connected different drive. Otherwise, nan lost/deleted information could beryllium overwritten.

Save nan recovered data

How to Repair Corrupted SSD

When your SSD fails, you should return timely action to repair it. In this section, this station explores really to repair corrupted SSD pinch aggregate methods. You tin prime 1 to efficaciously hole corrupted SSD Windows 10.


Make judge you link nan SSD to your PC decently and tightly.

Method 1: Check nan SSD Connection

Before trying immoderate analyzable troubleshooting fixes, you tin cheque nan SSD relationship first. Sometimes, it’s not nan corrupted SSD but a relationship problem that stops your SSD from moving properly. You tin link nan SSD to your PC pinch different cablegram aliases larboard successful lawsuit nan presently utilized 1 is damaged.

Moreover, you tin trial nan SSD connected a different computer. If nan SSD useful connected nan machine smoothly, you should repair your machine alternatively than nan SSD. If it doesn’t work, past you tin move to nan pursuing methods to repair corrupted SSD. 

Method 2: Scan for Viruses aliases Malware

The microorganism aliases malware infection whitethorn consequence successful a corrupted SSD. In this case, you tin effort moving an antivirus scan to repair corrupted SSD. To do this, travel nan steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows + I to unfastened Windows Settings. Then prime Update & Security.

Step 2: Go to Windows Security and past click Virus & threat protection from nan correct side.

Step 3: In nan adjacent window, click Scan options and past take a scanning method. Here we take Full Scan to scan each files and moving programs connected nan SSD.

Step 4: After that, click Scan now to commencement nan scanning process.

Click Scan now

Step 5: It whitethorn return a agelong clip to decorativeness nan scan. Simply hold patiently until nan process ends. If immoderate threats are found, click Start actions to region them.

Method 3: Update nan SSD Firmware

The outdated aliases corrupted SSD firmware tin besides unit nan thrust to extremity working. If it’s nan culprit, it’s amended to update nan firmware to hole corrupted SSD Windows 10. To do this, you conscionable request to find nan hardware ID of your SSD drive and past download nan latest firmware for nan SSD from its charismatic website.

Method 4: Update nan SSD Driver

It’s besides imaginable for you to repair corrupted SSD by updating nan circumstantial driver to nan latest version. Here’s really to do this.

Step 1: Right-click nan Start icon and prime Device Manager.

Step 2: Double-click Disk drives to grow nan category.

Step 3: Right-click your SSD driver and prime Update driver.

Select Update driver

Step 4: In nan pop-up window, click Search automatically for drivers. Then Windows will scan and instal nan champion disposable driver connected your device.

Step 5: Once done, restart your PC to spot if nan SSD useful properly.

Method 5: Run CHKDSK

When you person a corrupted SSD, you tin effort to hole it pinch nan CHKDSK utility. The pursuing guideline tells you really to hole corrupted SSD by utilizing this SSD repair tool.

Step 1: Press Windows + R to unfastened nan Run dialog.

Step 2: Type cmd successful nan matter container and property Ctrl + Shift + Enter to tally Command Prompt arsenic an administrator.

Step 3: In nan elevated Command Prompt, type chkdsk * /f /r and property Enter. Don’t hide to switch * pinch nan thrust missive of your SSD.


This bid tin thief you cheque and hole record strategy errors. Besides, it tin besides thief find bad sectors connected nan SSD and effort to retrieve readable accusation from them.


Further reading:

If CHKDSK won’t run, you tin cheque your SSD wellness pinch MiniTool Partition Wizard owed to its Check File System and Surface Test features. It’s a master partition head that allows you to partition/format/clone difficult drive, cheque disk health, convert MBR to GPT, etc.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Method 6: Rebuild MBR

The corrupted SSD mightiness beryllium caused by nan damaged maestro footwear grounds (MBR) if it’s nan footwear drive. On this occasion, you tin effort to rebuild MBR to spot if it works. Both Bootrec.exe and MiniTool Partition Wizard are useful SSD repair devices that tin thief rebuild MBR.

You tin study really to hole corrupted SSD pinch nan 2 devices separately from nan pursuing guide.

Method 7: Format nan SSD

You are besides apt to repair corrupted SSD by formatting it. You tin execute nan format pinch Disk Management, Diskpart, and MiniTool Partition Wizard. In lawsuit issues for illustration Disk Management Format action greyed out and Diskpart format stuck astatine 0 percent happen, we’d for illustration to urge you take MiniTool Partition Wizard to format nan SSD.

It’s free disk partition package that enables you to format nan SSD pinch ease. What’s more, it breaks done nan 32GB limit connected FAT32. That’s to say, you are capable to format an SSD thrust larger than 32GB to FAT32 if you want. To format nan problematic SSD pinch MiniTool Partition Wizard, effort nan fixed steps.


You tin besides usage MiniTool Partition Wizard arsenic a USB formatter, FAT32 formatter, SD formatter, and more. Keep successful mind that nan format will erase each information connected nan SSD. Hence, to debar information loss, you should back up important files first.

Step 1: Download, instal and motorboat MiniTool Partition Wizard connected your PC.

MiniTool Partition Wizard FreeClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 2: Right-click nan partition connected your SSD thrust and prime Format.

Select Format

Step 3: In nan prompted window, prime a desired record strategy and click OK.

Choose a record system

Step 4: Finally, click Apply to prevention nan pending change.

Click Apply

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Bottom Line

This station guides you connected really to admit and repair corrupted SSD. If your SSD gets corrupted, you tin hole it by pursuing this guide. If you person immoderate problems pinch corrupted SSD repair and recovery, you tin time off a connection successful nan remark area below.

For immoderate issues related to MiniTool Partition Wizard, please interaction america via [email protected]. We’ll reply to you arsenic soon arsenic possible.

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