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By Ariel | Follow | Last Updated September 20, 2023

Many users brushwood nan “Samsung Data Migration interrupted for chartless reason” correction erstwhile cloning an SSD. If you are besides vexed by nan error, this station from MiniTool is worthy reading. It provides an replacement to thief clone SSD and immoderate fixes to nan error.

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Samsung Data Migration is a applicable disk clone inferior that tin thief upgrade your existing difficult thrust to a caller Samsung SSD. Sometimes, however, this instrumentality runs into various issues, specified arsenic “Samsung Data Migration not capable space” and “Samsung Data Migration interrupted for chartless reason”. Here’s a personification study from nan forum:

I americium trying to upgrade my 128GB Kingston SSD to a 500 GB Samsung SSD.  Samsung Data Migration package hangs astatine 99% for respective minutes, past nan connection is: "The Data Migration usability has been interrupted for an chartless reason." Anyone cognize really to hole this?
The Data Migration usability has been interrupted for an chartless reason

What Causes nan Samsung Data Migration Interrupted for Unknown Reason Error

According to personification reports, nan “Samsung Data Migration grounded for chartless reason” correction chiefly occurs erstwhile upgrading a difficult disk to a Samsung SSD. The correction tin beryllium caused by different imaginable reasons, for illustration outdated disk drivers, loosened SATA USB cables, aliases imaginable disk errors.

How to Fix nan Samsung Data Migration Interrupted for Unknown Reason Windows 11/10

How to hole nan Samsung Data Migration cloning interrupted for chartless logic correction connected Windows 10/11? After investigating tons of personification reports and posts, we summarize 4 feasible ways to get free of nan error. Let’s try.

# 1. Use an Alternative to Samsung Data Migration

The first and elemental solution to nan “The Data Migration usability has been interrupted for an chartless reason” correction is to usage an replacement – MiniTool Partition Wizard. It’s an expertized disk cloning inferior that tin migrate OS to SSD/HD, transcript difficult disk, and clone partitions connected Windows.

Besides, it tin thief you extend/resize/move partitions, convert MBR to GPT without information loss, alteration cluster size, recover mislaid data, and more. If it’s urgent for you to clone a difficult thrust to a Samsung SSD, we highly urge you usage nan MiniTool software.

MiniTool Partition Wizard DemoClick to Download100%Clean & Safe

Step 1. Launch nan programme to participate its main interface, prime nan root disk, and click Copy Disk from nan near panel. Alternatively, you tin click Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard.

Step 2. In nan pop-up window, prime nan target SSD and click on Next. Then click connected Yes to corroborate it.

click Copy Disk connected MiniTool

Step 3. Select transcript options based connected your needs and click on Next to continue. If you want to clone an MBR disk to GPT disk, prime nan Use GUID Partition Table for nan target disk option.

select Copy options

Step 4. Read nan Note accusation and click the Finish button successful nan pop-up window. Finally, click on Apply to execute nan pending operations.

copy disk utilizing MiniTool

# 2. Check nan SATA USB Connection

If nan relationship betwixt nan SATA USB cablegram and your SSD is loose aliases faulty, you whitethorn brushwood nan “Samsung Data Migration interrupted for an chartless reason” error. So, we urge you cheque nan USB cable/port and make judge it’s connected to nan SSD decently and tightly.

# 3. Update aliases Install nan Relevant Driver

If you are cloning a SATA difficult disk to an NVMe Samsung SSD, you’d amended instal nan applicable thrust for nan SSD. Here you tin travel nan elemental guideline beneath to update nan disk driver.

Step 1. Press the Win + X keys and select Device Manager from nan pop-up discourse menu.

Step 2. Expand the Disk drives category, and past right-click nan SSD driver and select Update driver.

update nan disk driver

Step 3. In nan pop-up window, you tin select Search automatically for drivers and travel nan on-screen prompts to complete nan process. Once done, you tin re-clone and spot if nan Samsung Data Migration cloning grounded for chartless logic correction disappears.

Alternatively, you tin sojourn nan official website of nan Samsung NVMe driver, download it, and instal nan driver manually connected your PC.

# 4. Repair Disk Errors

Sometimes nan imaginable difficult disk errors aliases bad sectors tin origin nan “Samsung Data Migration grounded for chartless reason” too. So, it’s basal to cheque your difficult drive. Here’s really to repair disk errors utilizing CHDSK.

Step 1. Type cmd in nan hunt bar, right-click the Command Prompt app and select Run arsenic administrator from nan discourse menu. Then click connected Yes in nan UAC Windows to corroborate it.

Step 2. In nan elevated Command Prompt window, type nan pursuing bid and hit Enter, past type and reboot your PC to commencement repairing nan disk errors. 

chkdsk /f /r /x

run CHDSK successful CMD

Here comes nan extremity of this post. We person introduced 4 effective fixes to nan “The Data Migration grounded for chartless reason” error. If you person different solutions to this problem, please stock them pinch america successful nan pursuing remark zone.

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